Will these Samsung’s SoundBar tickle your fancy?

By Allistair / 28 January 2023

Samsung soundbar The perfect set-up for audiophiles. Credit Engadget

  • Ultra Slim soundbar for its stylish look

  • The S-series engulfs you with its immersive sound

  • The Q-series brings the cinematic experience to the comfort of your home

  • Sound tower gets the party going all night long

To my fellow audiophiles,

Do you find it challenging to pick the best soundbar for your home? Call me picky, but I do have a fair bit of requirements when it comes to buying the best audio system. It’s not just about the quality of the sound but the looks too. Will it fit in with the current aesthetic of my space? I don’t want the soundbar to stick out like a sore thumb. 

I’ve scounted the mall over the weekend to find “my baby”, and violaaaa there were a few exceptional findings from Samsung. As they say, sharing is caring, here are some of my thoughts on Samsung’s soundbar after a few test runs that you will definitely go gaga over!

Ultra Slim Soundbar: Rock Out in Style

Ultra slim sounderBe amazed with Samsung’s Ultra Slim Soundbar

Let me introduce you to this chic, stylish and oh-so-gorgeous Ultra Slim Soundbar (S801B). Samsung didn’t disappoint when they used the name Ultra Slim; the slim form is similar to a size of a soda can at just 38mm tall and 40mm thick. I am #amazed. 

The Ultra Slim is a frontrunner in my eyes as it fits perfectly with the minimalistic aesthetic of my living room. It will undoubtedly stand out despite its slim form. It comes in white, but Samsung just released Ultra Slim Soundbar Skin (SCFBS8[BW/TK]), which is available in teak and warm brown tones. By pairing The Ultra Slim Soundbar with The Frame I currently owned, I can envision a modern, yet cosy space with a top-notch audio experience ready to entertain my family and guests. 

Don’t be fooled by its slim appearance, The Ultra Slim Soundbar is capable of powerful sound. It offers full and authentic surround-sound experiences with not one, not two, but seven front speakers and a subwoofer. As a gamer myself, this is fantastic! Now I can listen to the beautifully orchestrated FinalFantasy soundtracks.  

S-Series Soundbar: Envelop Your Space With Truly Immersive Sound

soundbar Pokok.AsiaImmersive yourself in the audio with Samsung’s S-series

S-series Soundbar is the Superman of soundbar. I can be THE hostess with the mostess and set the scene with an immersive audio experience with the first-ever soundbar to support Dolby Atmos. Cinema who? 

One of the reasons why I tend to be picky with the soundbar is because some of them have similar sound regardless of the genre. Imagine watching The Conjuring and Open Housewithout an optimised audio; unexciting is it? The S-series Soundbar will truly capture the “dunn dunn dunn dunn” tune from Jaws with proper optimisation according to the genre! Now that hits my sweet spot. 

The chic design, with its powerful four built-in woofers and three built-in tweeter speakers is a gem that will fit any space. So, I don’t have to worry if the soundbar goes with my current setup at home. Another great competitor to the Ultra Slim Soundbar. Ugh, it’s getting harder for me to decide.

Q-Series Soundbar: Bring the Cinema Experience Into Your Home

Samsung’s Q-seriesSamsung’s Q-series transports in the middle of the action

The Q-series excites me the most! It is fantastic for me to recreate the movie theatre experience. I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed watching a movie in the theatre purely because of the audio experience. If we are on the same boat, you’ll fall in love with The Q-series. 

Another master-class feature of The Q-series is the spacefit sound that optimises the audio based on the structure and layout of my room. I don’t have to worry about how my space affects the quality of the sound. Let’s talk about the Dolby Atmos audio formats! It felt like I was in the middle of the action during testing. Hands down my favourite with its svelte and industrialized design. It will incorporate well with my space which has an industrialized look with exposed beams. 

Sound Tower: Take the Party Spirit to the Next Level

soundbar Pokok.AsiaLet’s get the party going with Samsung’s Sound Tower

If you ask me, my to-go-to is a chic, slim design regarding to audio system, but Sound Tower definitely caught my eye. First and foremost, the party light! It’s beautiful. I don’t usually organise a huge party at my place, but when I spotted the Sound Tower and saw the light functions, I felt like throwing a pool party. I just love that the light and sound are in a perfect unison; visually pleasing. 

Speaking of the audio, the punchy bass experience gets the party going! I appreciate a good bass as it prevents the sound from being lifeless, and the Sound Tower definitely got that covered. Last but not least, 10 Sound Tower can be linked at once, so I can have them in different places of the house and turn on those funky musics to keep me entertain the whole day!.

These are some of the aStOUNDing (get it?) sound bars…and tower that I have tested. I am still indecisive, so if you have any of these at home, which one would you recommend? Do let me know in the comment. 

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