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By Annicia / 6 June 2023

feng shui

The Chinese feng shui compass. Source: houseofwellness


  • Mysteries of feng shui explained 
  • Simple ways to incorporate feng shui in your home 
  • Common misunderstandings of feng shui 


Commentary to be attributed to Porter Davis World of Style Lead Interior Designer Matthew Phillips. 


What exactly is feng shui? 

Some people might think that having no feng shui incorporated into their homes means bad luck. Don’t worry guys, it’s not that at all. It’s simply amplifying the good vibes that are already there!  


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of arranging objects in an environment to achieve harmony, balance and facilitate the free flow of Chi – the force that permeates all aspects of life. The English translation of the phrase is “wind” (feng) and “water” (shui) and has remained popular throughout China and now Western Cultures.  


Did you know that in the Chinese Zodiac Years, each of the 12 animals represents different vibes? While 2022’s Year of the Tiger was decorated as a positive and active energy in Chinese cosmological thought, the Year of the Rabbit embodies a different energy, focusing on longevity, peace, and prosperity.  


feng shui

A feng shui-infused room that looks calming visually too. Source: Queensland Homes


Why follow the feng shui ways? 

The surface of feng shui is basically keeping the layouts in your home organised, which will inevitably generate calmness in your household that will maintain your and your family’s well-being in the long run. The arrangements suggested through feng shui accommodate positive flow and atmosphere. 


Here’s a tip: Decluttering your home, and leaning into the idea that less is more, is a great feng shui principle to follow, but you don’t need to be minimalistic in your styling. Introduce ornate carvings and intricate patterns in fabrics, wallpaper, or décor, while being mindful of statement furniture pieces and the particular purpose they serve in elevating a room. It is also important to allow for greater distances between different zones in the home as this will promote improved traffic flow and circulation without feeling cluttered.  


feng shui

The commanding position of the kitchen stove promotes circulation. Source: Pinterest


Easiest ways to integrate feng shui into your home  

Aside from decluttering, ensure the furniture in your home is organised and designed with a “commanding” position. In feng shui, the commanding position is the spot in a room that is the furthest from the door and not in direct line with it. It puts you diagonally to the door. And ideally, you should have a clear line of sight to the door. When there is a direct line of sight to the door, front or back of the house, it means the chi (or energy) penetrates the home.  


Placing your bed, desk, and your cooktop or stove in the commanding position of your room is critical as each of these objects symbolises an essential part of your life. The bed represents you, the desk is an extension of your career, and the cooktop or stove represents your wealth. Using the command position in each space optimises the energy and creates a sense of security that supports you in the specific function of the room. In the case of having an open space, creating distinct spaces through the placements of a bookshelf, divider, or rug can be a simple way to separate spaces and help you find your “commanding” position.  


Let’s talk about colours in feng shui. Colour is an extremely important aspect of feng shui as colours can influence our mood. As we welcome the Year of the Rabbit, deep blues and rich accents, layering white and grey as well as black, are recommended as they are said to be auspicious colours. Gold is also good as it symbolises wealth, peace and prosperity–all representatives of the Year of the Rabbit.  


feng shui

Using plants and infusing brown, elevates Chi in your space. Source: PorterDavisHomes


The big NO-NO when trying to incorporate feng shui into your home  

The biggest mistake is not understanding that every person’s space is different and therefore the way you implement feng shui can vary for everyone. Although the principles are the same, rushing into adopting all of the feng shui principles without carefully considering the space can impede on its seamless integration. Take time to understand how feng shui can accentuate your home and allow an easy transition that promotes balance and flow. 


No matter what, at the end of the day, you should focus on creating a space that feels good to you, as the ultimate goal of feng shui is to create that sense of harmony and well-being for yourself. 


feng shui

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the best Chi flow of ‘em all?  Source: Refinery29


A feng shui testimonial

Mirrors also play big roles in feng shui arrangements in homes. According to feng shui for real life, one of their clients wrote that she had a mirror attached to her bathroom door that reflected her laundry and ironing board which only made her feel constantly overwhelmed with chores. 


By simply removing the mirror, the overwhelming thoughts went away. She then began to bring her laundry to the family room and have everyone help her fold the clothes while making it a family bonding time. 


Feng shui makes much more sense now, and it’s actually pretty cool when you understand its purpose better, doesn’t it? Check out more informative articles like this on our website that break stereotypical mindsets.



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