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By Editor / 26 April 2023

Unique and quirky furniture Having trouble correcting your posture in bed? We have the ultimate solution. Source: indie88

  • Swinging chairs to make the boardroom merrier
  • Those who fancy being a bird will twitter at this one
  • Now you can sit on the King of the Jungle
  • A chair within a painting

Have you ever looked at your living space and felt that urge to be different? Imagine a living room with so much quirky furniture that your guests start looking at you like you got released early from the happy house. Wouldn’t that be fun? 

Life becomes more meaningful when you introduce disruptions into the mental process of those normal human beings you socialise with. Take for example the furniture above, which will make a perfect piece in the room where you want to place your pesky mother-in-law. 

Anyway, we came up with a collection of outrageous furniture that is not only weird but fun and functional too. In fact, they can be downright beautiful. Prepare yourself because down the rabbit hole we go!


1/ Swinging chairs

Furniture Pokok.AsiaWhen your meeting place is a playground! Source: The Verge

And who said a corporate meeting can be dull and boring? Get in touch with your inner child with these swinging chairs. There is an exuberant child within every coat-wearing, official-looking office worker, just waiting to come out. 

Although, we doubt any work could be accomplished when everyone is so preoccupied with swinging. Your coffee mugs should also come with an air-tight lid like the ones used in Starbucks, or there will be hell to pay for!

Thinking about it, we are certain companies like Toys”R”Us or Lego could incorporate such a fun concept in their office. Then again, any corporate environment will benefit with a little joy.  


2/ Human-sized bird nest

Furniture Pokok.AsiaA playpen for kids and adults alike. Source: apartmenttherapy

Wonder what it feels like to be a bird? No worries, we got you! A human-sized bird nest is all it takes to make your fantasy come true. We also heard stories of submissive individuals dressing up as little baby birds and they are being mouth fed by a mother bird who happens to be their significant other. Is that you?! It’s okay, we don’t judge! Honest.

Since this conversation is becoming increasingly uncomfortable, let’s just talk about the bird nest bed. Although it may look a little awkward, it is actually very relaxing to lie down or to read a book on the bed, which is made from cushions resembling eggs. You could even bury yourself under all these pillows for a quick nap. So many things can be achieved by the human-sized bird nest. Let your imagination fly!


3/ Tiger sofa

Furniture Pokok.AsiaNot a sofa for the feeble-hearted. Source: Facebook

Apex predators will leap up in joy to find their match in the tiger sofa. Yes, few people have the privilege to sit on the King of the Jungle, and you could be one of them.

It is so life-like that it could almost reach out and make a quick snack out of you. And there is also an endearingly adorable tail protruding from the sofa. Don’t step on it!

To all of you animal lovers out there, no tiger was hurt while making this chair. The creator, Rodolfo Rocchetti, used fake fur to create this masterpiece. His company, Tappezzeria Artistica Rocchetti, also creates many other fabulous pieces of furniture, so don’t forget to drop by and check them out.


4/ Chair in a painting 

Furniture Pokok.AsiaDon’t trust your eyes. Source: ignant

Remember the horror movies where the painting in the house follows you with their eyes? Because it’s alive! Nothing scary here but isn’t it amazing that a painting of a chair could double up as a place to sit on?

This masterfully created optic illusion makes it look two-dimensional, but upon closer inspection, reveals the truth to be so much. The trick is to paint the back of the chair a similar colour to the canvass it is being embedded into.

And we bet this painting…errr…chair, is going to be very expensive. But watching the jaws of your guests hit the floor when you enter the painting and take a seat? Priceless!


The list keeps going

It is impossible for us to talk about all the weird furniture on this planet, which shows how rich the human imagination can be. Chairs carved to look like an octopus. A chair atop a real octopus. Bed with nails for bedding for the masochist. The list keeps going. And so you know, we are always looking for weird new ideas. If you happen to possess weird furniture or have taken a photo of one, do share it with us. You might be one of the lucky winners to receive our grinning shrunken head from Fiji. Email your story to us at

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