Tiny Is The New Big

Why could tiny houses be your go-to?

By Alessandra / 1 July 2021

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While browsing through social media, it is undeniable that we will see a load of videos in tiny spaces. With a high standard of living and rapid development around the world currently, it is no wonder that more people are willing to settle down for a tiny space than a big one. These types of tiny houses are most commonly seen in countries like Japan, Hong Kong or even European countries.


Why Tiny Houses Could Be Your Go-to?

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If you are a person who spends most of the time outside and does not really adore housekeeping, a tiny space could definitely be the top of your choice when roaming for houses. A tiny space could make you feel more comfy and cozy after being renovated and designed with the right colour.

Unlike the “old school” thoughts that tiny equates to restriction, it can be quite the opposite. In fact, tiny houses often provide individuals with security as they feel safe when being situated in a smaller compartment. For some individuals, it could solely be because of the rising prices of real estate, thus they prefer building or designing their smaller houses that they could afford.


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From furniture selection to colour shades, tiny houses could be turned into the dream houses that most people desire. In fact, there are people out there who prefer tiny houses over big and hollow vacant houses. For instance, using pastel bright colour shades could open up the space and brighten up the surrounding. Pastel shades also provide tranquillity and peace to the homeowners. When being in small spaces, it is important to have the spaces look and feel big as it may often lead to the feeling of constraint, where claustrophobia comes from.


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There are many architects on YouTube teaching people how to utilise their tiny spaces. For example, Living Big In A Tiny House. This YouTube channel helps to promote minimalist living and teaches people how to make use of the limited spaces in your tiny house. Especially individuals who are living alone as they only require small spaces which at the same time, does not make them feel vacant.


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Following the trend of “simplifying lives by reducing the size”, Big Tiny, becomes the first company in Singapore that integrates the concept of “tiny houses” with eco-tourism. The company builds tiny homes on wheels which allow their customers to explore nature at the same time, so they could enjoy the comforts of modern living.


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A tiny house could also mean lower expenses, cheaper maintenance and less burden on taxes and mortgages.

Less is more!

This is where simplicity really holds an advantage.

Frankly speaking, if your budget does not allow and you could only afford a tiny space, it is important to deal with what you have at hand. A small living space is simply an alternate solution when it comes to rising population and a decrease in land. There are plenty of families out there who have turned their tiny spaces into a home that possibly hold the best memories and times there. A tiny house could also give you peace and calm!

However, sometimes tiny does not mean cheap.


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For instance, Muji Hut, one of the Muji’s new projects, costs US$27,228. The reason behind this high cost is due to the functionality that incorporates travelling and living space together. It promotes simple living and allows you to live wherever you want.

This type of mobile homes tend to open up opportunities for people who refuse to be stagnant in a place. Especially for adventurous people, living in the middle of a football field is not just a dream!


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Tiny houses may not be for everyone but it can definitely be the place that one could actually choose to if you have no other alternative or if you would just want a simple and peaceful life. Tiny houses could give you peace and tranquillity, especially those situated in the suburban areas and those that are aligned with nature in particular.

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