Explore the 5 Eco-FriendlyFurniture Brands Reshaping Homes

By Editor / 3 January 2024

green livingSustainable Style. Photo Source: Architectural Digest

  • Explore the fusion of style and sustainability with these five eco-friendly furniture brands made for green living.

Ever thought about how your home could look amazing and help the planet at the same time? 

Well, in the world of design, things are changing. 

Sustainability isn’t just a trend anymore, it’s becoming a lifestyle. 

These five furniture brands are the leaders in this movement, making cool stuff that’s also good for the Earth. 

Let’s take a closer look at what makes them special and how their pieces can turn your home into a stylish and eco-friendly place. 

It’s not just about furniture, it’s about making your home look awesome while being kind to our planet. 

Come along as we explore where style meets taking care of the environment.

1/ Magis

5 design pieceBlending Design and Sustainability. Photo Source: Dezeen

Magis is like a family of creative minds from Italy that started making cool furniture in 1976. They collaborate with famous designers to create things that are not just stylish but also made to be for environmentally friendly.

There’s this chair called Bell – it’s made from old stuff, like plastic leftovers, showcasing how Magis cares about reusing materials. And then there’s this comfy sofa and costume, crafted by Stefan Diez from recycled materials that can be used again.

Magis is super special because they team up with big-name designers like Eero Arnio and Jasper Morrison, making their furniture even cooler. 

They’re adept at using new and amazing materials, and some of their creations have won prestigious awards like Compasso d’Oro. 

And here’s something interesting – most of their suppliers (the places that provide them with materials) are in Italy. That means when they create their awesome furniture, they don’t have to travel a lot, which is good for the planet.

For more information, visit: Magis


2/ Emeco

green living Pokok.Asia

Time-Tested Sustainability. Photo Source: Sixtysix Magazine

Emeco has been around since 1944, and guess what? They cared about the planet even back then. 

During World War II, they crafted a famous chair called the Navy chair from old aluminium for the US Navy. It was Emeco’s way of saying, ‘Let’s be smart about resources, even in tough times.’

Now, in today’s world, Emeco is still keeping that promise of being kind to the planet. They’re using cool materials like scrap plastic to make the Broom chair. 

And check out their Utility chairs, designed by Jasper Morrison. These chairs are crafted from solid wood sourced from forests in a place called Appalachia.

Emeco shows us that being good to the planet is not a new thing for them; it’s something they’ve always believed in, and it’s pretty awesome.

For more information, visit: Emeco


3/ Fritz Hansen

green living Pokok.Asia150 Years of Timeless Design. Photo Source: OPUMO

Imagine a brand that’s been making fantastic eco-friendly chairs for more than 150 years. That’s Fritz Hansen for you! 

Fritz Hansen is a living legend in the design world. 

They’ve created iconic chairs like Arne Jacobsen’s Egg, Swan, Series 7, and Ant chairs. Even Hans Wegner’s China chair and Poul Kjærholm’s PK22 easy chair are part of their awesome collection. 

They teamed up with smart people, like Nendo, to create the N02 Recycle chair which is made from old plastic household waste, turning it into something new and cool. 

And there’s more – the Ro armchair by Jaime Hayon. It’s named after the Danish word for ‘tranquillity.’ ​​Ro represents exceptional craftsmanship and the highest sustainable standards, all while ensuring comfort and aesthetics are not compromised. 

So, when you think of Fritz Hansen, think of a brand that’s been making great chairs for a super long time while doing good things for our planet

For more information, visit: Fritz Hansen


4/ HAY

green living Pokok.AsiaDanish Innovation with a Green Twist. Photo Source: HAY

Founded in 2002, HAY has become a big name in Scandinavian design. They are all about bold designs and using industry smarts.

HAY lets designers run wild with their ideas. As long as it follows their core principles – think big, be stylish, and be eco-friendly – it’s game on. 

This means every piece they create is a masterpiece on its own. 

They love using materials that won’t hurt the Earth. Recycled stuff, FSC-certified wood, and water-based lacquer are their go-to tools. 

Check out the Woody shelving collection that is not just a bookshelf but a green statement. 

Originally made for organising stuff, it was so cool that they decided everyone should have one. It’s not only practical but planet-friendly too.

For more information, visit: Hay


5/ &tradition

green living Pokok.AsiaBridging Heritage and Modern Design. Photo Source: Viaduct Furniture

Looking for something more traditional? Then &tradition is your go-to!  

&tradition is a big deal in design. 

They mix old-school Nordic craftsmanship with a modern twist and are the cool creators behind famous designs like Verner Panton’s and Arne Jacobsen’s. 

They team up with today’s designers and help tomorrow’s talents grow. 

And guess what? Although &tradition has a global presence, it’s origin is still from Nordic. They believe in traditions, and that’s why their designs last. 

Some of their collection include In Between chair by Sami Kallio, inspired by Scandinavian design history, and the Rely task chair by Hee Welling, which uses recycled plastic for its shell.

These collections are made to last and show that the company cares about being responsible and making things that are good for the planet.

Some of these special products even have a label that says they’re good for the environment (it’s called EU Ecolabel). 

For more information, visit: &tradition


Living Green

In creating a sustainable home, these five eco-friendly furniture brands go beyond merely offering chairs and tables – they tell stories. 

These brands are committed to blending craftsmanship, both old and new, and connecting with the environment. Each piece you bring home tells a story of sustainability and design. 

Every chair or table becomes more than an object; it becomes a conversation starter, showcasing your commitment to living harmoniously with nature.

These pieces of furniture are not meant to just sit still and look pretty; they are about creating a narrative that reflects the values of a sustainable future. 

Now that the duty to protect our planet lies in our hands, what better way to start than by choosing furniture that contributes to a sustainable story? So, let’s take the first step to save our planet, beginning with the choices we make in our homes.


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