Transforming Your Energy For The Year 2022

Come find out this year's fortune of your Chinese zodiac signs

By CS Ming / 28 January 2022

Year Pokok.Asia

The study of Chinese astrology is called the four pillars, which are made up of 12 zodiac animals. Source: thespruce

  • Learn more about your zodiac this year
  • Health, wealth, relationship and career prospect 
  • Note the things you need to watch out for

The Year 2022 is nearly upon us. Wait, wasn’t 2022 like a month back when we were boozing, drinking, and releasing illegal fireworks? You know, I’m getting really good at ducking into the tall grasses when the police patrol car zooms by.

Back to the topic, yes, it can get really confusing because we Chinese have a strange way of measuring the start of the year, which happens on Chinese New Year. And that means February!

To make things even more convoluted, each year is occupied by an animal sign called a Zodiac. But what makes the new year truly exciting is this—the Chinese love to divine the coming future, and they come up with prophecies on your personal luck, which range from fortune, relationship, success, and many more. Originally from ancient zoolatry, the Chinese zodiac boasts a history of more than 2,000 years, playing an essential role in Chinese culture.

Year Pokok.Asia

Originally from ancient zoolatry, the Chinese zodiac boasts a history of more than 2,000 years, playing an essential role in Chinese culture.

Source: wikipedia

Forget horoscopes, palm reading, tarot cards, and spooky gipsies rubbing a crystal ball. We are going to bring out our arcane charts, Taoist pendant, jade sword, and humming bowls because things are about to get serious! 

Seriously, I have no idea about fortune-telling and prophecies, so let’s keep all those mojos in a box. Since I am no expert in this matter, it is only appropriate that I call upon the master, or in this case, the sifu to explain this further. Does the name Joey Yap ring a bell to you? If you are an avid follower of Feng Shui, then I am certain you have.

A quick tip, you can easily find out about your animal zodiac using this calculator. Once you are done, scroll down the paragraph and read up on your fate, muahaha!


Year Pokok.Asia

Always remember to be kind to yourself. Source: theguardian

Tough times build character, and this is what the year 2022 will be about for those born under the sign of the rat. This will be the year when you get to prove your worth in terms of independence, self-assurance, and self-reliance. So rise to the occasion and take what is given to you with stride.

While it is beneficial to be aware of what is coming, rats should also cultivate their internal strength. Get in touch with your spiritual side, so you will have the peace of mind and clarity to overcome the challenges ahead. Learn to see things as they are.

It goes without saying that the stress and fatigue would accumulate over the year. Therefore, the spiritual aspect can also help abate this issue. Make a conscious effort to give yourself a break from time to time.


Year Pokok.Asia

2022 is a great year for you to make new connections and strengthen pre-existing ones. Source: chinabankingnnews

According to Joey, the ox should be focused on their relationships this year. No man is an island, and as human beings, we depend on one another for our various needs and wants. Wealth and opportunities await you with your career, but it is reachable via networking. Remember, people like happy people. So rather than waiting for external circumstances to come and make you happy, find reasons to be happy internally, and everything will fall into place.

However, one thing to note is the quality of people you meet. Being a networking year for you, it’s inevitable that you might meet one or two bad apples. Joey suggests that you do not let their negativity get to you when that happens. There are plenty of other people deserving of your time and attention.


Year Pokok.Asia

As the Grand Duke of the year, all eyes will be on you. Source: livescience

You will want to be prepared for your moment in the spotlight to ensure you will be the breakout star of the year. That means steering clear of distractions and focusing on improving your knowledge and skills. 

According to Joey, your efforts will be noticed, especially at work. It may take a while for the growth in your career to show itself as returns in your personal wealth. So take caution, and do not count your chicks before they hatch by spending money that has not made its way into your wallet.

Instead, create a sustainable budget for the year and set aside some cash savings for a rainy day. With all these new demands on your time and attention, your relationships may inadvertently end up suffering as they are pushed to the back seat. 

Hence you may want to do some planning when it comes to your relationships as well. To ensure a balanced life, schedule time in your day to spend time with your loved ones. After all, your star will shine brighter with a good supporting cast.


Year Pokok.Asia

The opportunity has come to build a strong foundation that will carry your business through the easy and tough years. Source: mentalfloss

Time to rejoice, because you can look forward to the year 2022, which is full of support, instead of the challenges of the prior year. Help will flow in from every corner as long as you are clear about your goals and is seen to be actively working towards them. This makes it the perfect year to start a business, as the partnerships you form and the people you hire are likely to be capable and helpful this year. 

 If you are an employee, things are looking up as well. Put in a good performance, and you will be rewarded with a promotion, especially if your boss is male. Your prowess at work may even attract a partner, which means that office romance is in the cards.

Alternatively, the people around you will also be playing matchmaker. So ensure you are up for all the excitement this year has to offer by keeping physically and mentally fit—that’s where your main challenges lie this year.


Year Pokok.Asia

As long as you have done your homework, you can expect steady growth in your investments and work. Source: lovetoknow

This year promises to be one of self-reflection for the Dragon. The challenges you meet will open the door to deep realisations about yourself and your direction in life. So do not dismiss these big questions; they will lead to discovering your true self and developing a truly unshakeable spirit. You will have the capacity for all this deep thinking because things will proceed smoothly when it comes to your finances and career. 

However, your relationships will take a step back this year. This especially applies if you are single. Chances are slim if you are seeking a new partner. Those already married will enjoy a stable marriage, but do not expect excitement as it is likely that your partners cannot give you their full attention this year. That is alright as it will leave you with more time for the self-reflection that will lead to your major personal breakthrough.


Year Pokok.Asia

Love might not be something you want to prioritise this year, but it is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Source: scientificamerican

2022 is looking to be an inspirational year for those with the snake animal sign. When you are inspired, it is not difficult to find the motivation to take action that can create positive impacts in your life. 

When matched with the right actions and mindset, this could be the year where you gain significant wealth. In terms of career, Joey states that the snakes will have the opportunity to show their worth. 

However, if you decide to take this head-on, it is your chance to showcase your talents. This, in turn, will open the doors to more opportunities and the likelihood for you to meet mentors who can take you a step further.

In your newfound independence, you might potentially neglect those close to you. As such, try to make it a habit to stay in touch with them from time to time and spare a thought whenever you can.


Year Pokok.Asia

It is an opportune time to expand your business, and there may be an unexpected windfall. Source: Unsplash

Joey mentions that employees will find themselves flourishing in their field this year. Those born under the zodiac of the horse will be more motivated and energised to accomplish their goals, and their efforts and hard work will finally pay off. In addition, you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

But your love luck is on the average side as you are more focused on work than anything else. The trick is to strike a work-life balance, spending any available time with your partner while cherishing the moment.

In terms of health, your physical health is also good, but the same cannot be said for your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. But fear not, for with the proper care and lifestyle adjustments, you can overcome these problems.


Year Pokok.Asia

For those of you in a relationship and wanting to tie the knot, this will be an excellent year to do it. Source: Wikipedia

Great news, because your wealth might double this year. But there is a catch. Windfalls do not just happen with you doing nothing about it. Stay clear of any unnecessary spending and continue to manage your finances wisely.

In terms of career, your efforts will bear fruit in 2022, and you could gain the chance for a promotion and raise. In addition, there’ll be no shortages of helpful people around you who are willing to get you out of trouble should the need arise.

Joey, however, advises goats not to switch jobs this year. In terms of health, the outlook is generally positive, and those who feel under the weather may find themselves recovering completely.


Year Pokok.Asia

Relationship-wise, it may be challenging for you this year as you will be dealing with some conflicts and maybe an emotional betrayal. Source: animalspot

Monetary losses or excessive spending is to be expected this year. Joey advises business owners to start an international online business or engage in foreign investments. Now is a great time for expansion, growth or to begin a new business overseas. Also, here is some good news for those aspiring to become a Key Opinion Leader or if they want to garner some viewers and engagement for their social media platforms. 

2022 will be a great year to jumpstart your online career as you’ll have the ability to do so, and your popularity could be off the charts. Healthwise, monkeys are not at their best either. Be careful when driving as there might be accidents. 


Year Pokok.Asia

You will be sought after as you gain the knack for problem-solving as well as the ability to turn unexpected situations favourable for you and others. Source: kidadl

There are those around you who will thoroughly guide you and help you see the opportunities that are coming your way. Also, if you are ready to make a career shift, do not be afraid to make that leap of faith. 

Just make sure you do a proper handover before leaving, so as to avoid official or personal disputes with your ex-colleagues. Roosters will also enjoy a boost of luck, especially those in the sales, law, or real estate industry. You will experience an increase in opportunities and your network of clients will grow. However, you may face some unexpected illness, so be mindful of what you eat.

Single roosters out there should pay close attention to those around you in the office as you may find the one this year. For those who are married, patience and honest communication are critical to your relationship.


Year Pokok.Asia

If you are single, you will take your time to find love this year. Source: goodhousekeeping 

Creativity blesses you in everything you do, and this is obvious for those coming from a profession that requires such values. There will also be a chance for career advancement. Joey reminds those born under the zodiac of the dog to flex their creative muscles as this will bring in the money in the year 2022.

Regardless of the chance for wealth, you should only buy the things you need. Business owners or entrepreneurs should be careful with their investments as these may incur monetary losses. Also, be wary of your health as you tend to get hurt easily.


Year Pokok.Asia

This is a year to make many happy memories with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Source: nationalgeographickids

It is time to boost not only your network, but also to connect and nurture new relationships and gain wisdom from helpful people. There will also be a chance for promotion and salary increment. 

For this year, Joey suggests that the pigs learn about financial management to reduce excessive money outflow. However, he also cautions you not to overindulge and maintain a healthy diet as 2022 is a year of moderation. In terms of relationships, the Peach Blossom Luck is on your side, which means that this is a great year for you to meet someone you like.

Take a chill pill

Reading all these fortune predictions must have gotten you nervous or extremely happy. If joy, love and wealth are to rain down on you this coming year, then congratulations are in order. 

But if a stormy dark cloud hangs heavily above your head, then rejoice in the fact that you already have an umbrella and raincoat prepared. Good luck does not last forever, so we should always be mindful. The same goes to bad luck, which is but a test out of the many tests we shall endure along life’s journey. The only thing that lasts are those who persevere.

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