Interior Design: The Persona of Owners

Does your house manifest who you are?

By / 1 June 2021

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Ever wonder what your core designs are when it comes to designing a space? Take a step back and look around you. Observe your current surroundings and see how the styles you have chosen indirectly reveals your personality and you drive.

So, here are some popular designs that most people would go for!


Minimalist Interior Design

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Most people prefer a Minimalist Interior Design as it represents a daring and simplistic mindset. At the same time, it showcases the highly organized, efficient and productive personalities of the owners. Minimalists are often detail-oriented and do not make decisions on a whim. They have strict schedules that they adhere to, and spend a limited amount of time at home. thus, they will most likely wish to come home to peace and tranquility. after enduring the hustle and bustle outside.


Scandinavian Interior Design

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Scandinavian Interior Design has a similar style with the Minimalist, except Scandinavian enthusiasts emphasize on comfort. For instance, they would love to incorporate greeneries into the design theme.

They tend to be friendly and easy-going, exuding a vibe that is just as relaxing as their home decorations. It is safe to assume that these individuals are more compassionate to their friends and family.

So, if you enter a home with a Scandinavian setting, rest assured you are in good company!


Modern Interior Design

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Individuals with a Modern Interior Design are commonly trendy and stylish. You can most likely find them dressed in style from head-to-toe,  and their homes equipped with the latest tech, art or furniture.

It can be deduced that these individuals keep-up with the latest trends,  yet have solid independent thoughts and opinions.

Just remember: they are also more likely to get stressed compared to others, so take note!


Vintage Interior Design

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One of the rarest and complicated designs in the industry is the Vintage Interior Design. It is highly complex and depends on a cohesive style, encompassing the sofa, desk, and lamp. Combined in one setting, you will feel transported back into the 1800s just before the death of Marie Antoinette!

Owners of this home design definitely have a personality that makes them stand out in a crowd, and are well-read.

So don’t ever try to outsmart them.


Classic Interior Design

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The Classic Interior Design is the dream home design of dreamers.

It represents timeless beauty, history and romance. Individuals who favour this design can be pretty rigid in their personalities and are likely to be less adaptable in their ways.

This coincides with the historical weight that this design holds — back then, owners of these homes were notable members of society who wielded great power.

What are some other designs that could portray different personalities stated here? Kindly drop us an email at to share with us your thoughts and some unique interior designs of your house that manifest your personalities.

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