Sun’s Out, Shore’s Calling, And We’re Off!

5 reasons why the beach’s good for you

By Demie Makamache / 8 September 2022

Sun Pokok.AsiaIs going to the beach good for your health? Source:

  • Did you know that going to the beach is actually good for your health?
  • Not only your overall health, but it’s also therapy on its own
  • Don’t believe us? Read on to learn how being a beach bunny can literally save your life!

Whale, hello there!

If my wallet allowed it, I would be somewhere in the tropics, sipping yummy Piña Coladas and basking away my responsibilities under a glorious sun. I would very much enjoy digging my toes into the wet sand, chasing after waves, and immersing myself in the majestic sound of the waves against the shores. 

In my ‘touch grass’ moments, when I wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and reconnect with the world, I found myself longing for the shores. The very act of gazing upon the sublime views of a dreamy sea drenching the sand under an orange sky was therapy on its own. 

I would describe it as a feeling with an intensity bordering spirituality which is probably why we turn to the waters for healing. There is so much more about going to the beach other than getting a good ole tan and regular beach fun. Here are five reasons why a little shore-time will enhance your mood and overall health.


1/ Soak up all the Ds beneath the sun

Sun Pokok.AsiaThe beach’s the perfect place for sunbathing—source:

Now, we know no amount of supplements can ever beat the real deal, including your Vitamin D intake. According to Havard Medical School, ten minutes of sun exposure is all you need, and not only will your bones, skin, and immune system; thank you, but you can also kiss ‘sad boi/girl hour’ goodbye with a good serotonin boost.

However, take care not to spend too much time in the sun as it can cause sun damage, leading to skin cancer, and we certainly do not want that. So be sure to keep your sunscreen bottle close to you and avoid the 10 am-2 pm sun. 


2/ Enjoy some sand-sational time

Sun Pokok.AsiaPractise ‘earthing’ by walking barefoot at the beach—source:

Listen, anyone who has enjoyed the feeling of digging your feet into soft, velvety sands knows nothing can ever parallel that. There is actually a medical explanation for why walking in the sand feels so good! Your foot has around 3,000 to 7,000 nerve endings that awaken when stimulated by tiny grains like sand. 

Through a phenomenon called earthing (grounding), activities such as walking barefoot or lying on the ground allow you to reconnect with the earth electrically and positively affect the body. 

The science behind that is that the living matrix, which is the central connector between living cells, is affected by grounding. Electrical conductivity, like antioxidants, exists within the matrix and acts as an immune system defence. Researchers believe that the body’s natural defences can be restored through grounding and has efficiently reduced inflammation and improved one’s mood.  

In simpler words, a beach walk (and maybe an apple, alright) keeps the doctor away.


3/ Fight ageing!

 Sun Pokok.AsiaGoing to the beach helps you fight ageing! Source:

As we pursue our life-long dream of forever looking twenty-one, you might want to know that seawater is full of amazing anti-ageing minerals that improve skin elasticity and keeps you younger. It is also a natural exfoliant and will help fight acne and infections. Of course, it will not have the same effect as your regular retinol and ferulic acid serum or a trip to the dermatologist, but listen, a free seaside spa day while lounging in the sun? Sign me up! 


4/ Great place for some good lovin’

Sun Pokok.AsiaEnjoy some quality time with your partner at the beach. Source:

There’s no greater declaration of love than a romantic getaway for two on a lovely island with white sands and turquoise waters. Being in a different environment has a way of bringing people closer. You can enjoy some quality time surfing, snorkelling, island hopping or just enjoying the waves. 

P.S: Contrary to popular belief, going to the beach can still be fun even when you’re alone. So don’t let that trick you into cancelling that solo trip you have always dreamt about.


5/ Grab that summer promo!

Sun Pokok.AsiaFind an all-inclusive package for your next trip and save money! Source:

Travelling may seem like an expensive thing to do, a luxury that can only be afforded to a few, but it may not be as costly as you may think. Summer is a great time to look out for amazing packages, discounts and promotions from a variety of airlines, resorts and even websites like Expedia or 

Expedia is great for last-minute vacation deals and has just about everything, from flights, hotels, car hires and even cruises. Millions of travellers also prefer for accommodation deals because of its seamless search and booking process. You can search for hotels, apartments and other unique properties worldwide, with many offering free cancellation too.

So be sure to do your research, and who knows, the vacation of your dreams may very well be a few clicks away, and what’s more, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get there!

Simply because you deserve it

Don’t think too deeply about it. The answer is quite obvious; you deserve that vacation trip, and you know it! This is your sign, whether you have been working yourself to the bone and feel you need a short trip to the beach or just need to detox and breathe in that crisp, salty air. Go for it! At times you don’t need a reason to pamper yourself. Show yourself some love today and go for some sea therapy!

Here’s to happy beach bunnies! Happy travelling, folks.


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