A Sense Of Home

By Dahliah / 6 July 2021

PokokImage source Rob Mulally

Imagine this for a moment:

You wake up, check off your morning regime, walk out the front door, and breeze your way up a hill. As your feet guide your direction upwards — left, right, left, right — Smiling, you breathe in the fresh morning air mother nature has ever so lavishly provided.  

A glorious tree comes into sight.

Its multiple arms spread sideways and heavenwards while the chorus of greens danced gently in celebration of the wind. It invites you closer, so you proceed and sit below the dancing greens as it protects you away from the sunny rays.

Nature’s orchestra of soft wind whistling and gentle birds chirping roams the air like a delicate melody. With a school of clouds floating across the blue sky, it complements the soothing atmosphere.

Slowly after, your eyes shut close at the moment when you start feeling the sense of serenity taking control over you.

You relax as the glorious tree shelters you away from your worries and stress. In comfort, you feel a sense of home being one with it.


pokok Pokok.AsiaImage source Jeremy Bishop / With every walk in nature, one receives far more than he seeks.

Just like a home, a tree has many things in common that many of us don’t realize.

It symbolizes safety and comfort. It’s equally special and important as we seek it when we need shelter and support. Physically, a tree is not your average home with brick walls, floor tiles, and a roof above. But the essence of it sure makes it feel like one.

Even in ancient times, mythologies, and books; trees were used to represent life and growth. They are considered representative of life, wisdom, power, and prosperity.

Look around. There’s a hefty tree in your vicinity that’s been rooted for at least a decade and will be there for another, regardless if you are. We could find comfort in that similar kind of stability. We know we do.

Beyond that, we’ve always found nature in general as a source of inspiration and beauty. It indirectly shows us how to live. When we’re grappling with a difficult situation in life, look at the river as it’ll show you its rapids followed by smooth glides. It’s telling you that ‘this too shall pass’.

Flowers portray courage as it blossoms towards the blinding sun. Trees withstanding their stance despite mother nature’s hues and cries. Also, when in need of resting from the journey of life, remember that birds seek for trees as their safe harbour from their migration.

pokok Pokok.Asia

Now more than ever, with our never-ending busy life that is often filled with stress and anxieties, sometimes we would always imagine how it’ll feel like to just run away and escape our reality. To march up an empty hill with a verdant tree waiting in the middle to embrace us in.

hoping it’ll help us unwind and to seek comfort.

This is what we are trying to do here at Pokok.Asia. We might not be on a hill surrounded by sweet serenity. However, we’re a platform that its branches are not only dedicated to making your home a safe and comfortable living place, but also providing a nurturing space for your optimal mental and physical being.

Together, we thrive to embody the abstract of growing and living.

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