5 Hard-to-kill Indoor Plants For You Aspiring Plant Parents

These green babies will give a healthy boost to your home too!

By Dahliah / 11 May 2021

Indoor Plants Pokok.Asia

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  • The ultimate indoor plants that are low maintenance and perfect for those who are constantly busy, black thumb, or just plain forgetful.
  • The added health benefits of these plants will improve the environment of your home.
  • These plants are verified by NASA as the most effective in purifying indoor air.
  • Decorating your house with these plants will also provide you with the aesthetic green home you’ve envisioned.  

Are you an aspiring plant mom or dad who is busy, constantly on the go 24/7, or maybe just a plain black thumb who is looking for the ultimate indoor plants that are low maintenance? Ones which don’t require you to water every day, 5 times a day, rotating every half hour in the sun, and whispering sweet nothings into its leaves but yet, provides you with the picturesque living space you’ve always envisioned for? Well, look no further!

Here is a list of hard-to-kill indoor plants that require the least of your attention and won’t end up like a shriveled plant graveyard if you do. Additionally, these green babies are also proven by NASA at being effective in filtering the air in your environment from pollutants in their Clean Air study.

According to NASA, the study led by Dr. B. C. Wolverton found that these 5 plants amongst others are effective at filtering polluted air which consists of benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde, and etc from the air which can be harmful if inhaled continuously. These plants are able to remove the pollutants from the air and replace them with breathable oxygen instead.


Succulent Plants

Indoor Plants Pokok.Asia

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They come in a variety and one of the many succulents you would know off would be the fairy castle cactus, aloe vera, and similar other prickly plants. These are the perfect options for those who are just starting to get into the whole plant-house aesthetics and have little to no knowledge about taking care of these green babies.

These plants are considered the most low maintenance as they are a group of plants that store water in their leaves, stems, or roots which would only require you to water them once a week. Whereas, they would still grow under direct or indirect sunlight.

Not only are these plants low maintenance, but they’re cute too. So, new moms and dads, start your parenting journey with these babies!


Snake Plants

Indoor Plants Pokok.Asia

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The snake plant or fondly known in Asia as the ‘mother-in-law tongue’ (please don’t ask us why), is the easiest growing plant for those who have limited spaces in their home and constantly on the go. Not to mention, with its vibrant green color and yellow outlining, it will catch the eyes of whoever enters your home.

Snake plants grow verdantly inside as it accommodates well with indoor lighting. Sometimes, even with no sunlight at all. Additionally, the plant naturally grows upright, which means it can be placed at small corners despite its long and curvy-shaped leaves.

So, got a back-to-back out-of-town meeting you have to attend? Don’t worry, this plant has a natural survivalist nature in it.


Pothos Plant

Indoor Plants Pokok.Asia

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There are only so many frames and paintings you can hang up on your wall. So, meet Pothos, or some would call them Money plants and Devil’s Ivy. These plant babies look super cute hanging in plant hangers in corners of your home. With the leaves cascading down gracefully covering those plain boring walls. We recommend you get them.

Pothos is one of the easiest indoor plants you can ever take care of. It produces stems that trail down eight feet or longer with just regularly watering it once a week. You can either opt to grow your plant in a pot filled with soil or you can also go with a bowl of water. Just remember to change it once on the weekend.

These plants are known to be the ones that are hard-to-kill. Trust us when we say, you can even let a 5-year-old take care of it and it’ll still grow verdantly.


Spider Plant

Indoor Plants Pokok.Asia

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Now, don’t be afraid of the plant. Unlike its unattractive name, the spider plant is a classic and looks especially attractive in a hanging basket too! This is another plant that will be a good addition next to your pothos.

Spider plants are a good starter plant for you aspiring plant parents as they are made to tolerate various conditions. For example, they can adapt to artificial lights such as the ones you would have built in your home. Hence, you would not have to worry about it not getting enough sunlight.

These plants are a must-have for you folks. Also, if you have cute animals living with you, fret not. The spider plant won’t bite as an actual spider would. It’s pet-friendly.


Areca Palms

Indoor Plants Pokok.Asia

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Imagine laying by the beach under the palm trees, sipping coconut juice, and just enjoying the sounds of waves crushing. Ahhh, the beach life — Too busy with life? That’s okay, bring the beach life to you and indoors.

Considering we live in Asia where it’s summer most of the time, the Areca Palms thrive in hot climates. Taking care of the Areca Palm is considered the least tedious of all as it requires indirect light and unlike us human beings, it isn’t as thirsty as us. Just water it once a week or even twice a week and it could still grow up to seven feet high.  

If you’re looking for a plant that barely requires your attention but will still thrive without it, then the Areca Palm is for you. Not to mention, you get to enjoy the beach vibes of bright greeneries in your living room.


Indoor Plants Pokok.Asia

Image source Bloomscape

So there you have it. With all the options above, hands down these are the most low maintenance indoor plants you black thumbs and aspiring plant parents could invest in. However, just a reminder that despite whatever plants you get, they would still need your attention and care just like every other living thing. Remember, everything in moderation!

So, go ahead and focus on your busy schedule or that weekend away without worrying about coming back to a shriveled plant graveyard.

If you know any other hard-to-kill indoor plants for your fellow aspiring plant parents, do share with us in the comments below!

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