Comfortable Bedroom Is The Soul Of A House

Nurture your bedroom, like how you nurture your soul!

By / 17 May 2021

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  • We tend to neglect our bedroom decor and design although it is the space that brings us the most peace.
  • Relaxing dark colours can help stimulate deep sleep in a bedroom.
  • Choosing the right type of mattress to suit your personal needs will improve your sleep quality.
  • Adding other furniture into the bedroom can personalise the space into your very own sanctuary.

“The Kitchen is the soul of the house.”

This is a term that most of us are familiar with but is also a term that could not be applied in current times. As globalisation kicks in, individuals nowadays are on the hustling side more than ever. The time spent outside is more than the time spent inside.

One thing that most people tend to neglect is that they adore decorating their outer spaces to the perfect and presentable designs and leave their rooms messy. They have simply forgotten that the bedroom is actually where we spent most of our time, especially during the working week. If our bedroom looks dull and gloomy, our mood would be affected. Therefore, when it comes to designing bedrooms, the most optimum way to do is to see what you need in a house.

If you are a busy person and want peace when you are back, then the bedroom should be designed in tranquillity; if you are a laid back person and would want entertainment in your bedroom, then the bedroom should be designed with funky and fun styles; lastly, if you are a hopeless romantic and would want more drama in the bedroom, then the bedroom should be decorated in a way that reminds you of the city of love.



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Why bedroom? The answer is simple. Sleep and rest are some of the most important things that we need in our life. The time to regenerate is rare to many people till the point where it becomes a luxury. By having a comfortable bedroom, we ensure our time to sleep and enjoy our self-time before the day ends.

Regardless of whether you are sleeping alone, with a partner, with a family or even a dog, the bed is our backbone when we are exhausted and the room itself is the shell that protects us from the outside forces. The bedroom is the place where we end our day by shutting our eyes and start the day when the sun shines and our eyes open.

When it comes to establishing the best space that we could go to, there are a few factors that we should consider, from choosing the right colors to the right bed sizes.


What color should be considered optimal?

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Despite having said that the interior design of a space is up to the necessities you want in your home, bedrooms ought to be designed in relaxing colors. 

Without you realising it, colors are able to affect you psychologically, which in turn affects your deep sleep. We recommend going for dark colors like black and navy blueto stimulate and tell your brain “it’s sleep time” as you unwind in bed.


What bed should one go for?

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When it comes to choosing beds, it is up to individual preferences as some people like their beds hard, some like it bouncy while some like it just right. One type of bed that is recently gaining more preferences is a memory foam bed. Memory foam beds are able to recognise the sleep patterns an individual sleeps on to which they use technology to remember that pattern so that whenever you sleep back on it, the ideal shape remains there to support your body. These types of beds have been praised for providing deep sleep to individuals.

On the other hand, senior citizens who have back problems are recommended to sleep on harder mattresses so that their back could be supported. These rules apply to pillows as well as the pillow is the support that our neck needs. The comfort of the head depends on the choice of the pillow. An uncomfortable pillow could easily lead to complicated sleep patterns which could hurt an individual mentally and physically.


Should we include furniture in bedrooms?

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Once again, this depends on personal preferences as well but one thing to take note of is that the bedrooms should have less traffic and more space. High traffic of furniture could lead to a misconception of feeling suffocated and restricted. If your bedroom is also your reading room or lounge, a small couch would do to add flavour to your bedroom.

The intention behind is this is that we would want the bedroom to showcase a welcoming and homely feel instead of a busy and saturated concept. Besides, allocating too much furniture in the bedroom could also affect mobility. This presents a minor issue as it would make stumbling and falling more likely, especially in the dark.

“Nurture your bedroom, like how you nurture your soul.”

In short, the bedroom represents a person’s attributes, taste, inner peace and quality. The bedroom is perhaps one of the most vulnerable places a person could be. It represents dreams, the place where we truly ‘dream’ in sleep, where we daydream about our future and where we imagine different kinds of scenarios.

What do you think a bedroom should have? Are these all the items that you would include in your bedroom? Tell us in the comments!

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