Why go to the library when your home can be one!

By CS Ming / 18 May 2023

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There is a sense of serenity in reading that we just can’t place. Source: thespruce


  • Place your private library beside a window
  • Bean bags are opt
  • Corner shelves for your corner time


For me, a private reading spot is like a place of zen and peace. I could just pick up a book and get lost within it, being completely immersed in a world of science fiction, where starships traverse the emptiness of space or a fire-breathing dragon defending a keep. But we can’t possibly lose ourselves into this world if we do not have a comfortable place to read. So let’s grab those pillows, and pull the shelves up because we are here to make that very special corner our very own!


Light, air, perfection!

library Pokok.Asia

Never underestimate the effects of a single window. Source: homedesigning


Simple but essential, every library needs an adequate amount of natural light and ventilation. Hence it is ideal to have your private little reading spot situated next to a window, best with a wonderful view over the surrounding landscape. 

My window has an unobstructed view over the clothes line where aunties and uncles sundry their undergarments, so I hope you are more fortunate.

Ventilation is equally vital, so make sure your window is not cumbersome and is easily operated. No matter how good the air conditioning, it can never be sweeter than natural air, unless of course, you happen to live beside a busy street.

Let us not forget the curtain. Choose a multilayered curtain that can limit the entry of light or inhibit it completely. This allows you to quickly adjust the ambience without expending too much effort. Visibility is after all, important to ensure that you can read in comfort.


Bean bag and friends

library Pokok.Asia

Money is not the solution to all problems. Puffy, fluffy bean bags are! Source: Pexels


What comes to your mind when we say furniture? A desk and chair? Boring! Keep those in your home office room where they belong. A place for fantasy or science fiction novels should be different, and what better way to show it than by having a bean bag.

Not only are bean bags super comfortable, they can be used for sitting, reclining and any position that you fancy. Feeling exhausted after experiencing an emotional trauma from your favourite paperback? Lie down and take a nap. 

No chair on earth allows you such a multitude of options. Just so you know, bean bags are composed of a range of fillings, from expanded polystyrene beans, microbeads, foam filling and memory foams. It is designed to follow the shape of your body, hence the great comfort.

But a bean bag alone is not complete without his friend. Place a small, unobtrusive desk lamp beside you, which can be used when the day becomes dark. Natural light, being natural, wanes as night approaches. Well, duhhh!

Need to feel fresh? Get a potted plant too.


Big shelves, small shelves

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Few pleasures beat the joy of a home library. Source: medina grillo


Unless you are planning to store the bulk of your books in e-format on kindle, your choice of shelve will be very important. Floating shelves, hanging shelves, adjustable shelves, or corner shelves, there are so many varieties to choose from.

A floating shelves, for example, are shelves with the wall attachments hidden. A hanging shelf operates on the same principle, with the exception that the attachments can be seen in plain view, such as a rope or joints fixed with nails.

My choice will always be the corner shelf because I have an affinity for a sweet, cosy reading corner. Since corner shelves close up the area, it creates a feeling of privacy, at the same time, eliminating the sharp corners that may feel visually uncomfortable. 


Let the adventure begin!


Our home library is up and the shelves are oh, so full of books. Don’t they just remind us of all the books that we have yet to read? And why do we keep buying more?! But now with our little, private cosy space, the incentive to read is getting strong. So let’s tuck in and let the real world disappear around us.

Every book is an adventure, and a reader leads many lives!

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