Elevate Your Spirits with Mood-Boosting Foods!

By Aira / 29 November 2023

moodWhen life gets tough, many of us turn to stress eating—it feels good in the moment but leaves us a bit off afterwards. Comfort foods become our go-to during stress, tying our feelings to what we eat. But in this struggle, there’s a way to handle stress better. Understanding how our emotions connect to what we eat lets us choose comforting and mood-boosting options.

Stress eating usually means grabbing easy snacks loaded with sugars and fats. They bring quick relief but mess with our energy and emotions. This cycle isn’t great for our overall health, so we need a better solution. Knowing how our food affects our body and mind opens a path to change. Getting friendly with healthy foods like fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins helps break free from stress eating and creates a positive connection with what we eat.

Moving from stress eating to choosing healthier options is like giving ourselves some extra care. A diet full of mood-lifting foods not only keeps us physically fit but also makes us emotionally stronger. Exploring these good-for-you choices sets the stage for a healthier lifestyle and a happier mind.


1/ Salmon 

Mood Pokok.AsiaSavouring happiness, one salmon bite at a time.  Photo Source: yukr- boat 

When I go grocery shopping, I always look for salmon because you can cook a bunch of tasty food with it, like blackened salmon fried rice. Making salmon is like a happy cooking adventure that can make you feel good. It’s got something called omega 3s that are like little mood boosters. Picking the salmon, adding flavours, and cooking it all come together to lift your spirits.

Salmon’s omega-3s, known to boost mood, add an extra layer of positivity to your meal. Pairing it with blackened fried rice makes it even better. The spices and crunch of the fried rice mix perfectly with the yummy salmon. It’s not just delicious, it also cheers you up. So, when you need something to lift up your moods, try making salmon with blackened fried rice, it’s a perfect choice! 


2/ Yoghurt and Honey 

Mood Pokok.AsiaYoghurt with honey—a sweet mood booster! Photo Source: hostessatheart

Guess what I found out recently? Eating yoghurt with honey is like a super combo, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. I gave it a shot, and surprisingly, It worked! It’s like the easiest way ever to shed those extra pounds. It feels like the universe is giving me a blessing because I just found out the things that I’m looking for.  You should totally give it a go!

But wait, there’s more! This combo not only helps with weight loss but also supports the growth of healthy bacteria in your tummy. Yoghurt with honey might boost your mood by increasing serotonin levels, bringing a positive vibe to your day. So, it’s not just good for your waistline; it’s like a happy snack for your mood too. Give it a try, folks!


3/ Oats 

Mood Pokok.AsiaOats for the win!  Photo Source: wuestenigel 

Let’s talk about oats! They’re a go-to breakfast because they keep you full till lunch. Mix them with berries for a sweet touch or whip up a savoury chicken porridge for a delightful twist.

Oats are the unsung heroes of fibre, working wonders to keep your blood sugar steady and bid farewell to those pesky mood swings. Starting your day with oats is like having a trusty mood buddy by your side, ensuring a steady and positive vibe that lasts throughout the day.

Give it a shot, and you might find yourself turning this into a daily habit. Oats are the ultimate match for any ingredient, promising not just a hearty breakfast but a mood-elevating experience too!


4/ Berries 

Mood Pokok.AsiaTiny mood boosters in every bite. Photo Source: Freepik

We talked about oats earlier, right? Now, let’s dive into berries, those tiny, tasty fruits with vibrant colours, easy to grab at any nearby market.

Berries are packed with anthocyanins, these fancy things that make berries purple-blue. They’re like superheroes fighting inflammation, which can make you feel down or moody. 

There’s a bunch you can do with berries. I usually snack on them (perfect for kdrama time!) or blend them into a smoothie. Just grab some frozen fruits, throw in some berries, and ta-da—snack done, easy peasy! Not only are berries delicious, but they also bring a burst of mood-boosting benefits to brighten up your day. 


5/ Bananas 

Mood Pokok.AsiaYour instant mood lifters! Photo Source: Freepik

Bananas are like everyday doctors we all need. They’re common and everywhere, perfect for everyone from kids to elders no matter their health.

Bananas have vitamin B6, a mood booster that makes us feel good. That’s why they’re like a little superhero snack, ready to rescue us.

And here’s the cool part, bananas aren’t just a snack. We can turn them into tons of tasty foods and drinks. Mixing anything with bananas just makes it taste really good. Don’t you think so too? Plus, with all the mood-boosting benefits, bananas are like a tasty prescription for a brighter day!  


6/ Tofu 

Mood Pokok.AsiaTofu, your budget-friendly mood lifter! Photo Source: Freepik

Every time I go grocery shopping, I’m on the lookout for tofu. Why? It’s simple – tofu is budget-friendly, like a loyal friend that doesn’t take advantage of me. It helps me save money while still being tasty.  With tofu, I can create a variety of tasty meals for the entire week without breaking my wallet. 

Tofu is a traditional and classic food that has stayed until now.  You don’t need a ton of fancy ingredients to make it tasty, just another reason to love it. It’s also a good choice when you want to cook for your loved ones. I bet they’ll adore you even more, especially if you add your own special touch.

What’s more, tofu often comes with added calcium, giving you a healthy boost. That’s why tofu always makes it onto my grocery list, a practical and nutritious choice. How awesome is that? Not only is tofu easy on the pocket, but it’s also a mood-boosting, nutritious delight! 


Your Mood-Boosting Journey

I’m confident that these foods can be your daily mood boosters, adding simplicity and peace to your life. We all crave food that brings joy while being budget-friendly. So, take a moment, choose what’s best for your mind and health. Give it a shot, and here’s to happy cooking, y’all! 




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