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By Dhanyaa / 1 December 2023

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  • Enhance your bathroom with Roman shades, frosted options, tinting, glass blocks, or curtains for privacy, style, and ample natural light, creating your dream bathroom with comfort and personal style.

Surprise! There’s a window in your shower. Unusual, right?

But don’t be too quick to dismiss it; these shower windows are becoming more common. They bring in natural light, create a sense of spaciousness, and help with ventilation, keeping mold and mildew at bay.

However, privacy is a concern we understand well. Bathroom windows can make you feel like you’re on display. Fortunately, there are creative solutions to enjoy the benefits of sunlight without sacrificing your privacy.


1/ Shades and Shutters

style Pokok.AsiaStep into a bathroom adorned with Roman elegance, where every moment is a timeless retreat. Photo Source: BloominBlinds 

Introducing your trusty allies: waterproof Roman shades and bathroom window shutters. They’re here to protect your privacy and give you full control over your sunshine.

Roman shades can be easily adjusted with a lift cord, allowing you to find the perfect balance of light and privacy. Plus, they’re energy-efficient, helping you retain warmth.

For even more control, turn to the shutters. Simply twist the tilt bar, and you’re the master of the light. With various styles available, your shower can become a stylish oasis. You can even waterproof regular shutters for the ultimate bathroom makeover.

If you love natural sunlight, waterproof Roman shades are the perfect way to bask in the sunshine while keeping your privacy intact.


2/ Frosty Solutions

style Pokok.AsiaSoftly filtered light through frosted windows, creating an ambience of quiet elegance. Photo Source: Pinterest

Have you ever considered using frosted windows to add style and privacy to your space? You can achieve this beautiful frosted look in three different ways.

The quickest and easiest option is to use static window cling film, which you can remove. Start by cleaning your window, applying the film, and ensuring there are no air bubbles. The beauty of this method is that you can easily remove it if you change your mind.

For a more lasting transformation, consider frosted glass spray paint. Begin by cleaning the glass and protecting the window frame with painter’s tape. Apply a thin coat of the spray paint and let it dry according to the product instructions. What’s great about this approach is that it’s reversible, allowing you to remove it later with a glass scraper if you wish.

If you’re ready for a permanent change, you can use glass-etching cream to achieve a forever-frosted finish. Start by taping off the window frame for protection. Then, apply the cream to the glass using a bristle brush, gently removing a thin layer to create the frosted effect. Be sure to follow the product instructions for the appropriate waiting time. Once done, rinse off the cream with warm water. Your window will have a permanent frosted appearance, adding a unique touch to your style!


3/ Tinting for Style 

style Pokok.AsiaShaded serenity through tinted windows, offering privacy and comfort. Photo Source: Pinterest

Want to add some flair to your privacy? Tinting them with interior film can do the trick. 

These lightweight, self-adhesive covers, made of a material called polyethene terephthalate, come in various types and colours, from security film to solar film and from silver to copper shades. 

However, be careful, as certain films could potentially harm your glass, so check with your window manufacturer to avoid voiding your warranty.

To put on the film, cut it to match the size of your shower window with a utility knife, peel off the backing, and stick it on the glass from the top down. 

The film needs some time to set, usually around 4 to 8 days. You can still shower during this time, just remember to use the exhaust fan to reduce humidity and speed up the setting process. 

Avoid cleaning the film until it’s fully settled. 


4/ Glass Blocks

style Pokok.AsiaExperience the timeless elegance of glass blocks, adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Photo Source: Brennancorp

For a luxurious touch, consider replacing your single-pane window with glass blocks. 

These blocks are thick, solid, or hollow pieces that create a stylish and private look. They not only provide privacy but also improve insulation. 

You can even choose different designs, like pebbles or cracks, to add a touch of luxury to your shower. 

When installing glass blocks, a professional is needed. They’ll cut the blocks to size, remove the existing window, and set the blocks into the wall. Mortar is used to secure the blocks, and steel rods are added to maintain their structure. 

After that, the contractor uses a waterproof sealant to make sure moisture doesn’t cause any problems with the new window

Keep in mind that you can’t open glass blocks like traditional windows, so having good bathroom ventilation is crucial to avoid mould and mildew problems. 

To ensure this, consider installing an exhaust fan and using it before and after each shower.


5/ Curtain Call

style Pokok.AsiaBathe in Luxury: A Soothing Soak with a View, Draped in Elegance. Photo Source: Tlcinteriors

Curtains can also work wonders for your bathroom window. 

You can find waterproof curtains made of materials like polyester or vinyl to handle the bathroom’s moisture.

Another option is to cut down a shower curtain to fit your window, or even get a matching one for a coordinated look. 

These curtains come in various colours and designs. Just avoid natural fabrics like cotton, as they can get wet and lead to mould.

If you have a smaller window and shower, consider using an inset tension rod. It fits inside the window frame, making it less noticeable and a good choice for compact bathrooms. On the other hand, an outside-mount rod attaches to the wall around the window.

And, if you have a great view that you’d like to enjoy, curtains can be the best option. They allow you to preserve your view while adding a touch of style to your bathroom.


Transform Your Bathroom Haven

In the world of bathroom window solutions, there’s always a bright side! Whether you’re basking in Roman elegance, adding a touch of tint, or embracing the beauty of curtains, there’s a perfect solution for every bathroom. 

It’s your space, your choice, and a place of relaxation. Now, go ahead and make your bathroom uniquely yours.



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