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Let’s get your animal buddies all set up!

By Editor / 30 September 2021
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Are you planning to adopt a furry friend into your home? Or did a four-legged ball of fluff already catch your eye and steal your heart with its cute little paws?

Happens to the best of us! 

Now as you jump up and down in excitement over the prospects of having a new friend, let’s make sure you are ready for its arrival!


Finding pet-friendly properties


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Well, first things first: if you are renting, make sure your property is pet-friendly! Some premises, especially high-rise buildings, have a strict rule against pets in order to protect their property from damage — yes, these little critters may look angelic and innocent but their claws can be deadly!

Other factors include noises that may disturb other residents as well as health issues. While you may be perfectly allergy-free, we should still consider other residents whose health may be affected by pet dander.


Pet-proofing your home


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Now, assuming that your property is pet-friendly, let’s move forward to the next step: pet-proofing your home.

Just like human babies, these fur babies don’t know any better either! It is our responsibility to ensure their safety by tucking away electrical cords to prevent them from being electrocuted. Also make sure your windows are screened, as cats are easily tempted by birds flying by and may jump out without hesitation. 

Sure, they are said to have nine lives but would you really risk it?


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You might also want to make sure that your lawn is free of chemicals, pesticides and other poisonous plants as these furballs are curious creatures and like to chew on anything they can find. For better protection, consider building a fenced-in yard to keep them indoors from the horrors of the outside world. They could get lost, kidnapped, or worse — get hit by a car!


Pet-friendly furnishings


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Don’t neglect your furniture!

Just like us, pets are entitled to the comforts of our cushions and couches. However, their claws are capable of causing serious damage! And since not all pets are easily trained, the only solution left is to bow down to their will and find materials that can withstand their sharp talons.

Leather is a tough material and fairly difficult to scratch through. It is also perfect for those who are particular about pet hair sticking to fabrics because you can simply vacuum it all away! However, if it does not suit your personal tastes, perhaps you can opt for a microfibre material for its scratch-resistant properties. Or if your pet is reaaaaally aggressive, then the canvas is your next best bet! Not only is it far more durable, it is also removable should your pet make a mess. 


Home maintenance


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“What do I do about the smell?” you wonder, as you sniff the air. As obvious as it sounds, air fresheners go a long way in keeping your home smelling fresh and fragrant. You might also want to purchase a closed-litter box instead to keep the smell from permeating the entire room. Lastly, consider investing in an air filter to collect pet dander that may contribute to the funky aroma. 


Temperature and lighting


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While cats and dogs are generally indifferent to lighting and temperature, exotic pets have exotic needs. 

Guinea pigs thrive between 16 to 23 degrees Celsius, so keep them away from direct sunlight lest they suffer from heatstroke! Due to their tiny size, they are very sensitive to temperature changes.

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Nocturnal pets like hedgehogs and sugar gliders, on the other hand, need to replenish their energy by sleeping during the day. In order to respect that, it is recommendable to keep the room dark for their slumber. 

And now, you are ready to be a responsible pet owner! 

Soon, you will be able to establish a lifelong companionship with a pet who loves you unconditionally and eagerly waits for you to come through the door every day. 


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It is worth every second being your pets’ servant by scooping up its litter and serving its dinner just for the precious moments where your master rewards you by purring in your lap or giving you a full-faced lick!

We wish you and your new buddy a lifelong bond that could never be broken. 


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