Obscure Uses of Coffee Grounds

It can do a lot more than just wake you up in the morning!

By Alessandra / 25 July 2021

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When we think about coffee, most people think of commercials where sleepy, zombie-looking people take a sip of hot, steaming coffee and get instantly energised.

This has led to the general consensus of coffee only functioning as a pick-me-up when truthfully, coffee has a lot more to offer!


1. Hand Scrub

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Coffee ground particles have the perfect texture to work as an exfoliate for your hands — they are coarse enough to remove dirt and dead cells from your skin, but not coarse enough to actually be harmful.

You can always modify it to your needs and preference. For example, if you have dry skin, try adding a little bit of coconut oil to retain extra moisture. You can also add in a small amount of honey and benefit from its antibacterial properties.

Plus, coffee smells really good so that is a bonus in itself!


2. Fridge Deodoriser

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An overstocked fridge can lead to a mix of many different smells, and this can be very…unpleasant. Maybe you have a tuna sandwich stashed together with a vinegar-drenched salad — and on top of that, a composting banana somewhere at the bottom.

Catch a whiff of that.

And suddenly one day, as you open the fridge to look for a snack, you find yourself toppling over from the stench assault.

Well, what you can do is put a bowl of dry, fresh coffee grounds in the bottom of the fridge to help soak up the odours. Within a few days, your fridge will be smelling as good as new!


3. To Help Fix Wood With Scratches

coffee grounds Pokok.AsiaImage via Thrifty Fun 

Do you have troubling, wood-related woes? Perhaps some scratches? Water stains?

Coffee ground is the most convenient, cost-savvy solution for you! All you have to do is mix it together with ¼ cup of warm water, and ¼ cup of vinegar in order to create a stain that can fix up the scuffs.

Just remember to shake the mixture up, and let it steep for at least an hour before getting to work!


4. Fertiliser

coffee grounds Pokok.AsiaImage via Farmers’ Almanac 

Coffee comes from plants, and as the cycle of life continues, coffee grounds can also be used as fertiliser!

Most soils are missing out on the essential nutrients needed for optimal plant growth. Thus, they need a little help from fertilisers to gain the nourishment they need in order to grow healthily. While most people do not know this, coffee plants contain several key minerals such as nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and chromium.

So don’t let those coffee grounds go to waste!


5. Pet Flea Repellent

coffee grounds Pokok.AsiaImage via Pet Drugs Online

And last but not least, even your pets can benefit from coffee grounds as well!

While it is not advisable to let your pets drink coffee, it can help save them from flea infestation. During bath time, rub some coffee grounds into your pet’s coat and rinse it off.

While the flea will stay away, do take note that if your pet’s coat is a lighter colour, it might be stained for a little while.

If you are not an avid coffee drinker, you can always ask your friends and family to save up some coffee grounds for you! If all else fails, just head over to the nearest coffee shop and they will be glad to give it to you!

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