A Comprehensive Guide to Feng Shui Design

By Dhanyaa / 17 December 2023

energyHarmonising home. Photo Source: Live Home 3D

  • Discover Feng Shui’s transformative power in home design that radiates positive energy and mirrors your heart and happiness.

Welcome to the enchanting world of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art that transcends the boundaries of mere aesthetics, transforming homes into vibrant sanctuaries. 

Pronounced “fung shway,” Feng Shui is more than a practice, it’s a philosophy that seeks to maximise the positive energy flow within our living spaces. 

At its core, Feng Shui believes that every object in our surroundings carries an inherent energy, often referred to as “chi.” 

Join us on a journey into the wisdom of Feng Shui as we delve into five essential tips, unlocking the secrets to creating a harmonious place that resonates with balance, stability, and an abundance of positive vibes.


1/ Pay Attention to Space

energy Pokok.AsiaFeng Shui’s dance of positivity in well-arranged spaces. Photo Source: Homes & Gardens 

Take a second and picture your house like a dance floor, where positive energy is the music. Now, think about how you will arrange things – does it create a lively dance or a chaotic shuffle?

Too much stuff can make it hard to move around and do what you love, right? But on the flip side, if your place is too big, it might also feel a bit dull and lacking that cosy feel. So, finding that sweet spot is important. 

Ensuring there’s enough space to move around sets the tone for a comfortable dance with positive energy.

In the living room, position your sofa strategically – maybe against a wall or facing the front door to create a clear path for good vibes to flow. In your bedroom or office, try placing your bed or desk where you can catch a glimpse of the door. 

And here’s a little secret, symmetry works wonders. Pair up similar things, like two bedside tables or lamps. It brings a sense of balance and harmony. So, let your home be a dance floor for positive energy – well-arranged, harmonious, and full of good vibes.


2/ In Praise of Colour

energy Pokok.AsiaHues of happiness. Photo Source: The Spruce

In Feng Shui, colours mean more than just appearances, they’re expressions of energy! 

Feel the magic of colours in your home—they bring great energy. Take red, for example—it’s fiery and powerful. Earthy tones? They ground you. 

The colours you immerse yourself in can affect your mood. Some help you feel calm and relaxed, while others stimulate and inspire you. Here’s a quick color mood guide to help with your selections, so you can start painting and fill your living space with positive energy!

  • White: Cleanliness and vibrancy, best for living rooms and bathrooms. 
  • Red: Passion and stimulation, great for dining rooms or playrooms. 
  • Yellow: Cheerful and light-hearted, ideal for kitchens and studios. 
  • Green: Peace and harmony, suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices.
  • Blue: Trust and confidence, good for bedrooms and offices. 
  • Purple: Royalty and spirituality, excellent for bedrooms or studies. 
  • Brown: Humility and stability, perfect for dens and living rooms. 
  • Black: Power and independence, effective in hallways or with white accents.


3/ Hide (or Try to Hide) Technology

energy Pokok.AsiaDigital tranquillity. Photo Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Living in a tech-dominated world, there’s a Feng Shui secret to maintaining harmony—hide that technology! 

Shift the focus away from gadgets to stay connected with your space’s energetic nature. Think of it as a digital detox for your surroundings. 

Hiding the televisions is a top-notch move, especially in bedrooms and workstations, offering a moment of relief.

This isn’t about completely getting rid of technology but creating a balanced energy flow. 

Just hide it behind closed doors. It’s a technique hotels often overlook, but you can bring it into your living space. 

Remember, out of sight, out of mind—let your home breathe without the constant hum of screens.


4/ Be Picky about Accessories

energy Pokok.AsiaElemental elegance. Photo Source: Decoist

A harmonious home is all about comfort while finding the right balance between fullness and simplicity. When it comes to extra accessories in your home, choosing wisely is the key to avoiding the chaos of imbalance, or simply clutter. 

Here’s a cool top, infuse a mix of the five Feng Shui elements into your accessories. For instance, lively plants embody the wood element and mirror gracefully signifying water.  Let me break it down for you in simple terms:

  • Wood: The energy of growth and new beginnings. 
  • Fire: This brings in passion and energy. 
  • Earth: It’s about feeling grounded and stable
  • Metal: This element is all about precision and clarity
  • Water: Picture flowing and adaptable energy

Now, when you mix these elements into your accessories, you’re creating a balanced and positive vibe in your home. Each element adds its special touch, making your living space a cosy and harmonious place indeed. 


5/ Maximise Light Sources

energy Pokok.AsiaLighting the Way. Photo Source: Posturite

Have you ever thought about how light can turn your home into a mood-lifting place? 

Light serves as the conductor of positive energy in your space, bringing warmth and positivity that transforms your living area into a mood-elevating sanctuary. 

Personally, I am a big fan of natural light. I love witnessing the morning sun as it bathes the house in its gentle glow, waking up to the soft sunlight kisses in my room. That’s the kind of energy we’re talking about.

Mirrors, on the other hand, function as the best supporting actors for the lights. When placed strategically, they reflect light, creating the illusion of a larger, more open space. 

Additionally, there are also table lamps and floor lamps that contribute to an ambience fostering conversations, relaxation, and an all-around good time.

So, when you think about lighting, consider going beyond just bulbs and fixtures. It’s about crafting an atmosphere that elevates your mood and makes your home the ultimate feel-good space. 

Let there be light, the Feng Shui way!


Heartfelt Homes 

As we conclude our journey through the art of Feng Shui in home design, envision your space as a canvas waiting to be painted with positive energy. 

Mindful spatial arrangements, intentional colour choices, hidden technology, selective accessories, and strategic lighting – these are the brushes that craft a home intimately connected to your well-being. 

As you embark on your next home design adventure, let these Feng Shui techniques guide you, making sure that your space is not just a place to stay, but a reflection of your heart and happiness. 

After all, home is indeed where the heart is, and in the world of Feng Shui, it beats in harmony with positive chi.




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