Opening Doors of Opportunities from Your Home with Qi Men

Small changes in your home to improve your life

By / 10 May 2021

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  • Qi Men is a part of Feng Shui that studies time and energy and acts as a life navigator.
  • We can use Qi Men to make better decisions when purchasing a house.
  • Qi Men can also be used in interior design to remove bad energy or leverage on good energy.
  • 2021 forecast in terms of Qi Men.

Living in Asia, most of us have heard of Feng Shui. The words “Feng” and “Shui” translate to “wind” and “water”, respectively in Chinese. This traditional practice believes that harmonising energy forces with our environment can bring us favourable outcomes. In other words, we’re harnessing the energy forces around us to create a balance between us and our environment.

It can be a bit overwhelming to start cultivating good feng shui in your home, especially if you’re just getting started.

Thankfully, it is not difficult at all! With Qi Men, all your needs are small changes around the home to kickstart your journey to a happier and healthier environment.


Feng Shui and Qi Men

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Qi Men is a type of Feng Shui that studies time and energy. It’s like a life navigator. For example, when you’re driving and using a GPS, the GPS will tell you if there’s an obstacle in front or if you need to use a longer or shorter route. Qi Men is just like that, but for life.

Fortunately for you and me, Qi Men is all about less is more! Even tiny tweaks and adjustments in your home will be able to bring you all the benefits of Qi Men.


Qi Men When Buying a House?

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There are several ways we can use Qi Men in our decision making when buying a house.

First example, we can leverage on the prediction based on Qi Men and see whether the house is good to buy.

Another example is when you have a few choices that you’re considering. Here, we can see which is the best option for you.

Is it going to bring wealth to you? Or a better career? Harmonious family life? Qi Men can predict all that and help you decide if the home is the best for you.

However, what if you already bought the house?

No worries, we can always implement Qi Men into your current home and make it the best possible environment for your personal and career growth.


Implementing Qi Men in Your Home

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I would usually “open” the Qi Men hour chart when there’s an issue. For example, when you face a problem at work, I’ll open Qi Men to find the root of the problem and see what the best solutions to solve it are.

However, we can definitely apply this to interior designing depending on the type of room you’re designing and which direction that room is facing.

For instance, if you want to design a study room and it’s in your house’s East sector. Things like old credit card statements can be seen or represented as “debt energy” and will negatively impact the room’s energy.

And the way to fix the negative energy? Just remove the statements! It’s really as simple as that.

Unlike the general Feng Shui, you don’t need to reconstruct the room, break walls or build something to fix the energy.

Once we figure out what is causing the blockage, we can simply get rid of it by cleaning or throwing it out.

Another tip is to try to keep things in cupboards with doors. If the object can’t see the light, it can’t attract energy. This way, you won’t have things around your house attaching to negative energy without you knowing.


2021 Forecast

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The annual chart is what shows us the big picture of the whole year. For 2021, we’re seeing a lot of changes.

There are 3 main “good doors” in Qi Men, the Life, Open and Rest Door. Each door is represented by the elements, “Earth”, “Metal”, and “Water”, respectively.


1. Life Door

The Life Door is the gatekeeper of wealth. For example, if you have money or business issues, it’s usually related to your Life Door.

This year, the Life Door is the only door in a favourable position.

As it is an Earth element that falls right back into Earth element this year, it is in a neutral position that generally won’t cause any obstacles for us.

Hence, if you have a business or are investing, there is nothing to worry about this year.

Tip: The best direction for this door is the Southwest for the Year of the Metal Ox, so make your money decisions here and watch your wealth grow.


2. Open Door

The Open Door is related to our careers and starting things. For example, if you’re having troubles with your job or starting a project, this is the door we need to look at.

Unfortunately, this year, the Open Door is in an unfavourable position.

We can consider this door “open” as it’s a metal element that falls into the opposite wood element. In simpler terms, this door is in its “enemy” territory, so the energies are constantly fighting against each other.

Therefore, the clashing energies against the wood element make the door’s energy limited in 2021, which means we will probably see some bumps and challenges in our careers this year.


3. Rest Door

This is the door that is most related to our homes. The Rest Door is all about marriage and relationships at home.

Like the previous door, this water element door falls into its enemy element of fire in the South sector, making its energy limited this year.

As a result, expect to see some tension with your relationships at home.


When Will We See Results?

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After implementing Qi Men, a lot of my clients see quick and fast outcomes. Some would even see results within the same day!

In my experience, I would say the average time needed to see changes happening is about a month. However, I believe it depends on your will. As the saying goes, as long as there’s a will, there’s a way. If you genuinely trust in the process, you will see a difference in no time.


Final Thoughts

Qi Men is very personalised. Everyone has their own personal chart that can show us what type of energy you can benefit from or lack. For instance, if I lack “Earth” energy that represents grounding and stability, I will benefit from adding items that represent “Earth”, such as pottery or natural rock crystals around my house.

Hence, in order to fully leverage on the energies you already have and the ones around you, it is always best to consult a professional Feng Shui guru to find the best solutions possible.

Need Extra Help?

Qi Men can always help you, whether it is before or after purchasing your home. I truly believe it can solve every problem in life. Nonetheless, if you need extra help in setting up your home according to Qi Men, you can always consult a professional Feng Shui advisor.

Ng Khong Loon is a passionate contemporary Qi Men practitioner, who integrates life and Feng Shui into the modern world. The views expressed here are the writer’s own.

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