4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Space

By Allistair / 9 February 2023

Rental RoomGo vertical with decorations. Credit houzz

  • Paint or wallpaper to amp up your wall game

  • Need more space? Floating shelves are the solution

  • Saves up with multifunctional furniture

  • Plants for extra green and fresh air

The bedroom is an important space to retreat from the noise of the concrete jungle, a safe haven if I must say myself. Hence, I feel it is crucial to have a space that is both comfortable and homey. This can be challenging, especially for rental rooms. You might not have the freedom to spruce up your room. However, here are some ways that you can add a touch of home to your space without making significant changes! Please remember to get permission from your landlord or check the rules and regulations as per stated in your tenancy agreement. 

1/ Transform the wall

Changing the wall of the roomWallpaper to spice things up. Credit hips.hearstapps

Need to zhuzh up your room? Let’s start with the basic, the wall. A fresh lick of paint can elevate your room, making it feel homier. When I first laid eyes on my rented room, it was, well…plain, and uninspiring. Albeit, it has a decent space. I knew I wanted to breathe life into those four walls, and I was lucky enough that my landlord agreed. It was just a simple arrangement; I must repaint the wall to its original colour if I decide to move out. 

 With that, I’ve decided to paint the wall bright orange!  No, just kidding. I went with good ol’ beige. Unexciting, I know. So, to inject character into the room, I added wallpaper and created an accent wall. Personally, I prefer wallpaper over painting because it’s easier to remove at the end of the day. Plus, you can go WILD! Deck your wall like Versace or just a simple geometric motive, and the options are endless. Inject your personality into the room.

 2/ Floating Shelves 

Floating shelves for your roomBe creative with floating shelves. Credit thebeautyrevival

Do you struggle with finding a space to display your items? I am an avid collector of figurines and in need of space to show off my babies. The issue with having a small rental room is that I don’t have the luxury of displaying them until I found the best solution. Wingardium leviosa! I mean floating shelves. This is a fantastic way to create extra space without taking up too much space. 

 I personally think that the shelves can be a decorative element as well. Floating shelves come in various, unique designs and do not have to be boring. Let your creative juice shines by mixing and matching the designs. All you need to do now is fill those spaces with your favourites! It will elevate that homier feeling in your space, be it figurines, books, or memorabilia. 

 3/ Multifunctional Furniture

room Pokok.AsiaSave space with multifunctional furniture. Credit RealSimple

Have you ever looked at your furniture and started to question your decision? “Why did I buy you in the first place?” One of the mistakes I made when I first rented a room was buying bulky furniture. I had a big study table that took quite a chunk of my space. In my defence, it was aesthetically pleasing, on sale, and I was just a naïve 20-year-old without any interior design experience. It wasn’t long until I was introduced to multifunctional furniture.

 I had my first multipurpose stool that doubled as a storage unit. It was life-changing. Of course, I managed to replace the humongous table with a table-chair combo which I could easily tuck the chair away. Imagine the amount of extra space I had by just replacing a table. The best part about this furniture is that I can save not only space but money.

 4/ Houseplants

room Pokok.AsiaAdd pops of green in your room. Credit fedandfit

Who says you need a 5 bedrooms mansion to have indoor plants? I wasn’t really into plants back then, so it had never occurred to me to decorate my room with houseplants. I always associate plants with gardens and the constant extra effort to care for them. It all changed when I was gifted with a succulent by one of my besties. The first reaction was “oh” …followed by “but why?” (Although I did not say it out loud) … So, the next thing I did was to put it on my study desk. 

After a week or so, I fell in love! Seeing this tiniest, cutest, little succulent when I was stressing out with exams was rather calming. The next thing I did was added more plants! Thanks to the floating shelves, I could display small potted plants around the room. Go vertical! You could hang them as well. They really only require a little space. Plus, you can get an array of pot designs that suit your room. Added design bonus. Not only do they soften the space, but plants help to improve the air quality. So, definitely, a must-have in your room! 

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