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Consulting with the 2022 Feng Shui flying stars chart

By CS Ming / 27 January 2022

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Despite being rooted in superstition, Feng Shui is a major driving force behind the home and living industry in the east. Source: thespruce

  • Find out the auspicious positions of your home
  • Counter bad luck with suggested remedies
  • The Flying Stars change position every year
  • Note the lucky feng shui talisman and items to bring fortune

We Chinese are very superstitious, and perhaps that is why I am always curious about our culture. This is especially true with our older generation, who are inseparable from Feng Shui. Now that Chinese New Year is around the corner, we are all rushing to clean the house, replacing the old with the new and most of all, being mentally prepared to usher in the new year! 

Being new doesn’t entail only the physical, for the Chinese believe that the forces of the universe shift according to the year, the movement being able to affect our wellbeing. Perhaps you have heard about the Flying Star Chart, a discipline of Feng Shui dealing with the analysis of stars and their influence on buildings, especially our homes. 

Good stars bring luck, wealth and fame, while the opposite applies to the bad ones. In time, the flying stars switch positions, turning auspicious positions in your home into inauspicious ones, and vice versa.

This article will include various fancy names such as the  Five Yellow Stars, Three Blue Stars and Four Green Stars. When examined in detail, these terms become highly technical, so we will keep this as brief as possible and focus on the effects and remedies.

Feng Shui Pokok.Asia

Source: yourchineseastrology


Central Palace: Five Yellow Stars

For this year, the Five Yellow Stars occupy the centre of your house. Being the most ominous star, it represents accidents, bad luck, illness, injury, death and countless other negative events.

You wouldn’t need me to tell you to steer clear of this area. That means minimising your daily activities at the centre of the house. Another way to reduce the influence of the Five Yellow Stars is by placing some white or grey ornaments there.

East: Three Blue Stars

The quarrelsome star, also known as the Three Blue Stars marks the east of the Flying Star Chart. True to its namesake, it generates competition, lawsuits, disputes, quarrels and theft. If your living room is placed in the east, then this will trigger fights between your family members. However, it is not all doom and gloom for the Three Blue Stars, because its effects will benefit those from the judge and lawyer profession, not forgetting people who love to debate.

For the year 2022, you should not break ground or make decorations in the east. Blue and green colours, including green plants, should be avoided. Now there goes my lush and fabulous Monstera Deliciosa! If the front door, bedroom and office are in this location, you can place a red or purple carpet at the door to help solve the problem.

Southeast: Four Green Stars

Need some help with your learning? Because I certainly do! This year, the southeast is blessed by the Four Green Stars, which will benefit families with students. To capitalise on this, position the desk or bed of your student child in the southeast. 

You can also put a Wenchang Pagoda on the table for a better effect. Enhance the space by placing four evergreen plants there to create a Feng Shui cluster reminiscent of the Four Green Stars. As a superstition, we avoid having red and yellow objects in the southeast corner.

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Pagodas come in many tiers, each representing different meanings. Source: fengshuibeginner

South: Nine Purple Stars

Here comes my favourite, the Nine Purple Stars from the south! Being a lucky festive star, it symbolises happiness and joy. If you want a better relationship with your family, enjoy popularity and want some recognition in your career, then listen up. One sure way to activate this area is by keeping it neat, clean, well ventilated and bright with lighting. It is also recommended to put Qilin ornaments or a red carpet in this direction.

Southwest: Two Black Stars 

Duck or lay low! The ominous black stars bring disease to the southwest. Any residence with a seat, bed, or stove located in the sickness position will be more likely to get ill. Definitely not a star I want to be associated with.

Note that the air conditioner, fans and windows located in the southwest will blow the sick air into your living space, so be careful. If the door, bedroom, kitchen and so on are situated exactly in the direct north, you can put a grey or white carpet in the doorway to help solve the problem.

Feng Shui Pokok.Asia

The Qilin has been used for a long time as a form of protection. Source: carousell

West: Seven Red Stars

Ruin, loss, gossip, drunkenness, and scandal mar the west corner for the year 2022. To subdue the power of the Seven Red Stars, place a black crystal ball in the west. No, trust me. You don’t need to do any magic work. Also, remove any sharp or dangerous instruments such as knives or swords to avoid bleeding disasters.

Northwest: Six White Stars 

To the northwest is the Six White Stars, which is a lesser counterpart to the Eight White Stars, being the wealth luck from sideline sources. Are you a tidy person? No? Time to change that! Debris piled in the northwest will affect the luck of the homeowner, and this will be obvious with those who engage with technology, real estate, mining and agriculture. 

If the seat or bed is in the northwest, you should change its orientation when conditions permit. Otherwise, your work and life will be prone to minor mistakes. Also, you should be careful not to put red coloured objects in the northwest.

North: One White Star

Love is in the air at the North, being occupied by the One White Star, representing romance and relationship. Activate it by placing a photo of your favourite celebrity on the romance-lucky position. Time to put up my Ana De Armas wallpaper! Getting back to the topic, couple your celebrity photo with a lucky Feng Shui mascot to further bolster the energy.

Feng Shui Pokok.Asia

Show and tell. Here’s mine. What’s yours? Source: Images7

On the other hand, married families need to dissolve this Feng Shui atmosphere so as to avoid extra-marital affairs. For those who are involved in a profession that requires social interaction, they can take advantage of this. 

By promoting prosperity in this direction, it will improve performance and harmony in your interpersonal relationships. Not unlike the northwest corner, keep the north position neat and clean.

Northeast: Eight White Stars

Not unlike the number eight in Chinese, which has the double meaning of being fortunate, the Eight White Stars symbolises financial wellbeing. To ride on this fortunate star, is it appropriate to set the door, windows, seats, bed and stove in the northeast. If the main gate, bedroom and office are located in this position, red or purple carpets can be placed at the door to better help promote prosperity. 

Sit back and relax

We understand that the layout of the house is not something that is easily altered, not without incurring huge costs. Then again, the Flying Star chart switches position every year, making it almost impossible for us to follow it all the time. After all, Feng Shui is but a guideline, and there is no better determinant of our fate and wellbeing than ourselves. So sit back, relax and enjoy the coming Chinese New Year!

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