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Home decor and interior design based on love languages

By Alessandra / 31 May 2021

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  • Incorporating your love language in your home design and decor can make your home warm and comforting.
  • Quality time people are all about comfort and designs that allow space for shared activities around the house.
  • Words of Affirmation people benefit from decor with inspiring words and home spaces for conversations with others.
  • Acts of Service people love home designs that cater to every household members’ needs.
  • Physical Touch people are best with textures in their decor and design.
  • Gifts lovers appreciate the sentiment of placing memorable items around the house.

The concept of the five love languages isn’t unknown to romantics around the world. For the ones who have less of a flair for romance, your love language is how you communicate love to others and how you expect love to be reciprocated back.

In his bestseller, The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, marriage counsellor Dr Gary Chapman stated that the way we feel love and the type of affection we prefer is different. It is said that understanding your partner’s love language is the secret to bringing you closer and a happier relationship.

Love languages can also be applied in other creative ways, such as your home design and decor. Our home is our comfort zone. Decorating your home based on your love languages can make your home feel more warm and comforting.


Quality Time

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As a Quality Time type of person, your home decor and design are all about comfort and cosiness. You love small activities around the house with your loved ones. Your ideal home would have spaces where you can have movie nights, family dinner or a date, or even just spending quiet time together on the front porch.

Hence, we suggest designing rooms where you can spend intentional time with your family or partner. For example, creating a family entertainment room with all your favourite movies and board games or large couches in the living room to fit everyone.


Words of Affirmation

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If your love language is Words of Affirmation, you prefer decor that inspires and encourages deep feelings. For those of you living with your significant other or family, being able to have conversations, whether small or deep talk, also plays a role in your home design.

Because you prioritise words and communication, try decorating with inspirational quotes, mantras, and thought-provoking poetry that can speak to your emotions and comfort you. For instance, decorating your walls with framed quotes or putting a mood board in your room. You can also have more chairs in the dining area for everyone to sit down and chat during dinner.


Acts of Service

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For the Acts of Service lovers, the saying “action speaks louder than words” is you and your design style in a nutshell. Giving to others comes naturally to you, and the way you show you care is by putting yourself in their shoes and understanding their unique needs.

Sounds like you? Then we suggest designing personalised spaces for each household member, for example, a workshop for your dad who likes crafting or a spacious kitchen for your mom who loves baking.


Physical Touch

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As a Physical Touch type of person, your way of communicating is through the sense of touch, and the same goes for your home decor and design style. You also crave moments where you can be near others, whether it is sharing food at the dining area or cuddling on the couch.

Thus, think tactile when it comes to your home. For instance, incorporating different textures and unique accents, such as soft fluffy rugs and pillows or a textured accent wall. Areas that encourage sharing of blankets, seating areas, or even food will also make you happy since you like the feeling of closeness with your loved ones.



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If you’re a Gifts love language person, you love receiving and giving presents to express your affection and love to others. To you, it’s not about the gift, but the meaning and sentiment behind it, and your home design is no exception. It won’t surprise us if you have a collection of meaningful items from significant people in your life.

Hence, instead of keeping your precious items in a box, we suggest displaying them around the house. For example, put your children’s drawings on the fridge, hang your family picture on the wall, or put your first-anniversary gift on the shelf.

All in all, when it comes to interior design and home decor, we all have our unique preferences. Besides, adding a touch of love to our homes won’t hurt anyone! It’s what makes our house feel like a home.

What is your love language? Share with us in the comments below!

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