3 Ways to Bond With Your Father This Father’s Day

Your dad sacrificed for you, now it’s your turn!

By Alessandra / 19 June 2021

father's day Pokok.AsiaFather’s Day 2021; Cover image by Indiana Fatherhood Coalition

Father’s Day is coming this June 20! From working long hours to driving us to places, our dads do so much for us, without expecting anything in return.

As our dads age and we grow up, we fail to realise that our time with them is gradually decreasing over the years.

Remember the feeling when you were younger, and you would miss your father when he was away at work? We’re pretty sure that’s how he feels now that you’re busy chasing your own career.

Sometimes the best gift to give your father is time well spent with his beloved children. Hence, take this Father’s day to give back and show appreciation to them.

Here are 3 unique ways you can strengthen your relationship with your dad this Father’s Day.


1. Start a small business for him

father's day Pokok.AsiaImage via Small Business Trends

There’s no surprise that our dads probably had to give up some if not all of his dreams to raise us. Maybe he’s always wanted to be a painter but had to get a corporate job to pay the bills or didn’t pursue his studies just to fund yours.

If your dad has a passion that has been put on hold, this is the time to make it come true!

Whether he loves gardening or cooking, we’re pretty sure having other people appreciate his talent would put a big smile on his face.

With the power of social media, you can easily start a small business for your dad at barely any costs. Start by sharing with a couple of friends and relatives and watch your dad’s side hustle grow into his dream business.


2. Build him a man cave

father's day Pokok.AsiaImage via HGTV

We’re sure your father loves spending time with the family, but a man needs his personal space!

When we were younger, our toys and belongings would be all over the house – from the living room to even our parents’ room. Now that we’re all grown up, it’s time we let our dads have their well-deserved space and alone time.

Hence, the need for a man cave.

Simply redecorate your childhood bedroom or the basement into a hobby room of your father’s dreams. With a little paint job and new furniture, you can transform any space into a dad version of a bachelor pad. For example, put in his favourite pool table or design a minibar with his go-to drinks.


3. Get him a pet 

father's day Pokok.AsiaImage via CDC

We’re sure you’ve heard of the phrase “a dog is a man’s best friend”. In this case, it might just be true!

Now that you’re all grown up and most likely busy with your school or career, there’s no one at home to annoy your dad and keep him company.

Here’s where the new puppy (or kitten if your dad is a cat person) comes into play! A new member of the family is always an excellent way to bring joy and life into your daily life. Just be ready for your dad to love the new puppy more than you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

All in all, Father’s Day isn’t the only day we should be showing our appreciation for our dads. After all, they do so much for us; it would definitely take more than a day to repay all their love and sacrifices.

Once again, Happy Father’s Day to every dad and dad-to-be!

Without you, our home would feel less of a home.

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