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By Editor / 4 January 2024


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  • Discover simple practices to integrate ESG principles into your daily life.

Let’s face it: when it comes to being eco-friendly and making a positive impact on our world, it’s easy to feel a tad bit overwhelmed, right? Hey, it’s okay. I feel the same too. And fear not, there’s always a solution for us. There’s this cool idea going on where they call it ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social and Governance.

I know I was also confused when I first heard of it—I had to do a lot of research while writing this article, too! Well, This ESG thing is all about making decisions that benefit the world where we live in, whether you’re an ordinary Joe or a corporate mogul.

ESG criteria are like a report card from the school that tells you how good or not-so-good you are for the planet, society, and how you run things. So, if you want to take part in making the world a better place, you should start picking these ESG habits up at home!

Curious how? Let’s keep reading, shall we?

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If we want to save the planet, obviously we have to start with Mother Nature itself. Now, I’ll be honest here and say I cannot be all eco-friendly for everything, nor can I plant a hundred trees a day in my backyard. There are other ways to save the earth and go green from the comfort of our house. 

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

One of the classic ways to be environmentally conscious at home is by implementing the 3Rs. The good ol’ reduce, reuse, recycle that the school taught us is the most efficient way to be sustainable. And I’m not telling you to collect dozens of cardboard and newspapers to recycle. Well, for the extra pocket money, perhaps. 

But, it is as simple as reducing the usage of plastic waste at home. Getting rid of those transparent plastic containers and changing them with reusable glass containers will help greatly in being kind to the earth. Bonus point that it is safer for your health, too!

  • Turn the Lights Off!

And I’m sure our parents have nagged most of us here for keeping the light switch on during the day. Well, it is mostly to save the electricity bill and for the earth of course. It does not hurt to make a habit of switching the lights and electric appliances off when not in use.

When it’s time to buy new electrical gadgets, try opting for the energy-saving ones. It might cost extra money, but it is a better way to save both the environment and your wallet in the long run!

  • Something’s Leaking

Water conservation is also an important habit you must implement if you want to practice ESG at home. You may start by exchanging your old water-guzzling fixtures with brand-new water-saving products like low-flow toilets and showerheads. 

Oh, and I heard something. Aha! It’s your leaking pipes! Did you know that even the smallest water leak can lead to a huge water waste? Try to put an empty bucket under the leak and leave it overnight. It’ll be full of wasted water by the time you wake up. Personally, I can’t even listen to the continuous water drops, let alone leave it to leak! Let’s be kind and fix the pipe, yeah? 

  • Go Green with Your Commute

Nowadays, all I hear from my friends is how frustrated they are with the terrible traffic jams in the country. I couldn’t relate when they told me they were stuck in the same spot for an hour; I have no driving license. If you’re facing the same problem with my friends, why not opt for public transportation?  

Ditching the car for public commutes is not only saving the environment, it can save you from the stress of hours of ridiculous traffic jams. Hopping on the public bus or the train can also be super convenient. You can relax, read some books, and catch up on your favourite K-Drama!

And if you want to go for something healthier for yourself, you can also grab your trusty bicycle and use pedal power to get yourself to work.

These environmental ways to practice ESG at home are like killing two birds with one stone…or maybe three. You get to save the earth and money and be healthier! Isn’t that amazing? If you’re already doing these practices, pat yourself on the shoulder and say congrats! You’re a hero!

esg Pokok.Asia                                    Gathering under the canopy of greener unity. Photo Source: Freepik

Let’s talk about the “S” in the ESG criteria. It stands for “Social.”- how your choice impacts the society.  So, how do we become socially responsible at home? Easy peasy lemon squeezy, let me teach you how. 

  • Build a Strong Community (Within and Outside of Your Home)

First things first, a good responsible family must foster a warm and tight-knit community within its own family.  Building a household with a strong sense of love and support will create a solid foundation for promoting social responsibility.

Once you have a strong, responsible household, get yourself and your family involved in local community events and gatherings. My family, for instance, always loved to hold big gatherings at the Kampung.  Not only do these events were fun, especially for little kids like me, but they also strengthen my bond with family and neighbours.

  • Embrace Inclusivity

The value of inclusivity is something we, as a community, lack in this new generation. There are just so many cases where kids disrespect and are racist to other people, and that saddens me a lot. As individuals, we must teach the younger generations the beauty of diversity and open every chance to discuss different cultures and traditions. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to show the kids how cool it is to have friends from different backgrounds and walks of life? Not only does it teach them the differences, but it also accepts them with open arms. Teaching children to be nice costs us zero penny, so let’s be responsible and make the world a better place for all.

  • Sharing the Love Online

“But author, I am an introvert. I’m too shy to get out of the house.” My dear, we are now living in a tech-savvy era. If you’re too shy to meet your neighbours, there is nothing wrong with being nice to people online too! Don’t let anything stop you from being socially responsible to the community.

One thing I despise the most about the online world is the existence of keyboard warriors. How can you be so mean to people online? You’ve never even met those people!

Instead, let’s be responsible people and spread positive things. One way to give back to society online is by sharing important recent issues. Not gossip, but news such as the current economy, environmental news, etc. 

Another way is by supporting local businesses! Be the one that brightens up these sellers’ day by leaving positive reviews on your favourite local restaurants, boutiques, and more.

The social responsibility practices are one good way to boost your value as an individual. Being kind to people has always been the greatest quality one person can have.

esg Pokok.Asia                                  Governing stewardship in ESG landscape. Photo Source: Freepik

Last but not least, practising ESG at home also involves good governance. Good governance is about being a responsible and ethical decision-maker in your house and personal life. So here are a few key points for you!

  • Smart Money Moves

Truth to be told, managing finance is something that I myself find difficult. Being a woman, especially with an immense love for beauty and fashion, I could not help but buy every beauty product and cute clothes at the shopping mall. 

Now, I’m also trying to learn to make smart choices in spending my money, and you should do the same too! Nowadays, I’ve been tracking my spending and creating a budget for each month. And whew! I can see the difference in how much money I could save now!

Investing is a smart move to manage and grow your money. But remember, good governing means that your company choice must have its value aligned with yours.

Investing in a company with a good ESG record means that you’re supporting their positive impact on the world, including treating their employees well and being committed to ethical practices. 

  • Lead By the Right Example

A household with good governing criteria is created when there’s a good role model to lead by example. Who’s the role model? Of course, we adults!

Our behaviour sets the course for everyone on board, especially little children. So make sure to set the right ethical standard for them by showing what it means to be honest, to have integrity, and to respect others. We must also teach them to do the right thing, even when nobody’s watching.

Have you ever had the experience of being unfairly punished for something that you did not do? Or are you the one getting away from punishment instead? Either way, taking responsibility is another aspect of good governance we must instil in our households.

Be it being honest about breaking a flower pot or as simple as cleaning after ourselves, we must encourage our family, especially children, to take responsibility for their actions and their impacts on others and the environment.

  • Be Transparent!

Now for the most sensational family issue, communications. They say communication is key, but most people still struggle to communicate openly with their family. It happens to me, too, sometimes. But don’t worry. Let’s level up our communication game together, shall we? 

Practising ESG at home also involves making home a safe place where everyone can speak their minds. It is as simple as making everyone feel heard by listening to their problems and making eye contact during conversation.

But keep in mind that no family is perfect. Conflicts and arguments are normal, even in the happiest family. The difference is that we just have to tackle it peacefully. It’s no use yelling and fighting like cats and dogs; it won’t solve the problem. My high school teacher taught me that when you’re angry, first, take a breath and calm yourself down. Then sit and talk it out! Listen and respect each other’s opinions, and voila! Problem solved!

Empowering Change and Responsibility

It’s easy right? ESG is not just for the corporate world; it’s a mindset and value we must foster. Practicing ESG at home is an essential step toward building a more sustainable, responsible, and compassionate world. And we are the ones responsible for doing what is best for the world we live in. So, who wants to join me in my ESG endeavour?  


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