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By Editor / 28 December 2023

board gameCreating memories with board games: laughter, friends, and a bit of magic. Photo Source: Freepik 

  • Weekends become adventures: strategy, laughter, suspense – it’s all in the board games!

When the weekend comes around, everyone’s got their plans, especially if you’re a worker living far from home. Figuring out what to do during these breaks is something I always look forward to. While ordering food, cooking, going to the cinema, and hanging out at cafes are all cool, I’ve found something even more valuable – playing board games.

Board games aren’t just fun; they’re like a mini-training for our brains. They make us focus on the game’s rules and stay in the flow, trying to win. And guess what? Each game teaches us something new, like a secret knowledge booster. But the best part is how it strengthens our bonds – it’s a sure way to make everyone happy! So, I’ve come to see that spending weekends playing board games isn’t just enjoyable; it’s a whole experience that adds a special touch to our time together.


1/ Nimalia 

board game Pokok.AsiaTake a wild ride through Nimalia, the board game safari. Photo Source: boardgameoracle

Dive into the fun world of Nimalia – a game perfect for friends and family! Enjoy the game and learn cool facts about animals at the same time. Nimalia is a great choice for a good time together!

The goal? Create the best Animal Sanctuary in 5 rounds. Each round, draw 3 cards, pick one, and pass the rest – it’s that simple! Each card has 4 biomes with animals. When placing a card, cover at least one biome, and keep your Sanctuary within 6 x 6.

Every game has different scoring goals. Adjust your sanctuary each round to score the most points. After 5 rounds, the player with the highest score wins!

Website: Lucky Duck Games 


2/ Thunder Road: Vendetta 

board game Pokok.AsiaThunder Road: Vendetta, where strategy meets adrenaline in this thrilling board game adventure! Photo Source: backerkit

Rev up for the ultimate thrill with Thunder Road: Vendetta – the game that turns the excitement of Hot Wheels into an epic board game adventure! It’s not just a game; it’s an adrenaline-fueled journey for boys who crave the perfect combination of speed and strategy.

Thunder Road: Vendetta brings back the classic 1986 board game with a cool twist, and the best part? It’s a steal at just $54, available on Amazon with shipping to Malaysia. Ideal for 2-4 players, it’s a must-have for small hangouts or epic game nights, clocking in at around 45 to 75 minutes of pure excitement.

Get ready for a road rampage as you roll the dice, race cars, and navigate through hazards like wrecks and oil slicks. In this revamped version, when your car takes a hit, it’s not just a setback – brace yourself for damage tokens with unpredictable effects. Amp up your turn by fixing your car, going turbo with nitro, or unleashing your attack copter for some serious havoc. It’s a wild ride that preserves the essence of the original game while adding thrilling new twists. Strap in for non-stop action!

Website: amazon.com


3/ Pie Face 

board game Pokok.AsiaPie Face: Where laughter meets suspense! Photo Source: 1999 

Get ready for laughter and suspense with the worldwide sensation – Pie Face! This game has taken the globe by storm with the famous “Pie Face Challenge.” Now, it’s the go-to fun for everyone!

Perfect for 2-4 players and just 15 minutes of playtime, Pie Face is a hit for ages 5 and up, making family game nights a blast. The goal is simple – avoid getting a pie in the face. Picture a machine with a sponge covered in shaving cream posing as the pie. On your turn, dive in, spin the spinner, and twist a handle. Watch out – the pie might strike at any moment! Earn points if you dodge the creamy surprise. It’s easy, funny, and a surefire way to make everyone burst into laughter.

Pie Face is a quick and easy game, suitable for all ages. Young players can join in, and the unpredictable pie-throwing keeps everyone entertained. Whether it’s a family night or hanging out with friends, Pie Face guarantees loads of laughs.

Website: amazon.com


4/ Planted 

board game Pokok.AsiaBranching out into a game of strategy with Planted Board Game. Photo source: boardgamegeek

Hey Plant Lovers! Get ready for a game made just for you! Picture this: you’re on a cool journey to become a plant pro, taking care of plants, making them look awesome, and using your brainpower! It’s a blast!

The Planted Board Game is the ultimate adventure for 2-5 players, with quick 20-30 minute rounds. Perfect for ages 10 and up, create a beautiful home filled with your absolute favourite houseplants. Learn, play, collect plants, and make sure they get the right light, water, and plant food.

With 42 types of popular and exotic houseplants, including the coolest fiddle leaf fig and mysterious monstera, Planted adds nature to your game nights. Your mission? Care for your plants using tokens (water drops, sun chips, plant food, etc.) and score bonus points with awesome tools and decorations. The player with the most points for growing the best plants becomes the ultimate green thumb and wins!

Crafted by the famous game designer Phil Walker-Harding, the Planted Board Game isn’t just a game – it’s an exciting plunge into the world of plant care and strategy! 

Website: amazon.com


5/ Everdell 

board game Pokok.AsiaVenturing into the magical realm of Everdell Board Game. Photo Source: customeeple

Thinking about making a city? For me, it’s all about business and planning from top to bottom, but it takes time. What if we started with a mini version, like a board game? This game has a fantastic flow that boosts your creativity to win. It’s like building a city in a fun and quick way!

In the magical world of Everdell, you’re in charge of cute critters living in a beautiful valley. Your job is to build a city, make friends, and host events. The game goes through different seasons, and the player with the most points at the end wins.

Everdell is a mix of building your city and making smart choices. On your turn, you can place a worker to do things like gather resources or draw cards, play a card to add to your city, or get ready for the next season. With 1-4 players, the game takes 40-80 minutes and is suitable for those aged 13 and up. It’s a fun adventure of strategy and building in a charming woodland setting where critters and creativity come to life. 

Website: amazon.com


6/ Uno Quatro 

board game Pokok.AsiaUno Quatro magic in motion! Photo Source: toys-shop.gr

Uno is like the coolest game ever, and now they’ve got Uno Quatro – making it even more fun! It’s a cool board game for 2 to 4 players, great for hanging out with friends or family. Take your time and have a blast, even if you’re just 7 years old!

In the game, put tiles in columns, trying to make a line of four by matching colours or numbers. Here’s the fun part: special tiles mix things up. Swap tiles switch column places, Minus 2 tiles take away options, and Push tiles kick out the bottom one, keeping everyone on their toes. Watch what you play – everyone uses the same tiles. Uno Quatro isn’t just fun; it makes you think and plan your moves. 

Website: amazon.com


Shared Moments, Endless Fun

So, there you have it – the secret to a perfect weekend is more than just plans; it’s about creating experiences that linger in the heart. Board games aren’t just for laughter and strategy; they’re magical portals to safaris, road rampages, pie-filled hilarity, green adventures, magical realms, and dynamic challenges.

What makes these moments even more special is the joy of sharing them with friends and family. It’s not just about winning or losing; it’s about the shared laughter, friendly competition, and memories woven into each roll of the dice or spin of the spinner. Board games have this incredible knack for turning ordinary weekends into extraordinary adventures, where every move is a step towards building stronger connections.




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