Faux Flowers and the very real benefits they provide

3 reasons why you need faux flowers in your home

By CS Ming / 18 April 2022

FlowerReal flowers or fake ones? The debate continues. Source: monicawantsit

Pink flowers. Blue flowers. Red Flowers. Their popping and vibrant colours have such a way that engages our senses, not forgetting the pleasant smell exuded by their petals. Flowers are an indispensable part of interior design and the astute home designer knows the importance of it.

The question is, will fake flowers achieve the same effect as the real ones? I can already imagine all the florists selling fresh flowers to be shaking their heads in disgust. There is a saying that nothing can beat the real thing. I sincerely disagree with that, especially with my gorgeous Rolex watch coiled around my wrist. It is real. As real as it looks if you know what I mean. With that in mind, let us explore the benefits of the fake flower, better known as the faux flower.


1/ You cannot kill what is already dead!

Flower Pokok.AsiaA small step for science, a huge leap for people who don’t want responsibilities. Source: unsplash

Unlike the real deal, the fake ones don’t need to be constantly watered and cared for. Great news for the busy office folk who have little work-life balance. Since sunlight is not required, you can put them anywhere in your house, whether in a dark corner, by the window sill like most real flowers, or even under your bed. 

I mean who would put it under their bed, but you could if you wanted to! And the fact that you don’t need to maintain them means less cleaning up to do, since plants need soil that is capable of spilling out of the pots. 

Besides, insects, especially pests, like to hide and make nests in the real thing. We wouldn’t want to bring in a pot filled with earth, only to have to deal with an infestation problem later. Now, where’s the flamethrower?! Oh, not to forget, the fake ones are made from plastic, hence they last forever. Immortality! Think about that.


2/ Don’t trust your eyes

Flower Pokok.AsiaThey all look the same! Source: balsamhill

These plastic versions have a reputation of being poor imitations of their living counterparts. But this could not be further from the truth. In the past, this may be true, but thanks to technology, the premium ones are doppelgangers to the real plants.

They may be more expensive but think about this. You don’t need to replace them regularly, so the initial cost of investment should sooner or later be covered. Another wonderful benefit is that they look fresh all the time, being unaffected by climate, temperature or humidity.

Your bouquet of real daisies may look like sticky fly-catcher sticks after a few hours in the sun. Not only that, the fake ones are available year-round, transcending the limitations inherent in seasonal flowers such as Daisy, Rose, and Violets, just to name a few. 


3/ Faux Flowers are harmless

Flower Pokok.AsiaLily of The Valley…more like Lily of The Death Valley. Source: gardeningknowhow

As much as flowers are beautiful, they also hold a dark secret, at least some of them do. Who would have thought that the petite, beautiful Oleander, Daffodil, Morning Glory and Lily of The Valley could be poisonous?

Oleander, for example, is a veritable poison factory as its flowers, leaves, stems and twigs contain harmful substances such as Neriin, Digitoxigenin, and Oleandrin. I have no idea what these substances do, but the complicated names tell us to stay far away!

Just joking. Symptoms include blurred vision, nausea and vomiting, stomach pain, confusion, and in serious cases, death. You don’t want these plants around in your home, especially if you have a crawling toddler or a pet that indiscriminately chews on anything and everything. 

Bad news to asthmatic individuals and sensitive noses! Real flowers also emit pollen into the air. Time to get a gas mask. I heard the imported masks from Chernobyl are selling for cheap on Lazada. Or skip the trouble and go for the plastic version. Thank you!


Go grab them

Now that we are aware of the benefits of faux flowers, don’t go rushing out to buy them just yet. The plastic that makes up these artworks contribute to landfills since these materials do not decompose. Buying real flowers is also a way to support local businesses. Yes, those fakies look great for your home, but do consider the environmental impact of your decision.


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