Father’s Day 2021: His Unconditional Love

Honouring the Man Who Loves Silently

By Nurul Dina / 19 June 2021
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“If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.” – Yogi Bhajan.

But I wonder, what books do I read if I want to learn how our fathers love? What do I write about when my understanding of a father’s love is still blurry? And when I can’t even answer one out of the three points mentioned by Yogi Bhajan, how can I confidently preach about love?

I guess that’s the beauty of not knowing and that’s how fathers are; they love in silence.

They aren’t always colourful, warm, and tender terms but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t catch a grenade for us. Fathers are just designed in a way that they can complement the mother figures in our lives.

For my dad, happiness means seeing his children being loved and cared for. Well, aside from the fact that I know he’d be so much more delighted to receive a PlayStation 5, I’d like to believe that his kids are his prized possession; but of course, after our mom and I knew that. Because of that, until the raging sea stops hitting the sands, until the hummingbird stops searching for the sweetest nectar, and until the moon stops kissing the night sky, your children will never stop loving you.

To all the fathers who are reading this, if you ask us how much we love you, we’d say it’s immeasurable. And I’m here to tell you why.

You’re always there to remind us that we’re lovable and that you love us with no if’s, no but’s, and no why’s. That we’re the most valuable, worthy, and we’re created for a purpose.


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“My dad is my best friend; he is the kindest and the sweetest person I know. He taught me how to love, how to always be independent, and how to value myself. He sees me for who I am and that’s how I learn how to love myself. With him, I never felt like I wasn’t loved or seen.”  -Nattanicha Tantrakul


That’s because fathers are one of the most selfless human beings on Earth. Even when they fail to acknowledge their own milestones or when they are unable to find something to love about themselves, they make sure that doesn’t happen to their children. They’re one of the first to wipe your tears and they’re also the first that’ll pick you up when you find yourself on the ground. And that’s something I cannot deny.


“My father’s best lesson was to teach me to put my hands on the ground first. I don’t know what reflexes I was born with, but when I was little, when I fell, it was the face that took it for its own account. Seeing my face was full of wounds, my father tried to make me understand that I had to learn how to react to any fall. On the next fall, I ran towards him with my hands full of blood, happily shouting: “Dad, dad, I put my hands first!.” I wanted to share with him what was a real success for me and show him that I got there because of him.” -Saouda


That’s how we learn that even when our world seems to hold nothing but worries and problems, it also holds at least one person who cares about us very much and he’s always there to catch us when we fall. Always ready to find a solution to our problems, but if there isn’t any, he makes sure to hold us tight while we put the broken pieces back together. That is shown through their resilience in making sure his family is safe, healthy, and loved.


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“When things at home became bad, my father decided to move to another city so he could find a better job. After going away for a year, he came home. When I saw him, I couldn’t recognize him because he looked skinny and his appearance was weak because he had been working tirelessly. That same day,  my father said to me even when he is in the darkest hour of his life, he would never quit his job because he wants to make sure me and 4 of my sisters have food on the table, clothes to wear, and that we’re able to go to school. He added that even if he has to work more than 2 jobs he is willing to do so. Seeing the tears running down his face, I was determined to never give up until I made them happy.” -Maliya


You will always be our best friend, our greatest mentor, our motivation, our rock, and our deepest roots. Your perpetual belief in your children’s limitless potential empowers us every day. Our love for you is endless and we’re slowly starting to understand your way of loving us.


“We’ve all done questionable stuff during our childhood. I fell into a bush of itchy-rash plants, I was chased by a big golden retriever, and I even fell off a tree. Imagine the crying. So, dad would comfort me by saying those words, “Everything ends. Even the pain you’re feeling now,” and I’m still pretty sure that is really good advice. Dads love differently, you just have to squint a little harder to see it.” -Ariesya


So no matter what the obstacles are ahead of us, you are and you will always be our hero and our first love, not because of the things you are giving or the things you’ve said but because you are the person we call Father.

You are loved.

Happy Father’s Day!


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