The Games of Nostalgia Land

Games all Malaysians grew up playing

By Prisha Devaraj / 15 April 2022

GameChildhood memories are the sweetest memories of the past (Source: Pixabay)

Ahh… the good old days, a time when all the kids around the neighbourhood would roam around trying to figure out new games they could create from discarded things around them. Boy, weren’t we little einsteins then?

Who knew life would change so drastically now, and the thought of a global pandemic invading our country was the last thing on our minds. However, the kids in us will never die. We may mature, but the little shenanigans we sneakily loved partaking in will never go away, and that is just a piece of our childhood no one can take away.

Well, if you’re feeling the emotions like we do, then stick around because we are about to bring you on a ride to nostalgia land where we revisit memories and moments we all shared growing up, particularly childhood games.

No, we aren’t talking about Fornite or PUBG, but the DIY version where we created our own fun times in school and at home. Here are 5 games we all should revisit every now and then to keep these memories alive.


1/ Lat Tali Lat

Game Pokok.AsiaLat Tali Lat (Source: arts-ed)

Does this sound familiar? If so, you’re on the right track to revive your nostalgia. Lat Tali Lat is definitely the top dog since we all took part in. We played it everywhere for every occasion. 

This was not just a game we played for fun but even made decisions using it! Imagine the times when the last piece of chicken was on the table, and we had to play this to figure out who got the particular piece.

Or maybe when we played hide and seek, we had to use lat tali lat to identify who the seeker and hider would be. Plus, if you were a little naughty growing up, this would have probably been a game we took part in to decide which child had to face the music, if you get what we mean. This nostalgic game may seem boring to some but it really isn’t especially if you have a prize waiting behind it.


2/Eraser Battle

Game Pokok.AsiaEraser Battle Game (Source: Mashable)

The real battle everyone anticipated in school every day was none other than the ever famous eraser fights. It was the best game to occupy ourselves during recess or when we were drowned in boredom. Typically you can use any type of eraser you have but the authentic way of playing this game is by using erasers that have the flags of different countries on it.

The concept of the game is super simple. I mean why else would kids love it right. All you have to do is flip the erasers till any eraser lands on the opponents, and boom you’re the winner. The winner then gets the loser’s eraser as a sign of their victory. Trust us, it’s more fun playing than saying it.


3/ Chopsticks Game

Game Pokok.AsiaThe Chopstick game (Source: Youtube image)

No toys, no problem. It doesn’t take much for us Malaysians to have fun. Let’s just say we are creative individuals that could create a game out of our hands. Introducing the Chopstick Game. The concept of this game is to tap your opponents’ fingers with the figure of “chopsticks” until they run out of fingers.

The concept may sound confusing at first, but you will get the hang of it the more you play. The game can get a little intense if your opponents keep dragging it, so stick around for a fun ride. If you have a little cousin or sibling, feel free to play along with them because we’re sure there is no stopping them once they get the hang of it.


4/ Thumb Wrestling

Game Pokok.AsiaIt’s wrestling time (Source: istock)

Now let’s not get physical because this is not WWE. However, this game is a less harmful way of wrestling and one we all grew up playing and some of us still do! It may look simple, but the intensity is next level! The game concept is simple: the opponent has to crush your thumb for at least 10 seconds without any movement. 

If you can do it,  then consider yourself the winner. But don’t let your eyes fool you. Thumb wrestling requires a lot of practice and technique to press your opponent’s thumb if you want to rise in victory. But seriousness aside, It is a fun way to bond with your friends and to crack a few laughs as well to see who is the strongest between the both of you.


5/ Paper Fortune Teller

Game Pokok.AsiaYour answer to your future (Source:

What if I told you the answer to your future lies in the outcome of this game. Jokes aside, the paper fortune teller used to be the most talked about in school. Everyone would bring out their origami papers and fold this fortune paper teller. The content inside is up to your imagination. You can put in any info you like into your origami fortune teller.

Keep in mind that your decision to choose a number plays a huge role in predicting your future. Although we like to pretend we are psychics, this is arguably the most fun game any child enjoys in school.

I mean, what if these predictions were actually true, huh. Well, let’s hope it’s not, shall we? Everything may come to an end, but that does not imply our memories. These games really did build our childhood and there is nothing wrong with visiting nostalgia land once in a while.

Maybe we could even play these games again. Why not? I mean age is just a number, right? We hope you had fun reading this as much as we had fun writing it. If you have any nostalgic games that you enjoyed playing growing up, feel free to comment below.


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