Accepting Imperfections Through Wabi Sabi

The 15th Century Trend For Your 20th Century Lifestyle

By Nurul Dina / 3 July 2021

Wabi Sabi Pokok.AsiaNeutral but modern minimalist design; Image source Living4media

Why would you shy away from the imperfections when you know under the many layers of flaws, lies all the elements that make you – you. In this entry, we’re going to show how you can embrace the visible flaws in your surroundings.

That is through the Wabi Sabi style of interior design that came into existence in the 15th century, but interior design enthusiasts began incorporating this style again sometime in the year 2018.   

The term “Wabi Sabi” is a Japanese word that brings the meaning of finding beauty in imperfection. Wabi is your ability to live with humility and simplicity while being at one with nature, whereas Sabi is the ability to get to grips with the lifecycle of anything, as it is – flaws and all.

Simply put, finding beauty in simplicity and impermanence is the new luxury. 

We know that abstract concepts like Wabi Sabi aren’t always the simplest to implement, so here are a few basic suggestions and methods to help give your house the comfortable, feel-good feelings we all seek.


Nature is your best friend

Wabi Sabi Pokok.AsiaIncorporate nature for a livelier home; Image source Homestyler

Just like the Japandi style of interior design, Wabi Sabi is all about nature too. It’s based on our connection to the land and natural element, but of course with an emphasis on authenticity. Bringing in components of nature into your homes don’t only make you feel calm at ease, it’ll also act as a wonderful reminder of the beauty that can be discovered in flaws. 

You can attend to this by incorporating wooden furniture, fresh flowers, and as many plants as your heart desires to optimise these positive vibes. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. You can opt for succulents, as this will provide you with all of the benefits of natural plants without the upkeep.

Whatever you decide on doing, remember that authenticity is key. 


Does it represent you?

Wabi Sabi Pokok.AsiaMinimalist lifestyle is here to stay; Image source Home Designing

Have you seen that viral sunset lamp? Did you buy it? And if you did, was it because you needed it or because you fell for their marketing or the beautiful Instagram pictures?

Whatever your reason may be, if you’re planning to live that Wabi Sabi life, you’ll have to leave that behind. The Wabi Sabi philosophy doesn’t revolve around your style, trends you follow, or believe you should follow – this is about making the choices that originate from the heart, with the sole intention of bringing you joy. 

In that sense, have fun being you because you have complete flexibility – you can choose a decor something you are personally drawn to, whatever style it belongs to, you can be as eccentric as you want, and you may mix and match as much as you like.

Similarly, when purchasing products, always consider purchasing those that will last, even if it means spending a bit more than you expected, but when that piece becomes obsolete, put all of your creativity in an effort to ensure they remain useful and cherished.


Take pride in being imperfect

Wabi Sabi Pokok.AsiaWabi Sabi sees beauty in imperfection; Image source Maisonsdumonde_de

We’ve saved the best for the last. 

When we talk about adding finishing touches to your interior design, we usually mean how to make it look finished or how to give it a professional-looking edge. In this scenario, you’re going for the inverse.

The Wabi Sabi imperfect notion celebrates flawed, incomplete beauty, which is diametrically opposed to our incessant demand for perfection. This is your chance to escape from potentially stressful situations or environments in which we seek to accomplish the unachievable, to find perfection where there is none, to follow unrealistic schedules at a frenzied speed. 

With that being said, Wabi Sabi interior design may be precisely what we need to de-stress and re-establish balance.  

All in all, your home should always reflect you as a person and it should be a space that you’re proud of. We highly encourage you to change the way you view imprecations because there’s beauty in everyone and everything we see. Learn how to make the look work for you by following the recommendations in this entry.

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