All I Want For Christmas Is Minimalism

By Yuena / 19 December 2023

holidayMerry minimalist Christmas! Photo Source: iStock

  • Explore the new ways to celebrate your Christmas holiday with minimal and chic decor!

It’s finally the holiday season! Are you guys excited? I can’t wait to decorate the house and buy a giant Christmas tree, too! Oh, no. What, you don’t have any holiday decorations up yet? You’re looking for a new theme for this year’s Christmas? Well, my friend, you’re at the right place!

When the Christmas season finally arrives, it’s normal to feel slightly overwhelmed by all the potential decorating options for our homes. No worries, how about a minimalist holiday decor? This theme is ideal if your home already has a minimalistic aesthetic or if you just feel like channelling your inner Grinch for the holidays.

It is also perfect if you just want to be different from everyone else already doing the typical colourful red and green theme. Either way, the minimalist theme is not only for the purpose of unique aesthetics, but you can also save money with it! 

Are you ready for a pre-Christmas adventure? Let’s go!


1/ Celebrating With the Beauty of Nature

holiday Pokok.AsiaBe eco-friendly and appreciate Mother Nature. Photo Source: dubizzle

When I say minimalist, it’s not about leaving the Christmas tree bare with little to no decorations. It’s about keeping it simple and neat. In this case, Mother Nature is the perfect place we can go to. 

If you ever spend time walking around the forest in your backyard or around your neighbourhood, you’ll realise that we’re gifted with unique and varied kinds of nature that can serve as a fitting substitute for the traditional trinkets we put on our Christmas tree.Unique Christmas ornaments and decorations can be made from ordinary things. For instance, we can use dried fruits, and feathers in place of the traditional bright bauble, ribbons and bells. And you can make yourself a DIY wreath with twigs and fresh flowers you picked on the roadside!

Besides, this is a great idea to make the Christmas holidays fun for your little ones. Take them on a little winter adventure in the backyard, where they can find their own natural ornaments to decorate the tree with! At the same time, it teaches them to appreciate Mother Nature and nurture their mind with creativity!


2/ Neutral Tones? Where’s The Red and Green?

holiday Pokok.AsiaGoing nudes for Christmas? Why not? Photo Source: iStock

Who says Christmas is only about red and green? Yes, traditionally, red and green have been the official colour palette for the Christmas season. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with picking new colours for the upcoming season.

Realistically, every house nowadays is painted with more neutral tones and colour palettes. And not everyone wants flashy colours and patterns cluttering up their otherwise minimalist interior design. So, instead, they opt for similar neutral tones for their Christmas decorations.  

For instance, we may use plain, single-colour wrapping paper instead of flashy, multicoloured material to wrap the gifts. We can also exchange the rainbow ornaments with neutral but shiny ones. This neutral theme applies not only to your Christmas tree but also to the dinner table set-ups and home decor in general. 

Another advantage of using neutral colours in our home is that it creates a cosier and more relaxing atmosphere, which makes our guests feel more at ease and welcome. Although I personally would prefer the traditional red and green Christmas vibe, it is admittedly easy on the eye to attend a neutral-themed Christmas party.


3/ Proper Investment!

holiday Pokok.AsiaCelebrate Christmas without breaking the wallet. Photo Source: copycatchic

One tip to save money and avoid overspending on holiday decorations is to get minimal and simple decorations. Why waste money on elaborate holiday decorations if they will only be stored away for the next 11 months? Minimal decorations are very sleek and versatile. Once the festive season wraps, your decorations seamlessly become year-round living room vibes! It’s like a two-for-one deal for your wallet and your home aesthetics.

Take, as an example, mantel displays. Why not use neutral-coloured stockings instead of the traditional red ones? It’s even better if they’re knit stockings! Stockings that are knitted and neutral in colour are significantly better suited to the minimalist look. If not, you could put them on to keep you warmed up in the cold rainy season.

And instead of buying seasonal candles, invest in some of those sweet-smelling marvels. They’re not limited to special occasions; you may use them whenever you want a room with an ambience that matches its visual appeal.

It’s like clothes, you know? When I buy clothes, I’ll look for something simple to wear for a long time daily. Even for special occasions like Hari Raya, I would rather choose the simplest Baju Kurung with minimal design, especially for me, being the type of person who would not wear fancy, glittery clothes more than once. The simplest clothes are always the most comfortable too, don’t you agree?


4/ Be Comfortable!

holiday Pokok.AsiaFluffy blanket and some hot choco. Is that not a perfect Christmas combo? Photo Source: House & Home

Now, now. Being minimal is not just about playing with colours. We also have fabrics and materials in the game which lend a sensory touch to the atmosphere. As important as it is to celebrate Christmas, it is equally important to be comfortable and cosy while spreading cheer to those around us.

Our home must be as comfortable as it could be when celebrating the holiday season. Why not? It’s a holiday, and there’ll be relatives that are visiting along with kids. Of course we’ll want to make them feel at ease in our home.

To make your couch or chair into an instant cuddle spot, simply toss a blanket over the top. Not to mention the fluffy throw pillows, so plush and welcoming that they nearly yell at you to “come cuddle me.” These fluffy pillows are way better than some rough Christmas pillows. And don’t forget another thing: a clean and tidy home for Christmas!

It’s not the flashy decorations that amp up the good vibes in our homes. Sure, we can have our favourite knick-knacks, adding a dash of joy and nostalgia, but the real secret sauce for that calm and peace during the holidays? It’s keeping things neat and tidy on the regular. A spick and span home trumps the holiday bling, hands down. So, if you’re after that constant feel-good vibe, just stay on top of the day-to-day chores.


Getting Ready For A Fresh Minimal Christmas

Does this article give you a fresh idea for Christmas yet? The Christmas holiday is more than just an excuse to go all out with the décor. The most vital part of this event is that we get to rejoice in it! Remember, less is always more. Let’s allow ourselves to play with nature, keep the tone down and be comfortable!  So, this festive season, kick back, enjoy the simple joys, and let your space be the cool, calm centre of the holiday storm. Who knew decking the halls could be so laid-back and effortlessly chic?




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