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How Sleeping Naked Promotes Healthier Sex Life

By Nurul Dina / 29 September 2021
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  • Sleeping naked has many health benefits and in particular, can help promote a healthy sex life. 
  • With a healthy sex life you could also reduce stress, depression, improve your self-esteem, and as well as help you sleep better. 
  • Sleeping naked is also scientifically proven to improve your overall quality of life. 

If you were still in high school, your scientific hypothesis would be; The study shows that the lesser clothes you wear to sleep, the healthier your sex life is. 

Sleeping — Who doesn’t love sleeping? It’s the one activity which requires you to do absolutely nothing but in return offers so many benefits to improve your quality of life. Especially when you do it naked. 

Yes, you heard us right. 

When the topic of improving our quality of life is spoken of, sleeping naked might not be the few factors that come to mind for most people. Rather even included in the list of options. However, what you should know is that there are indeed many health benefits to sleeping naked. Particularly, promoting a healthy sex life.

For the uninitiated, a healthy sex life could improve your heart health, reduce stress, depression, improve your self-esteem, and as well as help you sleep better. 

The thing is, healthy sex life isn’t just about having fun and communicating. Maintaining clean sexual hygiene, intimacy, self-confidence, and a healthy reproductive system is as important as the two. Which is how sleeping naked could help with all of these factors. 

Still not sold on how sleeping in your birthday suit could make both you and your partner better in bed? Take a look at these! 


Good Day For The V-Jay


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We like to think chivalry isn’t dead, so ladies first. 

As much as women need underwear to protect their intimate area from being exposed to bacteria, covering it with tight synthetic underwear is also bad for them. Ironic isn’t it? Well, this is because tight-fitting or sweaty underwear could increase the risk of vaginal yeast infection since yeast likes to grow in warm, moist places. Additionally, this could lead to a woman having a urinary tract infection (UTI).

Thus, snoozing without PJs would be good for the coochie as it gives time to breathe at night. So if you struggle with frequent yeast infections that prevent you from having sex, it may be a good idea to make sleeping naked a regular thing now. 


Lesser Clothes, Higher Sperm Count


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Up next, the gents.

Remember how we suggested carrots to help increase your sperm count and make babies? If that didn’t help you, then give sleeping naked a try. Similarly like how it works for women, wearing tight boxers prevents airflow and promotes overheating for your little friend. This is why Dr Gersh advises sleeping in the nude as it improves the quality and quantity of sperm by preventing testicular warmth. 

So, instead of going commando out in public and always having to be cautious of your friend poking out, do it during bedtime instead. This way, you’ll be worry-free and get to keep your testicle cool at the same time.


Self Esteem Booster


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Self-confidence is a very tricky enemy to go against when having sex.

We’re all humans and for most of us, we need the confidence to have sex. This is because as a natural human nature, we often get insecure about how we look in our raw and bare state. However, studies have shown that sleeping and spending time naked, it will help boost your confidence significantly as it forces you to be more comfortable in your skin. 

Truth be told, your body isn’t something you should be ashamed of. However, if you do need that little self-confidence booster during sex, try giving this a go, to get yourself comfortable with your body. 


Builds Intimacy


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Let’s talk about physical and emotional intimacy. 

Again for the uninitiated, as humans we have a “love” hormone called oxytocin. Which is a feel-good hormone that’s produced through skin to skin contact — With your loved one of course. Whereby, studies have found that couples who engage in said contact would build physical and emotional closeness with their partner. 

Not only do you get to reap healthy sexual benefits from sleeping naked, but it also helps you skip the clothes removing part entirely and get straight to business. A double win right there in our books. 


Get Naked!

So, are you sold now? 

Even if you aren’t, it’s totally fine. Though, don’t disregard sleeping naked entirely as not only does it help with improving your sex life, it also has many other benefits that could improve other aspects of your life. 

If the thought of sleeping in your complete birthday suit makes you feel a bit squeamish, then try doing it gradually by reducing the number of garments at night. Because at the end of the day, it’s what makes you comfortable the most important thing. 

Try this out and don’t be shy to share with us down below on how it feels like! 

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