Which of these talents does your child possess?

By Demie Makamache / 28 June 2023

childEvery child is different, and that’s okay—source: Pexels


  • Have you ever wondered what your child might grow up to be? Or struggled to understand their thought process and intelligence?
  • There are many gifts your child might possess other than being book smart. We have listed 7 types of intelligence that every parent should know! 


Put a finger down if you have ever witnessed or been in a situation where the ‘smarter’ kid was favoured in class. Put another finger down if a person’s worth is usually determined by how mathematical or savvy they can be in topics they felt required high thinking capacities. 

One of the most common and probably most damaging conceptions about intelligence is that there can only be one; academic. If you are not showing academic prowess when you are still young, you are doomed for failure. Coming from an African background, only one kind of intelligence was accepted, and I, myself suffered from the pressures that came from trying to conform to standards that everyone deemed ‘normal.’

Because the education system was outdated on matters regarding intelligence, many suffered as a result and had to battle issues like low self-esteem, anxiety and depression as adults. Simply because they were misunderstood, however, that can change if we collectively work to educate ourselves. 

My guess is you are here because maybe you have noticed your child’s thinking process is a little different. Perhaps they are busybodies bustling with life and cannot stand being indoors, or perhaps they enjoy some quiet time painting the skies and other landscapes. Whatever the reason is, we can assure you that your child will thank you for taking these steps to learn more about them. We have listed eight types of genius your child could possibly be blessed with. Read on to find out more. 


1/ Math Smart 

child Pokok.AsiaMake math a daily part of your child’s life. Source: Good Parenting Brighter Children

Maybe your little one hasn’t even started talking yet, but they have shown a great interest in puzzles, putting blocks together that are colour coordinated and have probably figured out where you hide the snacks and how to get them. You can tell that they are well on their way to becoming great numeric solvers and, on top of that, are great mystery lovers!

Mathematically intelligent children have the unique ability to think abstractly. They can recognise and find the reasoning behind patterns and perceive relationships between objects even without being taught. That is often referred to as fluid intelligence. Depending on their age, you can give them early exposure to mathematics. When they are not using their brain energy, take them out for some physical activity. Be sure to stock up on as many sudoku puzzles as you can!


2/ Word Smart

child Pokok.AsiaHave fun discussions about the books you have just read with your child. Source: Kindle Kids

Your child has probably shown a great aptitude for languages. They probably whispered their first word the second they got here and haven’t stopped talking since! They are early readers and love it when you tell them stories. They also like to make up their own stories along the way and are usually well-articulate. To fuel their little minds and give them the boost they need, you should provide them with a lot of books on topics they love, an abundance of space and time and maybe subscribe to Duolingo’s language learning programs. 


3/ Musically smart

child Pokok.AsiaSing each day with your child, in the shower, car–everywhere! Source: Waterford

Just as the name implies, you probably see a Madonna, Michael Jackson or Mozart in them. They have the phenomenal ability to turn any object into an instrument; pots, pans, tables, anything they can get their little hands on. They also sing a lot—about everything. For them, life is a melody waiting to be unravelled. If this sounds like your little one, you can foster this budding talent by watching as many musicals as you can. Take them for singing classes, listen to classical music, and maybe one day when it’s safe, go to a music concert together!


4/ Art Smart

child Pokok.AsiaCan there ever be too many paintbrushes or pencils? Source: Learning Potential

Do you have a little Van Gogh in your midst? They have vivid minds and like to express it with maybe a box of Crayola. They are good with colours and can recognise patterns easily, from maps, charts and diagrams. They like to spend a lot of time painting, drawing and sculpting and doing a lot of doodling action in their books (or walls). You can use illustrations to help them remember school work or important information. This goes without saying, but how about a trip to the art store? 


5/ Body Smart 

child Pokok.AsiaTaking daily walks as a family will help motivate them. Source: Nurture the gift

Your little one probably started walking early and has been up and about since then. Climbing trees, tables, door frames and even the fridge to get to that piece of candy you hid there, sure! They have shown exceptional motor skills and the gait of a fine athlete. They enjoy carrying out activities with a lot of movement and have proven to be quite handy with tools. They learn best when they are moving. That’s their superpower! You can provide them with tools that will allow a bit of movement, for example, a bouncy ball in place of a chair and get them signed up at your nearest sports club. 


6/ People Smart 

child Pokok.AsiaAllow them to join an orchestra, drama or dance club that will allow interaction. Source: International Talen Academy

I see you have a diplomat in your hands. Your child has a way with words and will talk you into anything. They are excellent communicators, can easily pick up the tone in the room and understand the people around them. They are also less likely to cry when you drop them off at daycare because they made a dozen friends the second they got there. In general, they are the true definition of  a ‘people person.’ They thrive in group setups and are great collaborators. If your child is of school-going age, you can encourage them to join the debate team or give them the platform to grow their social skills, such as signing up for voluntary work. 


7/ Self Smart 

child Pokok.AsiaTeach them how to meditate so they can be more self-aware. Source: Parenting first cry

As opposed to ‘people smart’, they do not appreciate being in the limelight. They are possibly more introverted and prefer spending time alone. They tend to be more reflective of themselves and can easily read their emotions. Your child is what people would call a ‘deep thinker’, and while many might struggle to understand what they are feeling or what they want, they are naturally aware of these aspects. They learn best through self-exploration and appreciate as much solitude as they can. You can support them by giving them the space they need and possibly a couple of journals too!


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It might be impossible for some to understand or relate to your child because of how different you are and might struggle to cater to their every need. I can assure you that every child longs for your support and appreciation. Make it a habit to always show your support and be vocal about it. Take the small words or gestures of encouragement as tiny seeds that will eventually grow into giant sequoias. Always remember that every child is different, and we should actively work towards making them feel celebrated for their uniqueness. 


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