Colour Speaks Louder Than Words

Effects of Colours on Your Emotions

By Karisma Krishnasamy / 16 June 2022

Colour Speaks Louder Than WordsThe use of various colours can have a significant impact on a space. Source: Boca Do Lobo

Are you an artist who paints? Well, I’m not, but I loved playing with colours as a kid. It may be crayons, colour pencils, or even paint — I recall making shambles all over the floor just to produce an “artwork.” Rainbows were also my source of happiness. I’d dash out on the porch, pointing out the colours of the rainbow and marvelling at how vibrant it was. My pencil boxes, bags and even bed sheets were all brightly coloured.

Well, times have changed. All that comes to mind now when I think of my favourite colour is black. Though black is often associated with negativity, there’s something about it that’s attractive. Even when picking outfits, black catches my eye. Don’t we all just adore our black suits or dresses? Every one of us owns at least one black outfit. I’ll show you mine; I have a whole closet full of it.  Now, I want you to close your eyes and imagine yourself in a completely black room. What do you feel? Is the room cosy or is it depressing? 

Put that aside for a moment and consider a time when you walked into a room and were taken back by its elegant components. What exactly grabbed your attention? Could the placement of the furniture or perhaps its warm scheme evoke a feeling of happiness within yourself? 


Colour Pokok.AsiaRainbows have a way of making people happy, especially children. Source: Mykidstime

Let me reveal a little secret here. According to the Environmental Colour Impact upon Human Behaviour: A Review research, colour not only gives character to space but also influences human behaviour, which affects our decision-making, wellbeing, and many other aspects without our knowledge. Colours and emotions are inextricably intertwined. Believe it or not, each of it has a different theory depending on its tone, brightness and shade. 

Let’s dive in to have a closer look into some of the connotations associated with these colours. 


Warm Colours 

Colour Pokok.AsiaAdding warm hues to your room gives a cozy feel. Source: The Nordroom

What strikes a chord when you hear “warm”? Summer – that’s right! The dazzling orange daylight gleaming down on you, exposing your skin to the scorching heat, yet that doesn’t stop you from visiting the nearest beach. You’re brimming with life and joy. At this time, even the flowers start blooming. 

All I can do is imagine myself in a yellow sunflower dress, with a dazzling red lipstick, sipping on a cold coconut drink. Ohhh, how dreamy! In all honesty, studies show that these warm tones have a generally positive meaning. The combination of red, orange, and yellow can enlighten your emotions.


Colour Pokok.AsiaA simple workspace created using warm colours. Source: The Nordroom


Cool Colours 

Colour Pokok.AsiaCool hues can instantly transform a bland room into something gorgeous. Source: The Spruce

As the name proposes, cool colours remind me of snow and sky, likewise firmly connected with nature. Furthermore, when discussing nature, we frequently interface it with tranquility and serene. Just thinking of it creates a peaceful and soothing ambience. 

If you’re willing to experiment, try using the cool spectrum, which includes blue, purple, green, and other similar shade, and you might experience an instant sense of relaxation and calmness. 


Colour Pokok.AsiaPicking the right colour scheme to enlighten your work space. Source: Dulux


Is there such a thing as happy or sad colours? 

Visualize a vase without flowers in it, doesn’t it feel incomplete? The same concept applies to colours. For instance, try switching your room paint from plain white to beige. Adding a little colour does not only light up the room, but it changes your entire state of mind.

To some, a brighter tone may typically bring out happiness and cheerfulness. Unless you’re like me, then black is the sexiest colour alive! 

Jokes aside, as we all originate from diverse cultural backgrounds, bear in mind that everyone has their colour preferences based on their beliefs – what makes you happy may not make everybody else happy. 


Colour Pokok.AsiaColours have a strong influence on human behaviour. Source: Freepik


Start lighting up your life

Now that you know colours are strongly affiliated with emotions, it’s time to make your pick. Regardless of what has been said about them, there isn’t a single right colour on the palette. So pick one that connects with your soul and let us know what your happy colours are!


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