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By Prevelinaa Suresh / 4 July 2021

TikTok Pokok.AsiaImage via Unsplash

  • 5 home and living TikTok accounts that’ll help you revitalise your space!

If you haven’t heard of TikTok, where have you been? Just like any other social media platform, you can find almost anything on it, dance, music, education, fashion, and the list just never ends!

The best part? The videos range from only fifteen seconds to one minute, so everything is short and sweet, just the way we like it! But, did you know that you can find some home decor inspo too?

Since the start of the pandemic, so many interior designers and stylists have emerged on TikTok wanting to share their expertise with people like you and me! So if you’re thinking of giving your house a new look, this is for you!

We’ve scouted for the best home and living TikTok accounts so that you don’t have to! Today, we bring you these 5 TikTok accounts that are worth a follow if you want to spice things up at home!

Unique styles, affordable decor, and a whole lot of aesthetics! You wouldn’t want to miss this, so read on to learn more.


1.  @jaclynhdesigns by Jaclyn Harper

TikTok Pokok.AsiaJaclyn enjoying her morning coffee in her cozy kitchen; Image via Jaclyn Harper

If you’re into home and living TV shows, then Jaclyn Harper must be a familiar face! She rose to fame through her remarkable work on shows like The Marc and Mandy Show, Morning Live, and Property Brothers. Well, she’s not all just TV and talk, she’s also the founder of Harper Designs, her very own design firm!

Now, this Canadian stylist is taking her expertise to the next level with TikTok. She’s your one-stop interior guru, who simply shares everything! From styling tips and design trends to makeover videos, DIY hacks, and even some common designing mistakes that we all are guilty of!

Jaclyn shows you how she easily styles her kitchen with some wooden items, a vintage decanter, and some dishes! Watch it here.

You’ll never regret following Jaclyn, there’s so much to learn from her! As a homegirl would, she recommends her personal favourites and even takes you on a virtual home tour as she shares how she styles different areas of her home! If you think you know all about your interior, she might get you questioning it. Start following her today to become a decor pro!


2. @galeyalix by Galey Alix

TikTok Pokok.AsiaGaley all smiles after remodelling her client’s home; Image via Galey Alix

Galey is nothing short of a superwoman who juggles both her career and passion with a perfect balance. She starts off her week as the vice president and regional director of Goldman Sachs and puts a smile on her clients’ faces by remodelling their homes on weekends.

This DIY queen brings you along on her journey as she remodels, designs, and decorates the houses of her clients, turning them into their dream homes! She often breaks down the processes, making it look so simple that you might have an itch to transform your home too!

Watch this video and see how Galey tries to surprise her best friend by building her an office within a weekend!

We love following her because not only does she enlighten you on how you can decorate different spaces, but she also shares the before and after transformations along with the big reveal. On top of that, her client’s reactions are so heartwarming that you wish you could have Galey over too!

So what are you waiting for? Give her a follow and get those inspo coming your way!


3. @blondesigns by Anikka Marie

TikTok Pokok.AsiaAnnika posing her self-painted office; Image via Annika

If your middle name is Thrifty and you adore plants, then there’s a good chance that you might love Annika! Her contents revolve around thrift decor, easy DIYs, and plant care, which are quite relatable to most of us.

She managed to garner quite a number of followers thanks to her simple DIYs. From the cutest little pom-poms to building a blooming table, there’s nothing really she can’t do! She proves that not everything has to be fancy and expensive by sharing functional and doable DIYs that you’ll spend all week sprucing up your home!

Watch this video of Annika as she wraps up her entire DIY highlights of 2020 in just 30 seconds!

Oh, if you’re a plant parent, we all know how those babies constantly need your attention. But worry not, Anika teaches you great ways to care for your plants and style them like a pro. Bonus point if you love cats because she features her cute little furbaby in her videos too!

Plants. Cats. Easy decor. Everything that’s a part of our daily lives, so check out her videos to see how you can make the best out of these today!


4. @emilyrayna by Emily Shaw

TikTok Pokok.AsiaEmily feeling relieved after completing virtual design ideas for her followers; Image via Emily Rayna

Are you a tenant who has always wanted to jazz up your rental home, but too afraid that it might tick off your landlord? Well, then you should thank god for Emily Shaw’s existence on TikTok! With the help of this interior designer, you’ll be snuggling in your dream space in no time!

Oops, we can sense you and your wallet trembling in fear! Relax, Emily’s videos are super budget-friendly so they won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Most of her videos are on cool DIY hacks, thrift decor items, and easy rental-friendly makeovers. She also provides insightful designing tips that’ll set the vision for you and your home! 

Watch this video to see how Emily builds a DIY hammock for her little kitties, Milo and Figgy.

We also love how she keeps her TikTok family posted as she takes on renovation projects. Right from the inspiration boards, colour schemes, material selection, up till the renovation progress and final outcome, she shares it all! You can take inspiration from her styles that can easily give your space a breath of fresh air.

Don’t miss Emily on TikTok if you’d love to keep up with her renovation projects while learning from her DIYs and makeovers!


5. @houseofhipsters by Kyla Herbes

TikTok Pokok.AsiaKyla in her kitchen that she restyled; Image via House of Hipsters

This home decor blogger is one of our favourites and we’re so glad she’s on TikTok too! Everything you need to know about your home is here, name it and Kayla has got you covered! You might become a pro overnight just by binge-watching her videos.

House of Hipsters is the ultimate guide to your dream home if you love playing around with different styles. Kyla’s decors have a perfect touch of fusion between vintage and modern pieces, making it totally Pinterest-worthy! She mostly opts for budget-friendly and thrift items so trust us when we say her style is affordable!

Check out how Kyla transformed her home within 7 years in this before and after video.

Her styling tips, DIYs, and makeover videos are too good to miss as well! Learn how to decorate from the smallest coffee station to the entire home, with just one click! She doesn’t just introduce her home to you but also does a number of giveaways. Now, is there anyone who wouldn’t love freebies?

Hop on TikTok and start following House of Hipsters today! Remember, it’s not our fault if you get hooked on her videos and keep running to the home depot every day!


Final thoughts

There you go! These 5 TikTok accounts should do the trick if you’re keen on revamping your space on a budget. The same view every day could get a little boring, so why not try out these ideas this weekend!

Don’t wait, head over to TikTok and hit on that follow button to sprinkle a little creative dust to every corner of your home!

If you’ve already been following them, tell us how much you love their content in the comment section below or drop us an email at info@pokok.asia.ndo5ubdxld-xmz4qwjep42o.p.runcloud.link!

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