Yummy To You, Toxic To Cats

Keep It Away Before You Lose Your Cat!

By Prevelinaa Suresh / 16 July 2021

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  • These are the 5 foods that are nothing but a no-go for your cats.
  • Every life is precious, including your cat’s, so watch what goes into their mouth.

Today, we see many people who hate referring to their cats as pets, they prefer to see them as their children instead. They’d treat their cats equally as their kids, or in some cases even better!

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kCP7ypVmE8

Catch a glimpse of how this ‘couple’, Xiaojie, and his cat, Duoduo explore China together.

Well, we aren’t complaining because who on earth can ever resist cats, especially the cutest kittens! But as much as we’d like to treat them like humans, it’s not possible when it comes to their eating habits.

Our parents always stuff us with all kinds of yummy food, that’s cute but we hate to tell you that doing the same to your cats can put them in danger! We wouldn’t want that now, do we?

Just like how cats can’t do half the things humans do, they can’t eat all that we eat either. Their diet should be carefully planned to ensure these cuties’ best health!

Today, let us be your virtual guide as we check out the foods that your cats should never touch! We welcome all pet parents to hop on to learn a thing or two. (or even three or four!) Lots of responsibilities come along when you have a pet, and that mainly includes what you fed them. Make sure to get your pen and notebook before you read up!


1.Milk and Dairy Products

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Are you surprised? You may wonder, from cartoons to movies, we’ve always seen cats drinking milk, so how can this be?

Yes, cats may love drinking milk but it isn’t necessarily good for most of them. Cats were last exposed to lactose as kittens and now the sudden reintroduction can be harmful. Kittens only drink from their mother’s milk for a few weeks and then their digestive systems will adjust to suit solid food.

As cats grow older, they gradually lose the ability to digest lactose, which is the sugar found in milk and dairy products. After weaning, their digestive system recognises that they no longer require this ability.

So when cats drink milk, the indigestible lactose will stay and ferment in their intestines. resulting in an upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, and so on. So, if you’re feeding your cats just any milk, it’s time to stop!

We’ve told you the problem but ta-da! We’re also providing you with solutions if your cat loves milk! Since lactose is the problem, you can opt for lactose-free goat milk instead. Brands like Midalac can fulfill your cat’s love for milk and essential nutrients checklist without compromising its health.


2. Onions, Garlic and Chives

toxic to cats Pokok.AsiaImage via Catspro.com

A little bit of onions, garlic, or chives wouldn’t hurt but a significant amount can turn into poison. These foods will destroy your cat’s red blood cells, causing them to suffer from anemia. Don’t forget that this includes any form of onion and garlic be it raw, cooked, or powdered

Chives can seem like a cute garnish or a healthy addition to your cat’s meal but it really isn’t. Chives come from the same family of onions and garlic, making them equally toxic to cats as well. So, don’t forget to include chives in your no-no list.

If your cats have eaten any of these foods, the early symptoms will include vomiting and diarrhea and followed by anemia symptoms such as breathlessness, pale gums, and rapid breathing. The anemia symptoms may take up to one week to show, so make sure to keep a close eye on them, if this happens!


3. Chocolates

toxic to cats Pokok.AsiaImage via The Spruce Pets

Chocolates! Chocolates! Ah, it’s something that we love as much as we love our pets!  However, these two have to be kept worlds apart. Chocolates are not desserts, but toxins to your cats!

Chocolates contain toxic compounds like theobromine that can damage their organs. A small amount is bad but is usually treatable, however, if taken in large amounts it can even result in death. The more the cocoa, the more threatening it is, so dark chocolates and baking chocolate are especially a big no-no!

If your cat ever suffers from chocolate poisoning, immediately look out for diarrhea, vomiting, and breathing troubles. Make sure not to delay your visit to the vet, your kitty should recover in no time if they promptly induce vomiting and keep them hydrated!


4. Grapes and Raisin

toxic to cats Pokok.AsiaImage via All About Cats

It’s common knowledge that grapes and raisins are excellent sources of potassium. However, many people feed their fur babies with grapes and raisins mistaking them for ‘healthy snacks’.

Little do they know that these are among the forbidden fruits for cats. These fruits can cause your cats to develop kidney problems and in worse case scenarios, cause life-threatening kidney failures. Even a handful of these are enough to make your cat sick! Some cats may not even show any symptoms, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to feed them grapes or raisins.

The first symptoms of grape poisoning are usually vomiting and diarrhea. If you’re not sure your cat has eaten any grapes or raisins, wait for 24-48 hours to check for symptoms, the residue of these fruits may be seen in its stool or vomit. If it is a yes, get medical attention quickly!


5. Raw Meat and Fish

toxic to cats Pokok.AsiaImage via Furry Tips

This may come as a surprise to you because we all know that cats are die-hard fans of fish. Of course, cats love fish, but it doesn’t have to be raw now, does it?

Just like how humans are advised to avoid raw meat and fish, the same logic applies to your cats. Your cats are more likely to contract parasitic diseases from eating raw meat as it usually has bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella. Always watch out because some of it can be resistant to antibiotics!

If your cat consumes these foods regularly, it can cause the lack of an essential vitamin B called thiamine. This may eventually result in your cat suffering from neurological issues.If you’ve been feeding your kitties raw meat, it’s time to rethink that!

Instead of uncooked meat, you can opt for dry cat food or canned food occasionally. But always remember to switch up meal plans to make sure your little furry friend is receiving all the necessary nutrients from a balanced diet.


Final thoughts

Our cats are more like family members, so it’s our responsibility to care for and nurture them well. Being mindful of what your cat eats plays a huge part in keeping them healthy and happy!

Some of these foods could be in your kitchen right now, within the reach of your cats. That simply means that your cat is one jump away from falling sick. So always keep these stuff stored in a place that is far from their paws!

An amazing cat like yours deserves the best of everything, and that includes the best health too! So, make sure to equip yourselves with the necessary knowledge about the dos and don’ts for your fur-babies. This article is your first step, now don’t stop, keep the learning going!

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