From Disappointment to Hope

By Editor / 20 December 2023

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  • Embrace the spirit of Christmas as hope unfolds, reminding us to cherish the love and togetherness with those dear to our hearts.

Am I a bad kid?

This troubling question kept coming to me every Christmas morning when I opened my eyes and found my stocking empty. It made me feel disappointed and led me to wonder if I had done something wrong.

It wasn’t easy. Each year, the same disappointment hit me when I looked at my empty stocking. I started to question if Santa Claus was even real or if I had been a very bad kid and this was my punishment.

But I didn’t lose hope. I believed that maybe, just maybe, I could make things better. So, I set out on a mission to be a kinder kid each year, hoping that Santa would notice and fill my stocking with joy. 

Curious to see where this ends? 

Stay with me until the end of this article to find out!


Chasing Santa

christmas Pokok.AsiaSanta Claus, the bearer of joy, delivers gifts with a smile. Photo Source: Amazon

Every year, Christmas Eve was a night of excitement. We’d get the gifts a few days earlier, wrap them carefully, and place them under the Christmas tree. My mom and I would go shopping for gifts together, which was always a special time. We put a lot of thought into our gifts, focusing on meaning rather than cost. 

My mom used to say it’s not about how expensive a gift is, but how much thought you put into it. I took that to heart and became the family’s go-to person for making personalised, handmade gifts. Even if we found something nice in a store, we’d add a personal touch, like a heartfelt card or a small handmade ornament.

Growing up this way, I always looked forward to the anticipation of a gift from Santa each year. But year after year, Santa’s visit brought only disappointment. It seemed like he never showed up or enjoyed the milk and cookies we left out for him. 

Despite the many times I felt let down, my hope never disappeared.


A Gift Beyond Measure

christmas Pokok.AsiaLinked by laughter and wrapped surprises. Photo Source: Getty Images

Then, one fine Christmas morning, I woke up and found something in my socks! I was so happy, even though it was just a small gift. Santa had finally visited me. 

With excitement, I unwrapped the small present. To my surprise, it was a little book filled with a mother’s wishes for her daughter. I couldn’t help but get teary-eyed. This simple book, given with love, felt incredibly special. 

Right at that moment, I realised the most important gift was already with me – the presence and love of my mother.

It was a wonderful moment. I understood that Christmas isn’t just about getting things or the size of the gifts we receive. It’s about the hope that something magical can happen, the joy we share with loved ones, and the love we give and get. It’s a time to appreciate the people who are important to us and remember what truly matters.


Capturing Joy in Shared Moments

christmas Pokok.AsiaFamilies Sharing Joy on Christmas Day. Photo Source: iStock

As another year comes to an end, it’s a perfect time to reflect on what truly matters and that is the values Christmas upholds. 

In the midst of our busy lives, we often forget to appreciate the simple joys of spending time with family and friends. Christmas serves as a precious reminder that, despite the hustle and bustle, we can still create moments of love, laughter, and togetherness.

As a child, I eagerly awaited the holidays just to have everyone under one roof. Family gatherings were a time to share stories, relish a delicious meal, and bask in the warmth of each other’s company. It’s these moments that create lasting memories and give life its true meaning.

So, this holiday season, let’s put aside the frantic chase for material possessions and focus on the values that make Christmas truly special – love, togetherness, and the shared experiences that warm our hearts.

Let us all hold on to hope, love, and the values that make life meaningful, and stay connected with those we hold most dear.




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