A gingerrific journey towards a healthier life

By Yuena / 24 November 2023

bodyUnderground warrior for the body. Photo Source: Freepik

  • Read about the five incredible things that will happen to your body when you eat ginger every day. 

Do you remember people’s old joke about how you’ll become what you eat? Somehow, it turns out that there might be a grain of truth in that jest. This applies to everything, including ginger. Wait, I’m not saying you’ll turn into a real live gingerbread man! What I meant is that when you consume these spicy rhizomes every day, it’ll gift your body with tons of benefits for your well-being.

What do you think will happen to our bodies if we eat ginger every day? Curious? Me too. Let’s find out together!


1/ No More Tummy Troubles

body Pokok.AsiaGingy, the solution to a gassy tummy! Photo Source: Freepik

We all can agree that insufferable stomach issues are something everyone despises. Whether it’s indigestion or an upset stomach, those feelings are never pleasant and might disrupt our daily lives. Even for myself, getting chronic gastritis is something that I have had to bear for the past two years.

But no worries! The ultimate hero is here to help! Ginger has been hailed as a natural remedy for all sorts of stomach issues. First off, ginger can speed up the process of emptying your stomach. You know the feeling of being too full after a meal? Yeah, so ginger helps us to digest faster so we don’t feel all stuffed and uncomfortable. This also means that ginger helps with preventing indigestion. 

Ginger is also your tummy’s best friend against acid reflux, which can make our chests feel like it’s on fire. And it’s thanks to ginger’s phenolic compounds that help to reduce the squeezing in the stomach and reduce nasty contractions that push the acid where it doesn’t belong.

Basically, a ginger a day keeps a bad tummy away! It keeps things moving smoothly, prevents indigestion, and fights off acid reflux. Plus, it’s easy to add to your diet – pop some ginger in your tea or make ginger candies if you’d like! Anything is possible for your happy stomach. 


2/ A Sweet Treat For The Heart

body Pokok.AsiaA gingerful heart for our body. Photo Source: Freepik

For ladies and gentlemen’s information, your beloved author has a heart disease condition of what they call “hole in the heart.” It’s a complicated condition that requires me to take extra care and precautions for my precious heart. As I grew up, ginger became one of my heart’s allies in caring for my heart’s health. 

If you or your elderly relatives have been diagnosed with heart disease, you’ll know how important it is to manage cholesterol levels in the body for the sake of the heart. From personal experience, drinking ginger water regularly works wonders in regulating my cholesterol levels. Ginger is a weapon to kick out the “bad” cholesterol known as lipoprotein (LDL)  from our body. 

For folks dealing with diabetes, you may also incorporate ginger into your daily routine to regulate insulin production, giving the body a little boost in managing blood sugar levels. Another cool thing ginger does for our hearts is preventing the formation of blood clots. Blood clots can mainly lead to serious problems, like heart attacks. Ginger acts as a natural blood thinner, keeping the blood flowing smoothly and reducing the risk of these dangerous clots. 

Our heart is one of the most vital organs in our body, and it is important to keep it in tip-top shape. So sprinkle some gingers in your tea, and give your heart a sweet, healthy treat!


3/ A Sigh of Relief During That Time of The Month

body Pokok.AsiaChocolate is not the only BFF for girls during period. Photo Source: Freepik

Here’s to all the beautiful ladies out there. We have all wished for a magical remedy for the excruciating period cramps, don’t we? Guess what? Ginger might be the knight in shining armour for you! When Aunt Flo comes to town bringing unwelcomed guests, this spicy and sexy root can work its magic to kick those menstrual pains to the curb!

Although I wish I could say ginger can make the period disappear, it can certainly ease the pain that makes all of us women curl up in a ball once a month. Ginger helps alleviate the pain so we can comfortably do our daily routines without feeling pain in the lower belly. Apart from being the herbal ‘heating pad’, ginger also tackles that annoying bloated feeling often included in making our day gloomy. 

I’m not tittle-tattling, okay, it’s true! Some genius researchers’ studies also found that ginger might be more effective than the usual pain reliefs like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. So why pop pills when you can spice up your sexy life with ginger? 

Well, ladies. The next time Aunt Flo and her annoying gang knock on your door, don’t forget to invite ginger to the party. Here’s to our new BFF, ginger!


4/ Shed Those Extra Pounds

body Pokok.AsiaDeliciously lose weight with a healthy ginger snack. Photo Source: Freepik

If you’re looking to shed some pounds, ginger can be a great companion for your weight loss journey. Here’s why: ginger has compounds called gingerols and shogaols. Such fancy names! These compounds are responsible for most of ginger’s benefits to our body.

This powerful pair boosts our metabolism, the engine that works to burn calories. With a super-speed engine, your body will be able to manage calories more effectively, just like supercars. And how exactly does ginger help in weight loss, you ask? It’s simple: controlling your hunger!

Don’t lie; we all use the same “my mouth is bored” excuse when we can’t stop munching on snacks, even when we are not hungry! Let’s exchange those unhealthy snacks for ginger candies instead or raw ginger if you’re feeling adventurous. It’ll help regulate our appetite, preventing us from overeating. And it’s a healthy snack alternative!

But remember, this is only one useful help to weight loss. It’s not an excuse to skip a whole workout routine. Take it as an extra initiative. You did your workout, had a balanced diet, and now you’re taking ginger as a nutritious snack, too! Good job! I am rooting for everyone reading this article: a happy and successful weight loss journey! 


5/ Shield Against the Big ‘C’

body Pokok.AsiaGinger, an anti-cancer champion! Photo Source: Freepik

In our world today, cancer has unfortunately become a widespread and dreaded illness. Scientists for years have been tirelessly researching various ways to prevent and combat this disease. And while the professionals are working hard to make our world a healthier, better place, we citizens can do our part to ensure our health is in check by infusing a healthy diet into our lives. 

Ginger is one neighbourly spice that becomes a secret weapon in preventing cancer risks. The 6-shogaols compound found in ginger specifically targets the root cause of cancerous cells in the breast, making it a valuable asset in fighting against breast cancer. One research study also stated that consuming two grams of ginger daily reduces the levels of specific molecules in the colon that are linked with the development of cancer.

Eating ginger is also beneficial for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments, as it helps relieve the unpleasant side effects of the treatment, such as nausea and dizziness. Ginger provides a simple and natural way to cope with the challenges, making the journey more manageable for those fighting this tough battle.

In the global effort to eradicate cancer, there are myriad rays of hope for us. It’s not easy, and I know I can’t even begin to imagine the suffering of those battling the fight, but I pray that my words will help ease the way for the courageous fighters out there.


So, What Happens?

There you have it! Do you think this article has changed your view about ginger? All these while we only see ginger as the pungent, aromatic rhizome used in dishes, well, well! It is now the unsung hero we all need for our health. It’s a multitalented ace that fights off cancer cells, keeps our tummy in check, and even gives a helping hand to ladies in distress! So next time you want to make tea for yourself, remember this article that you read and throw some gingers in for that extra boost!




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