Picking A Carpet for Your Bedroom

Sink your feet in layers of softness

By pokok.asia / 22 July 2021

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There are many unpleasant things in the world, and getting out of bed only to feel your feet touching the cold floor of your bedroom is one of them. What a terrible pick-me-up! You should really consider laying down carpet on your flooring so you can enjoy more comfort and less literal cold feet.

But, choosing a carpet for your bedroom can be a tough choice as well. There are many things to take into consideration when choosing a carpet so you don’t end up breaking your bank by the end of it all or end up with sores on your sensitive feet from choosing the wrong texture of carpet.


1. Do your research!

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This is an important first step in any decision-making process; analyse your resources. If you are considering carpeting your bedroom, do as much research as you can on the types of texture and piles, what colour would go best with the interior design concept of the room and make sure you estimate a close quotation! It really won’t pay to pay hundreds of ringgits for uncomfortable and eye-sore carpeting. Pay attention to preference, and most importantly budgeting!


2. Deciding on the fibre

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Sometimes, the tiniest details matter the most; like carpet fibres! Of course, the softer the fibre; the more it is going to cost but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good one. There are many types of fibre used in a carpet, but the most common ones are nylon, polyester, polypropylene and wool. If you have allergies, it’s better to opt for the nylon fibre carpet or if you want to have a softer, more luxurious feel on your sole, then wool is the way to go. What matters is you get one that gives the most comfortable feeling on your feet.


3. The most suitable texture

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Frankly, texture is not just all about comfort; it also plays a part aesthetically. However, the key to comfortable carpeting is one that is soft and comfortable underfoot as well. The texture of a carpet depends on its type of pile.

You might be wondering what a pile is; well, simply put it is the collection of fibres in a carpet and affects the height, density and softness of a carpet.

For example, a saxony cut pile is most common for bedroom carpeting due to its softness and denseness AND you get a luxurious look and feel with this type of carpet pile.


4. The right colours

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Needless to say, the colour of your carpet choice is also a factor you should take into consideration. Who would want a bedroom with yellow walls and red carpeting? It’s a bedroom, not McDonalds! However, there is nothing wrong with choosing a bolder-coloured carpet for your bedroom if you love revealing in colours. For those who prefer a safer route, neutral-coloured carpets are your safest bet. Avoid choosing colours that are too light as they don’t hide dirt well or carpets that are too dark to avoid giving the illusion of a smaller space.

Provided there is ample research and studying on what carpeting works best for you and a viable estimated spending budget, you should really consider carpeting your bedroom not just for the aesthetics, but most importantly for the comfort.

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