It’s Playtime With The Kids

4 Enjoyable Activities To Do With Your Kids At Home

By Dahliah / 18 July 2021

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  • We’re back in a lockdown and the whole family is at home, so take some time off from work and spend it with your children with these fun activities.
  • Can’t go out? Fret not as these activities are all home based.
  • Activities require minimal costs and some are even free!

Let’s face it, life’s busy!

Despite most of us staying at home and being in a lockdown, both you and the kids are constantly busy with your own respective daily schedule. From getting flooded with meetings and catching up deadlines, to an unbearable amount of school work.

Everyone is caught up on the whirlwind of tasks that starts on Monday morning and ends on Friday nights. Some even get dragged to the weekend and then it begins all over again. There’s barely even time to sit and enjoy a comforting meal at the dinner table together as a family, let alone playtime. 

Yet, it’s understandable that everyone is just trying to thrive during these hard times, but it’s also important to take some time off and detach yourself from the busy schedule to spend quality time with your kids.

So, if you’re a parent and haven’t spent any time with your kids lately, try out these four at home activities you can do during the weekend with your kids. We’re sure both you and your kids will enjoy them!


1. Camp In Your House

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Once upon a time before the pandemic, remember how you would help your kids stock up their camping bags with mosquito repellents and extra underwear, and then send them off for their school camping trips?

Well, since you can’t do that now, why not bring the camping to your backyard instead? If you don’t have one, fret not as you could do it at the front yard and even in your living room!

Yup! That’s right. Travel no further and turn the spaces in your house into your own personal campsite. It’s a fun and easy way to let your kids enjoy the great outdoors despite being in a lockdown. Also this way, you get to create new memories together with them.

Pitch up a tent, get your portable stove as a make-shift campfire, and roast some good ol’ smores while telling your kids a spooky story or two. Even better, elevate the smores recipe with some chocolate squares, strawberries and even whipped cream. The kitchen’s only a few steps away.

An added bonus, you won’t have to worry about packing extra undies for the kids or them having to go to the bathroom. They could just dash in for a quick number two after devouring those delicious hot smores!


2. A Cook-Off With The Kids

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*WARNING* Huge mess may occur during or after the activity.

Despite the mess you’ll have to clean when the whole fun time is over, you can’t deny the fact that getting in the kitchen can be lots of fun for both the young and old. Besides, since you can’t dine out, a cook-off with the kids can be a good way to grab the opportunity of snapping a few shots of the kids joyfully laughing about.

Additionally, with your kids having to cook, it’s a good way to increase their language development. This is because as you cook, you are labelling the ingredients which increases a child’s vocabulary.

They’re learning and having fun at the same time? Talk about the best of both worlds!

So, go ahead and get the oven heated. Challenge your kids on who can make the best pizzas or the tastiest pancake. Check out Merryn Tan’s blog on how she and her son made their favorite chocolate pancake. It sure looks fun and delicious!


3. Make A Time Capsule

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For those of you who don’t know what a time capsule is, it’s basically a container you bury deep in the ground and dig back up in the future to look back in the year and record special memories.  

Grab an empty container and fill it up with whatever present day items that hold the best memories of you and your child. It could be photos of you together, an item of clothing that belongs to either one of you, a note, or whatever random item that holds a special place in your heart.

When you and your kids grow older, dig it back up and look up on the things you once had back then. It’s a simple yet rewarding way to hold onto keepsakes on the things you guys have spent time on.

Be it a photo album or a time capsule, we all appreciate a good item that could hold all our special memories together.


4. Build A Home Theatre

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Are all theatres closed? Fret not as you can bring the theatre to the comfort of your own home.

Just like turning the big spaces in your house into a campsite, you could also do something similar by turning it into a makeshift home theatre. It’s all about creativity here. Plus, you don’t even have to spend money on movie tickets.

Grab an old white bedsheet or any plain white canvas to turn it into the big screen for an indoor or outdoor movie night under the skies. Grab your kids’ favourite blanket, throw a few pillows to make it comfy and pick your movies. Classic Disney movies, superheroes, thrillers, the pick is endless if you have your Netflix subscription!

If you don’t fancy the outdoors, you could also opt to turn your living room into your home theatre. Or even your kid’s bedroom. You could incorporate the idea at whichever empty space you have in the house.


Don’t Wait For The Vacations

In most scenarios, parents would try to solve this whole “not spending enough time with the kids” thing by going on extravagant family holidays together. However, travelling for holidays isn’t the only way for a family to connect and spend time with each other. There’re plenty of other ways for you to do so without having to go out or burn a hole in your pocket.

Remember, it isn’t about the places or amount you spend on—it’s about actually making time for them and how you choose to spend the time that truly matters. It’s the quality of time that truly creates a meaningful connection with your child.

So, have you tried any of these activities? Or do you have any other ideas you’d like to share? Comment down below on the activities you’ve tried with your kids!

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