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By Prevelinaa Suresh / 23 July 2021

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  • 5 insightful DIY YouTube channels such as XO MaCenna, Emily Sanchez, Kristen McGowan, DIY Dalia, and Happy Crafts to enliven your home.

Most of us have been cooped up at home trying to battle the pandemic. You must be sick of the same old baking, gaming, and Netflix. But, of course, we hear you, nothing tops the pleasure of naps!

We’ve got to kill the boredom before it kills us right? So, why not become the master of DIYs during your time at home. Switching up your home a little is a great way to start. You don’t need extensive renovation to jazz up your home, even simple DIY tricks can do wonders in enlivening the space.

If you’re worried that we’re planning to burn a hole in your pocket, well, worry not! We’ve hand-picked 5 DIY YouTube channels just for you.

These channels will be your ultimate guide because they use easy methods, affordable items and their styles are absolutely exquisite. Oh, you wouldn’t want to miss their renter-friendly DIY ideas too!

So here you go, the channels that will inspire you to achieve all your home decor and interior goals in no time.


1. XO, MaCenna

If you’re a huge fan of DIYs and thrifting then you’re missing out big time! MaCenna sprinkles her magic on thrifted items and turns them into cute little home decors. So, it’s time you soak up her magic touch!

DIY Youtube Channels Pokok.AsiaMaCenna decorating her space with some thrifted finds. Image via MaCenna Lee 

DIY hacks, interior designing, and making thrift items great again? MaCenna is your girl!  She will kidnap you into a world of makeovers, thrift flips, DIY decors, and even a series of style guide videos.

This DIY guru teaches you ways to upcycle thrift items that can give your space a fresh look in no time!

She shares her favorite DIYs and home decor tips on her website too. The best part yet, she even links all her favourite home decor for you to imitate her style easily!



2. Emily Sanchez

DIY Youtube Channels Pokok.AsiaEmily snuggling in her cozy dining hook filled with plants. Image via Emily Sanchez 

Warning! If you’re a plant enthusiast and adore bohemian styles, then get your popcorn because you’ll be binge-watching her videos.

She loves plants and travelling so greenery and bohemian styles are her must-haves. Her home makeovers, DIYs, and plant care tips will surely inspire you to create greener and cozier spaces to snuggle in.

You’ll surely get lots of inspiration from her latest video on a dining nook makeover.



3. Kristen McGowan

DIY Youtube Channels Pokok.AsiaKristen with her cute canister after a laundry room makeover. Image via Kristen McGowan 

Have you been stressing out about how messy your home looks? Well, we’ve all been there, but Kristen to the rescue!

Whether you’re too busy to organise your home or simply bad at it, it’s time you subscribed to her. Organisation, designing, and makeover ideas, this is your one-stop for it all.

Don’t miss out on her cleaning habits to get those clutter out of your way! Start sprucing up your home today with her home organisation hacks.



4. DIY Dalia

DIY Youtube Channels Pokok.AsiaDalia showing off her latest DIY two-toned blanket ladder. Image via DIY Dalia 

If you’re looking to revamp your homes, Dalia’s DIY home decor and makeover videos will definitely set the vision for you.

Her boho style uses natural colours and minimalistic designs, making them aesthetically pleasing. So, if your style screams aesthetic, you wouldn’t want to miss Dalia’s tutorials.

We love the fact that it’s super rental-friendly too! Watch her DIY bathroom makeover video and get started today.



5. Happy Crafts

DIY Youtube Channels Pokok.AsiaTry beating these classy-looking DIY vases and mirror frames. Image via Happy Crafts 

Going for an edgy and classy style? Well, the right DIY tricks will save you a lot of money. Come on, who doesn’t love some extra bucks?

They share room decor ideas that almost anyone can do with readily available items. From mirrors to clocks and vases, decorate it all!

You can even try these crafts with kids too, after all, nothing beautifies a home more than the bonds it holds. Catch this video and try it this weekend!



Wrap Up

There you have it! 5 incredibly helpful DIY YouTube channels that will help you tackle all your interior designing and organisation worries, turning your space into the home of your desire.

Why wait? Subscribe to them, and sprinkle a little creativity in every corner of your crib!

Give these ideas a go and tell us how much you loved them either in the comment section below or drop us an email at info@pokok.asia.ndo5ubdxld-xmz4qwjep42o.p.runcloud.link!

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