How to Create Fun Dining With Colour

By Editor / 13 January 2022


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Want to have colour in your dining without being too overwhelming? Here I have few ideas on how to decorate your fun dining with colour that doesn’t break the bank. The top trend these days are the colour blocks that used pretty much in any room. So why not try it for the dinning too?! Here are the rough estimates of an open plan dining measurements: 7.54m2 / 81.1 ft2 pr 2.60m / 8.53 ft by 2.90m/ 9.50 ft.


The Decor

Having a colour block will definitely give you an extra colour and dimension to the blank walls. For this dining room, I used a gentle colour for the arched colour block. Furthermore, I styled it with the round Parton 60cm Mirror and neon sign. Good Vibe Only neon sign lights up in pink colour which gives that fun disco feel. 



For a bit more glamour I placed stylish Vetro Floor Lamp for that soft glow. Paired with Monstera Plant the whole dining corner looks pretty relaxed yet super fun place to hang out. For the dining chairs, I chose Orange Lule chairs. They come in a classic yet very much contemporary design that would suit any dining room. Especially when standing next to Salbay Dining Table decorated with colourful planters.


Love the look of this fun dining with colour? Find the links below for all the shoppable items.

  1. Albert Pendant Lamp
  2. 2. Parton 60cm Mirror
  3. Good Vibe Only neon sign
  4. Vetro Floor Lamp
  5. Monstera Plant
  6. Orange Lule chairs
  7. Salbay Dining Table

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