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4 Crystals that will transform your home into your personal haven

By Dahliah / 17 June 2021

crystal Pokok.AsiaImage source: The Spruce

  • Crystals that will help remove the toxicity and bad jujus in your home environment.
  • These crystals have been around for thousands of years and have been used by millions of people everywhere.
  • The added benefits of it looking unique and attractive can be part of your home decorations.
  • The best spots where you can place these crystals around your home.

For the uninitiated, crystals are a beautiful gift given by Mother Earth that are often linked to hippies and daydreamers. Beyond the attractiveness of its appearance, crystals have been around for thousands of years, benefiting perhaps millions of people with their abilities in healing and protection.

For energetic healing, crystals emit different vibrational frequencies that can help in improving or recalibrating your mind, body, and soul health. So considering many have been stuck at home since the beginning of the pandemic, our homes have deeply become our personal spaces where we would do work, spend some alone time as well as seeking clarity in times of distress.

Thus, we are introducing these four crystals that would help transform your living spaces in a way that it would emit positive vibrancy to the surroundings of your homes for a brighter quality of living.


Black Tourmaline at the Front Door

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Despite being in a lockdown (or partial lockdown in some countries), everyday we would walk in and out of our front door and who knows what kind of bad energy we bring in with us from spending our time outside.

Which is why, the Black Tourmaline is best placed at your front door as it is known for its cleansing and protection properties in them. It will help you to cleanse, purify, and protect the energy you don’t want to bring into your home. Known as the premier protection crystals, it has the effect of shielding your home from the unwanted negative vibes out there.

Heather Askinosie, a crystal expert, recommends placing a piece of Black Tourmaline in a bowl of equal parts salt and water. You could place it on the console table if you have one at the entrance of your home. If you don’t, it would not be a problem as you could place the crystals decoratively around the areas or corners of your front door.


Amethyst for the Living Room

crystal Pokok.AsiaImage source The Spruce

You’ve passed through the front door, now you’re in your living room. You’ve either just had a long day or would like to spend your time with your loved ones in the common area. It’s only fitting if the atmosphere of your living space is calm and relaxing for you and everyone else to enjoy.

By placing the Amethyst crystals in your living room, it will provide just that. It has the ability to release the tense energy surrounding the environment by exchanging it with a soothing and rejuvenating energy instead. Known as a stress relieving crystal, it ideally emits a calm energy to the air surrounding your living space.

To get the energy from the Amethyst circulating around your living room, best to place it in the middle of the room. As they say, three is a company when it comes to decorating your coffee table. So, opt to arrange the Amethyst on it and you’re good to go.


Shungite on the Study Desk

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For most of us, we spend a lot of time doing our work using electronic devices. Therefore, our home office or desk would be covered with our computer, tablet, phone, and other devices. To which it releases electromagnetic radiation that is not good for your health.

So, if you’re constantly surrounded by your fancy devices, the Shungite crystal will help absorb and neutralize the electromagnetic radiation in the air as the crystal has natural antioxidants found in them. Not only does it absorb the negative radiation, it’s also connected with the root chakra which can improve your work quality.

For a balanced and improved work quality, incorporate Shungite crystals into your home office decor and place it on your study desk. It’s an important crystal that will subtly improve your work environment with its fullerene content.


Rose Quartz in the Bedroom

crystal Pokok.AsiaImage source The Spruce

At the end of the day — be it a busy one or not, your bedroom is the ultimate space where you would find yourself relaxing and appreciating your alone time away from everything and everyone else. Or, if you have a partner with you, the bedroom is a safe space where the both of you would find love and intimacy.

Thus, what better crystal to have in the bedroom other than the Rose Quartz? You will find it helping in ways that it soothes the room from tension while at the same time the heart chakra opens your soul up to vulnerability and compassion. The crystal invokes the feelings of peace, love, and relaxation for you to rest after a long day or spend intimate time with your significant other.

Place the Rose Quartz on the nightstand next to your bed and it will do its magic. Again, if you don’t have a nightstand, it wouldn’t be a problem as you could decoratively place it anywhere in your room.

There you have it. Four different crystals for four different spaces in your home. Do you know any other crystals that could improve the surrounding of your home? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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