Soulmates Beyond Romance

4 signs someone could be the soulmate of your life!

By Frederick Chia / 30 August 2022

Soulmate beyong romanceDo you have someone in mind yet? Source: Anastasia Shuraeva

    • Soulmate teaches you vital lessons
    • Feels like you have known each other forever
    • They help you move on 
    • Distances never keep both of you apart

In life, we meet a bunch of people – it could be for a moment, a chapter, or maybe till death pulls us apart. Among all the different souls, some teach us to be loved, some give us hard swallowing pills of lessons, and some could be as simple as showing us new insights. 

I once believed that soulmates are the same as having a life partner. Little did I know that romance is not compulsory when it comes to having a soulmate. You could still feel comfortable and happy around a family member or friend while still being yourself!

My whole perception changed when I visited a church event and met my bestie seven years ago. As people say, soulmates would stumble into your life at the right time, and I believe in that! 

In these seven years of friendship, we never went to the same school, came across mutual friends, or even lived nearby. Just like the strong force of a magnetic field, we saw each other and instantly felt connected despite not knowing one another. Odd, isn’t it? 

Do you have someone in mind that you truly believe is godsent? Are you curious if they are the soulmate holding a special place in your heart? Worry not, I’ll tell you how I captured mine, and maybe you could follow my lead! 😉


1/ Soulmate teaches you vital lessons

soulmate Pokok.AsiaThey are your mentor, your best friend, and your haven. Source: Zen Chung

As quoted by Katherine Hurst: “A soulmate is a person who arrives in your life specifically to enrich it, encourage your development and push you to grow into a higher state of consciousness”. Among the definitions of what a soulmate ideally looks like, this is by far the most relatable one to me.

Having someone close to your heart, they have that remarkable strength to find your spark beyond your flaws. During your miserable times, they show you the light and take you on a challenge because they know you haven’t reached your full potential. 

To me, my bestie, also my soulmate is the one who pushes me but never lets me go beyond where my feet could touch. With our differences in views and background, she would disagree yet respect our differences while enlightening me on important life lessons. Her chill nature may complement my anxious heart, and I could learn from her different upbringing.


2/ Feels like you have known each other forever

soulmate Pokok.AsiaHave I known you for 20 seconds or 20 years? Source: Cottonbro

One thing you would feel distinctively different from anyone else is the bond you both have. You may think you had known them forever and clicked with them instantly when you met. Some explain that this could be the shared experiences in both of you that enhance the understanding of the person. Now I understand why I have this never-before feeling when meeting my soulmate! 

Did you know that other than closeness, the empathy level will be high with your soulmate too? You can instantly sense the slight changes in their energy beyond their words and appearance. 

They may often seem fine, faking smiles and neverminds, but only the close-hearted ones know. 

As for me, I can always tell whether my bestie is having a great time or feeling nervous at a party with groups of strangers. 


3/ Help you move on 

soulmate Pokok.AsiaA friend in need is a friend indeed! Source: Andres Ayrton

They don’t tell you this when you are young. but you can’t hold on to everything and can’t show up for everyone. After several intense discussions with my bestie, it’s not all fun and smiles.

Fights occur with your soulmate too! Big or small, these arguments will lead you both to hug and cry together. All these non-destructive fights are essential to help us move on and improve as an individual. 

Beyond the arguments between both of you, the right ones are there to support you through thick and thin. With how they notice your good and bad, they only challenge you to live out the best version of you. One of the great lessons my bestie taught me is to cherish those who love me. 

I tend to hold on to everyone and sacrifice my time for them but myself. She saw my flaws and taught me to stick to those who truly adore me while loving myself too. Since then, we cherish each other more after every argument as we help each other to live a better life. 


4/ Distances never keep both of you apart

soulmate Pokok.AsiaNo, we’re not talking about meeting scammers on those dating sites! Source: Priscilla Du Preez

Many won’t believe their soulmate would be so far away But hey, it does happen quite often to people around me too! Imagine you met someone attractive from a new state or country, we certainly will not hold on to it since the future seems hard, right?

However, the bond of a soulmate is something you cannot escape. Even though both may wish for an easier and closer intimate relationship (in terms of distance), there is a will that pushes both to give it a go for this undeniable relationship.

Recalling times when my bestie and I were still in secondary school, we would take public transportation for more than an hour just to meet each other every one or two months. Every time we met, time seemed to freeze from our last meetup as we never ran out of topics. Today, we have tackled the challenge of distance as we have relocated to a closer distance. 

If you’re still living far apart from your soulmate, relax and trust the connection will lead to the future for both of you.  


Soulmates don’t need to share genes or a surname

It is okay if you haven’t met your soulmate. Every single life comes with a different timeline; some met in their 20s, and some in their 50s too! Keep loving yourself, one day you will stumble across the right one. Let us know in the comments below what are the other signs someone is your soulmate. 


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