Music Brings My Heart Back Home

It is truly the language of love

By Prevelinaa Suresh / 27 August 2021
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  • Music is a blessing that has always added sparkles to our lives. 
  • Let’s see how music unites families despite the distances between them.
  • Don’t miss the two music-themed games for your family night!  

Remember when things were “normal”, we used to have gatherings that brought families together. Be it massive or intimate ones. However, ever since this pandemic took over our lives, things have taken an unexpected turn. 

So many parents yearn to reunite with their children, there are children craving for the warm embrace of their parents, siblings torn apart by distance, and couples sharing lives away from each other. Maybe if we saw it coming, we could’ve hugged them tighter the last time we met?

But, of course, there are still tons of ways that can keep us connected despite the physical barrier. There are social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and the list just doesn’t end. But, these apps merely keep us updated about each other’s lives, do they really connect us from the hearts? 

Don’t you think music will do a better job at bridging the gap between our hearts? Music is a love language on its own, and when you share it with your loved ones it just becomes extra special. So what better way to sneak back into the hearts of your family members, if not for music? 

 Today, let’s see how music plays a part in bringing families closer!  


Why music though? 
music Pokok.Asia
Image via Unsplash 

Music has always been a social glue across generations. When you think of your family, I bet some music will definitely pop up in your mind. It could be anything, from a praise and worship song to even a rock and roll genre, if it reminds you of them it’s got to be special! 

Believe it or not, music has bonded us to our families ever since we were babies. During our infant days, our mothers’ soothing lullabies were the secret potion that put us sound asleep. As we grew a little older, they started singing us rhymes that would instantly put up bright smiles on our faces. Now, we’re always jamming to our favourite bands’ e-concert with our siblings. So you see, music has undoubtedly brought families closer at every point in life. 

You know how we used to get so bored when our dads or grandpas kept singing the same old songs? If some of you are guilty of labelling them a broken record, then count me in! My grandpa used to sing his favourite Elvis Presley songs like Love Me Tender and Can’t Help Falling In Love at least 20 times daily. It’s been some time since I last saw him, and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I miss his singing! 

So, as I wait for the day we reunite, I frequently play his favourite songs because it fills my heart with his presence. What can I say? A song a day keeps the longing away, I guess. So, trust me, music does wonders like no other! 

Some of you may already be looking up musical activities that you can do with your family virtually. But, stop right there! Don’t sweat it, because here we bring you 2 fun activities that’ll get the eldest to the youngest member of your family up on their feet and grooving this weekend!  


My Family’s Got Talent! 
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Image via Impact Talks

Family’s Got Talent is kinda like Asia’s Got Talent, but this is way spicier! By the end of this game, your family will only be categorised into two groups, either the bathroom singer squad or the mini Beyoncés gang. Trust me, the process is epic! To hit it off, you need to identify who’s going to be the singers, musicians, and judges.

The singers will have to sing any song within the given genre and the judges will be the critiques. The best part about being the judge is that if you aren’t impressed by any performance, you get to throw a true or dare question at them! Then, we have the musicians of the family, certified or not, they will still have to come up with the tunes using things around their home. 

Lastly, let’s be real, every family has introverted people. But, like Stitch says, “Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind”. So, instead of forcing them to sing or judge, they can be the cheerleaders who lift up the spirits of our singers! 

This is my personal favourite because this has been a part of my virtual family gathering every month. It’s a good way to keep everyone engaged because there’s always a part for everyone to play. So try it out with your family this weekend! 


Guess My Rhythm! 
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Image via Active For Life

This is another cool game that every family should give a go! You’ve got to sharpen your listening and guessing skills for this one because it’s a whole new level of trickiness. If you can pull this off, you might just be the master of guesses. 

The game is quite simple, you just have to describe a family member using a song. So, everyone’s names will be written on a piece of paper and placed in a jar. When your turn comes, you have to pick a name and describe them by singing. You can pick songs that describe your relationship with them or something that speaks about their physical features or personalities. Anything at all! 

Then, the spectators will have to silently take a guess. Once they’re done, those who believe the song was about them will come forward. If only one person comes forward, you’ve done the game justice, however, if there are two or more people then it calls for round two. In round two, you’ll be singing another song but this time in gibberish! If you fail again, you’ll be forced to gulp down a shot of freshly prepared bitter gourd juice! 

Honestly, watching your family members sing in gibberish and take bitter gourd shots are way more fun than the intended guessing game itself. This would be a really good stress buster because you’ll be laughing till your tummy hurts with this one! 


Music Says It All 

If you’re still skeptical if music can really bring families closer, then I’m sure you haven’t watched Bryson Lew’s ‘妈咪,辛苦了 (Thank you, Mummy) music video. It was the sweetest thing ever! Bryson, a Malaysian YouTuber, surprised his mom, grandma, and godmother on Mother’s Day with a song that he composed himself.

Bryson Lew’s Mother’s Day tribute 

However, after the surprise, he was struck with another fantastic idea. He thought why not record a full version and feature his three superwomen alongside him, as a tribute to all mothers out there! The video begins with Bryson flipping through his childhood album and continues showing how his three favourite mothers have nurtured him with so much love since young. Oh, don’t miss the part where they play the musical instruments, it’s the cutest! 

music Pokok.Asia
Bryson’s grandma, mom and, godmother’s reaction to his surprise song; Image via Bryson Lew

His music video has indeed touched the hearts of many Malaysians, and their moms. Not sure about you, but it certainly got my eyes sweating happy tears! So, don’t forget to watch this video and share them with your moms as well! 


Home is Where Music Sounds Loud 

There are no barriers to love. Whether you’re half away across town or seven seas apart, the love of your family will always reach you. As we socially distance ourselves to protect our loved ones, let music bind our hearts together! 

Beethoven once said, “Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman”. 

Music isn’t just a bunch of lyrics and tunes put together, there’s so much more to it. It is a source of comfort and solace that can establish better connections between family members. Music that is especially close to your heart will help you relive all the best moments of your life too! 

We believe by now you would’ve understood the great impact music can have on your family, so don’t forget to try it out! Do you have any favourite songs that your family swears by? Do tell us in the comment section below!  


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