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By Jimmy / 24 May 2024

TOP 5 WORK DESKS FOR WFH WARRIORS Make your work-from-home setup meet functionality and inspire a productive workspace. Photo Source: westchestermagazine

  • This is the ultimate guide to creating your dream home office. With our curated selection of top work-from-home desks, from sleek standing desks like the Fully Jarvis to stylish options like the West Elm Parsons Desk, we’ve got you covered for productivity and style.    

The home office has evolved beyond mere functionality; it’s now a hub for productivity and creativity.

The right desk plays a key role in fostering success, providing a foundation for inspiration, organisation, and concentration. Work-from-home desks influence our work environment significantly, offering comfort for long hours and enhancing the overall aesthetics of our workspace with stylish designs.

Choosing a desk that meets our requirements is essential for creating a workspace that promotes productivity and helps us navigate the challenges of balancing work responsibilities with the comforts of home.


1/ Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

Get into the groove with the versatile Jarvis Standing Desk. It’s all about finding your rhythm, right? This desk acts like your personal wellness companion, urging you to switch positions and stay active throughout your work hours. With just a simple press, you can transition from sitting to standing, finding that sweet spot that keeps your energy up and your focus sharp.

desks Pokok.AsiaJarvis brings movement to your work, alleviating the strain of prolonged sitting. Photo Source: dwell

And let’s talk about aesthetics—this desk is modern and eco-friendly, featuring a bamboo surface sourced from sustainable forests and coated with a durable finish. Plus, you can customise it to match your style, whether you prefer a programmable system or a classic manual control. Oh, and don’t overlook the handy powered grommets—perfect for keeping your devices charged and easily accessible. Elevate your workspace game with the Jarvis Standing Desk.

What makes this desk stand out is its ability to reduce back strain and boost circulation, blending the benefits of a standing desk with the convenience of a traditional one.


  • Effortlessly switch between sitting and standing positions using a smooth electric motor.
  • Lift speed is 38mm per second, with a weight capacity of 158kg, including the weight of the top surface.
  • Available in three sizes:

Small: 642 – 1290 (H) x 1200 (W) x 800 (D) mm, weighing 48 kg

Medium: 642 – 1290 (H) x 1400 (W) x 800 (D) mm, weighing 53 kg

Large: 642 – 1290 (H) x 1600 (W) x 800 (D) mm, weighing 56 kg

  • Colour options include black, white, and silver.
  • Made from sustainable bamboo of the Moso (Mao Zhu) variety.
  • Uses European E1-level glues and features a German wear-resistant UV-cured top coat for durability and eco-friendliness.


2/ West Elm Parsons Desk

This updated Parsons Table is all about sleek simplicity, blending modern elegance with streamlined design. Whether it’s for your office, foyer, or bedroom, its clean lines and adaptable finishes make it a perfect fit for any space.

desks Pokok.AsiaFor simplicity turns a thousand heads and is never too loud. Photo Source: westelm

The desk’s square legs match the thickness of its top, creating a clean and cohesive look. Hidden storage keeps your belongings organised, adding to its functionality. If you prefer a simple yet stylish and sophisticated aesthetic, the West Elm Parsons desk is the ideal choice. It maintains a minimalist vibe without being overly bold, making it a versatile addition to any room.


  • White: Made from engineered wood with a White lacquer finish
  • Cool Walnut: Crafted from kiln-dried solid mahogany and engineered wood in a Cool Walnut finish
  • Includes one drawer that closes flush
  • Dimensions: 48″W x 24″D x 30″H, with a drawer size of 15.4″W x 13.5″D x 1.2″H
  • Weighs 75 lbs (34 kg)


3/ Langria L-Shaped Standing Desk

Introducing the L-shaped wood computer desk by LANGRIA—perfect for work marathons, study sessions, or intense gaming sessions. With its sleek, contemporary design and glowing appearance, this corner table embodies the minimalist lifestyle. 

For added flexibility, it comes with a free-standing CPU stand. The desk’s iron framework and wooden laminated particle board tabletop make it sturdy and capable of handling whatever comes its way. With a weight capacity of 132 lbs (60 kg), it’s ideal for any home or office setup. Upgrade your workspace with this LANGRIA desk—it’s a game-changer!


desks Pokok.AsiaKickstart your grind by fueling your hustle. Photo Source: Forbes 

But wait, there’s more! The iron frame is coated in powder for extra protection, ensuring its durability for the long haul. Adjustable feet make it a breeze to level on uneven floors, keeping your focus sharp. And with its slick triangular junction design, you can trust this desk for stability when you need it most.

Perfect for those with multiple monitors or projects, or for maximising space in small apartments.


  • Total Load Capacity: 132 lbs (60 kg) 
  • Dimensions: 66.1 x 47.2 x 29.5 inches
  • Material: MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), Wood, and Metal
  • 0.6″ thick laminated particle board, eco-friendly, waterproof, and scratch-resistant
  • Colours Available: Black Carbon Fiber, D Rustic, Grey Oak, White


4/ IKEA Bekant corner desk 

Say goodbye to workspace woes with the IKEA Bekant corner desk. This desk brings a whole new level of spaciousness, organisation, and that coveted corner office feel – all without breaking the bank. Let’s elevate your WFH game!

The Bekant’s L-shape design snugly fits into corners, creating a well-defined work zone that won’t cramp your style (or your roommate’s, if you have one).

desks Pokok.AsiaUpgrade your workspace with the IKEA Bekant corner desk – spacious, stylish, and designed to perfection. Photo Source: ikea

But wait, there’s more! The Bekant isn’t just about aesthetics (although its clean and modern design complements any vibe). It’s also height-adjustable, allowing you to seamlessly switch between sitting and standing – because adulting shouldn’t mean a bad back, right?

The IKEA Bekant corner desk is your ticket to a boss-worthy WFH setup. It’s affordable, functional, and completely customisable.



  • Corner top right: Particleboard, Melamine foil, Plastic edging.
  • Underframe: Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating.
  • Feet: Aluminum, Epoxy/polyester powder coating.


  • Length: 63 inches
  • Depth: 43 1/4 inches
  • Min. height: 25 5/8 inches
  • Max. height: 33 1/2 inches
  • Max. load: 220 lb 7 oz

Colour Options:

  • Black-stained ash oak veneer (available in white, black, and blue)
  • White stained ash oak veneer (available in black and white)
  • Linoleum blue/black
  • Black/white


5/ Varidesk Pro Plus 30 

Feeling stuck at your desk? Does your back ache after long hours in front of the screen? Enter the Varidesk Pro Plus 30, ready to transform your work routine. Experience seamless sit-stand transitions with its smooth electric motor, giving you the flexibility of a pro.

desks Pokok.AsiaDesigned for better health and the ultimate home workspace. Photo Source: Vari 

It’s about keeping your body feelin’ good and your mind sharp, all while looking fly in your home office. The Varidesk Pro Plus 30’s unique foam-wrapped steel mechanism and dual-handle lift prioritise safety and comfort, ensuring you stay productive and pain-free.


  • 11 height settings to suit your preference
  • Spring-assisted lift for easy adjustment throughout the day, featuring a dual-handle design
  • Measurements: 4.5″ (H) x 30″ (W) x 29.75″ (D)
  • Size: 30″
  • Weight: 46.39 lbs (21 kg)
  • Colour: Black


Happy Working!

As we explored various desk options, it’s important to find one that suits both your style and budget. Avoid overspending on fancy desks; instead, choose a practical option that meets your needs, such as a sturdy corner desk. Remember, a good desk isn’t just for your laptop—it’s about supporting your physical comfort, mental clarity, and work productivity. Invest wisely and elevate your work-from-home setup for optimal performance!



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