The Empowered Pursuit of a Meaningful Life

Understanding Life: Lessons, Changes, and the True Value Within

By Editor / 29 December 2023

lifeTreat your life, find your balance. Photo Source: Unsplash 

  • Explore life’s true meaning by learning lessons. Gain knowledge and apply wisdom on the journey.

Coming of age, we often wonder about the meaning of life. I mean, there isn’t a manual to this thing, and how do we truly know whether we are living our best lives? Like a grand tapestry, a portrait painted by experiences, emotions, and many challenges.

You are the author of your own book, threading your unique narrative through all the passing moments. 

I, like any of you, have had my fair share of lessons to digest. In this article, we dive into a journey, asking the fundamental question: What is life to you

Struggling to answer the question? 

Think about what excites you about it– find the meaning of life! But remember, how you view life matters, and there’s always going to be a bigger picture in life. Don’t rush yourself to piece it all together. TRUST ME– But accept lessons and learn!


Lessons Learned 

Life Pokok.AsiaThe beauty of life lies in accepting each moment. Photo Source: MoneyPPL

Growing up, I was always told to be grateful and appreciative of the life I have, and honestly, I only understood a fragment of what that meant. 

Life is filled with unexpected events, but it is how you handle yourself in those specific situations. I grew to understand that I had to let go of control and let life be.

Are you someone who allows a challenge to define who you are? One thing to point out and a lesson I learned is that you’re not tailored to your problems and challenges. 

Now that I am aware of the true meaning behind that, I don’t take it for granted. Comparison is an enemy of progress and competing with others doesn’t grow you!

Think about the connections you’ve made in your life. Have you ever thought of why some connections never last or how it doesn’t take much to be disappointed by someone you thought you were close to? Well, the simple answer to this is that they were never meant to stay and were only just a lesson for the better. 

If we take a second to think about all that is wrong in this world, all that doesn’t make sense to us, we are forcefully plunging ourselves into chaos

I find that with the time I spend worrying about what weighs me down, why don’t I focus on redirecting that energy onto bigger and better things– FAITH!


Thriving in Change 

Life Pokok.AsiaWelcome change; it’s the heartbeat of growth. Photo Source: Vocal Media 

I like to describe moments as “seasons.” I know life is not always going to be the same– life is truly like a heartbeat. 

And why do I say that? Well, if you’ve seen a heartbeat monitor, you’ve seen how it moves– up and down as it beats, and that is how life works. Seasons change!

By embracing changes, adopting faith into my life, and keeping a positive attitude. I began to notice a drastic shift in my life. I focused on peace, which brightened up my days, and I became a safe haven for people.

Change is inevitable, and once embraced, nothing can weigh you down. 

Believe me, I know the challenge of accepting change, but fostering faith into your life will lead you on a blissful path!

There is something about it that brings hope and contentment into your life. This is what leads me to understand what fulfils and excites me in life. 


Fulfilment of Life

Life Pokok.AsiaGratitude and Appreciation are life’s precious gifts. Photo Source:Commonwealth

I look back to when I was taught that gratitude and appreciation would take me far in life, and today I am reaping the gifts of life.

You may wonder what I mean by this– words by Eckhart Tolle “Acknowledge the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” 

Abundance comes in many forms, and mine comes from relationships and connections.

Nothing puts a smile on my face like making the people around me happy and being a safe space for them. I realised that I have a lot of love and care to give, and I show this by cooking for them, and forever providing a shoulder to cry on. 

There is a big difference between hearing and listening– and to feel fulfilled you need to Master the key to listening!

 I say this– grow your faith and all will follow through.

Today, I know I am the reason for someone’s smile. I know that through my positive attitude, I can brighten up their dull days. No day goes by that I am not grateful and appreciative for the little things I have. I am truly lucky because I know out there– there are people who have far less than I do and don’t complain. Think about that


What Really Matters

lifeSurrounded in contentment. Photo Source: JJR

Life, like a canvas, ensures we all have differently painted versions of what it means to us.

My definition of significance is derived from the knowledge gained through new connections that the universe has allowed to walk into my life, and passing that wisdom onto others. 

There’s something about providing help by applying wisdom passed down to me that infuses prospects into my life. It feels like a purpose– Something I found to be content in. 

My family and friends hold significance in my life.

Others may view it as self-discovery and the sole purpose of life.

Where do you fall on the spectrum? 

Or perhaps you fall on both spectrums– building connections and nurturing relationships while on a journey of finding oneself .

Allow yourself to take a moment and reflect on what gives your life meaning. 

With the New Year approaching, as a resolution, try fostering faith, gratitude and appreciation in your life. You never know what life has to offer!



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