Be the MacGyver of the Kitchen

By Allistair / 19 May 2023


4 Kitchen Hacks You’ll Be Thankful For. homeHacks to improve your cooking experience. Credit freepik


  • Lazy Susan helps you to stay organized
  • Wooden spoon prevents boils over
  • Hooks for extra space
  • Egg slicer to slice more than eggs


Home-cooked food is the best! *Insert proof me wrong meme*

Personally, I love home-cooked food more than takeout. As someone who is trying to be conscious of my diet…emphasize trying…the best part about home-cooked food is that I have control over the ingredients. We all know Malaysians worship the God of ingredients, the one and only *insert drumroll* MSG, but for me, let’s just say that it is not my cup of tea. I can hear Uncle Roger’s haiyaaaaaa from miles away, followed by “…you are such a disappointment”. 

One of the reasons why I prefer not to have MSG is because my mouth tends to feel very dry after consuming food loaded with it. Growing up with grandma’s cooking, she doesn’t add (or very little) MSG into food. She is rather particular when it comes to food and health. So, shout out to grandma. 

Despite loving home-cooked food, I am not a big fan of cooking. It is rather tedious. From prepping to cleaning, the work seems never-ending. So, one of my guilty pleasures is to find kitchen hacks that make cooking easier. Or am I just lazy? Anyway, here are some hacks that will turn you into MacGyver of the kitchen!


1/ Susan pass me the sprinkles 


kitchen Pokok.Asia

Lazy Susan helps you to organize your day. Credit thespruce


“ *insert cuss* where did I put the sugar” or “I have to dig through the cabinets”

Do you find it frustrating when you can’t remember where you put your seasonings? Or when your ingredients decide to play hide-and-seek and are hiding at the farthest corner of the earth…I mean the kitchen cabinet. 

Fret not, Lazy Susan is here to rescue the day! Say you’re planning to bake tomorrow; find a spot (within reach), gather all your ingredients, such as sprinkles, icing, etc. and arrange them on the Lazy Susan. Violaaa! You’re all set for baking.

This hack is a God-sent to my Goldfish’s memory. I had once put the salt on the dining chair and spent a good half an hour looking for it, I kid you not. Well, you’re putting your Susan to work; she’s no longer lazy. *wink*. #terriblejoke.


2/ Magical Wooden spoon


magical wooden

Now, this is magic. Credit popsugar


Honestly, I was sceptical when I saw this hack the first time. 

Don’t you hate it when the water boils over? Like great, more cleaning to do. Yay unenthusiastically. I know that we are supposed to keep an eye on the pot, but if you don’t multitask in the kitchen, it takes a century to serve dinner. Plus, I was told that “men can’t multitask”, so I had to prove the world wrong. That we can multitask…but are not great at it. 

So, as I’m boiling the eggs, I would do other things such as cutting greens. Despite constantly reminding myself to check the eggs, I would get so caught up with whatever I am doing, resulting in a volcano eruption.

Oh no, here we go…again and again! I decided to put an end to this by…googling the internet on “how to prevent water boiling over”. Genius. I found out that putting a wooden spoon over the pot would stop the spilling. Seems too good to be true until I experimented with it. “What in the Harry Potter sorcery is this! It worked!” 

Of course, there is an explanation for this phenomenon. Check out this article if you want to know the scientific reason behind it.


3/ Extra Storage in Unexpected places


kitchen Pokok.Asia

Space for days! Credit alicdn


If you’re like me, chances are we tend to buy excessive kitchen utensils. Due to my lack of self-control, I am always running out of space in the kitchen. Of course, the best solution is to stop buying but…look over there! It’s on sale. To solve my problem, I turn to, you guess it right, Mrs. Google. 

Mrs. Google gave the perfect solution! Installing kitchen hooks on the inside of my kitchen cabinets. I was #mindblown! Why didn’t I think of this earlier? I drove to the nearest IKEA, grabbed those hooks as if my life depends on them, and started to mount them on my cabinet wall. The pure joy of seeing extra storage for all of my kitchen utensils….some of my kitchen utensils.  


4/ Slice ‘em up faster


kitchen Pokok.Asia

The easiest way to slice. Credit alicdn


Finally, slicing. I don’t know about you, but I get slightly irritated if I don’t slice the ingredient evenly or at least close enough. It’s not a big deal, but it will make the food look aesthetically pleasing. Although maybe it’s just me. Thus, it takes ages for me to slice them until I found this quick hack.

Egg slicer! *Round of applause*. Don’t be fooled by its first name, the egg slicer can slice more than just eggs. I tried strawberries, and it worked exceptionally. This hack has helped me to speed up my prep time for my overnight oat. Now I don’t have to spend hours of slicing and dicing, just with one swoop, my strawberries are evenly sliced. 

These are some of the wonderful kitchen hacks that you can try at home! If you have a different kitchen hack, share it with us in the comment section. Who doesn’t like a good hack, right?.



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