House Pets That You Never Knew Existed

4 unique house pets that will make you stand out

By CS Ming / 1 March 2022

House pet Pokok.Asia

There’s no such thing as a weird idea, only ideas that are yet to be accepted by the masses. Source: freepik

  • Snails are slowpokes, but they have so much to love
  • Piranhas aren’t really that bad when you get to know them
  • Leeches are budget-friendly
  • You don’t know cute until you have met the Axolotl

If you have been keeping up with the articles I write, you will know that I own a three-legged British shorthair called Queen Elizabeth. Three is an odd number, which is completely okay because it corresponds with my odd nature.

Anyway, I am expanding my menagerie of house pets in my house and have decided to do some research on weird…I mean interesting pets. Read along because I am sure they will brighten your day.

1/ Giant African land snail

House pet Pokok.Asia

Slithering its way into your heart. Source: mentalfloss

Snails have always been seen as pests and that is understandable considering their ability to destroy crops. And the Giant African Land Snail (GAL) is no different, its size being overshadowed only by its humongous appetite.

As a farmer, you would not view the GAL in a favourable light. But if farming is not your profession, and by chance, you have a small spot in your heart for weird animals, then the GAL is just right for you.

Slimy like an aroused girl and slow-moving, the GAL provides a therapeutic sensation as it slithers up and down your hand. In adulthood, it is capable of reaching the size of a human’s fist. If you are completely sold just by reading this rudimentary description, then it is time to observe the GAL’s habits and desired conditions.

Being a snail is not easy as their body is mostly composed of water. When choosing a container, get those that are made from glass or plastic as these are excellent at keeping the moisture in. At the same time, you have a good view of your house pet going about doing their “exciting” daily activities, like munching on a leaf or hiding in their shell for extended periods. 

As stated previously, GALs have a large appetite, so a regular supply of fresh vegetables and fruit should be provided. Apple and lettuce seem particularly welcome though you should aim to add as much variety to their diet as possible.

Like any live animal, a bowl of freshwater should be available at all times. Try to keep the water dish shallow because GALs tend to drown in it. Yes, they can drown! What a clumsy, adorable creature.

2/ Piranha

House pet Pokok.Asia

Turn your aquarium into an underwater coliseum with this fish. Source: meethepet

Goldfishes are so yesterday! In an uncaring modern world where people are increasingly concerned about worldly pursuits, it is only fair to have a fish to reflect that reality. And what better way to do so than having a murderous school of piranhas.

Contrary to what you may believe, piranhas are not as aggressive as you may think and are gaining popularity in aquariums. Hollywood movies have a way of warping facts. Yes, they do strip flesh from the bones, but that involves a huge quantity of piranhas in a river, and they are usually starving. 

I would strip flesh from the bones too if I haven’t eaten for a week! Piranhas are actually omnivores, and they need a balanced diet of meat and vegetables. Fresh or frozen worms are their favourite, but you can also include the occasional chunk of chicken.

What’s important is that you have raw vegetables as part of your flesh-stripper’s regular diet, such as spinach or potatoes. Piranhas tend to be school fish during their early lives, so young piranhas should be kept with other piranha fish. As they mature, though, most piranhas become solitary. I wonder why. Perhaps it needs alone time to contemplate its lifelong decision of hurting others.

3/ Leech

House pet Pokok.Asia

Save up on food when you’re the food! Source: sciencetime

Since ancient times, leeches have been kept for medical purposes. They play a significant role in surgery, the chemical in their saliva preventing blood clots from forming in damaged tissues.  Lately, a slew of videos has been uploaded on youtube by proud leech owners, mostly about feeding themselves to their vampiric pets.

Weirdness aside, rearing leeches make good commercial sense as they fetch quite a good price in the market. Science labs, pharmaceutical agencies and even cosmetic companies buy them. Not only that, they are budget-friendly, being capable of surviving without food for six months.

Since leeches are hermaphrodites, they multiply over time, making for a good investment. And they are also very resistant to diseases, unlike your other house pets. As long as you keep your slimy parasitic friend in a moist environment, everything should be okay.

Even better, leeches are not picky eaters, being able to dine on a wide variety of food, like insects, fishes, frogs and of course, blood. If you are big on cost-saving, you could always offer yourself up for a meal. A note of warning before you attempt this—some people are allergic to leech saliva, so be careful. Feeling light-headed already? I totally understand.

4/ Axolotl

House pet Pokok.Asia

No, this is not a pokemon! Source: huisdierengids

Has anyone ever told you to grow up? For the Axolotl, that could be difficult because they remain in their larval stage even after reaching adulthood at 30 to 40 cm long. Native to Mexico, these adorable pale lizards live all their lives in the water.

No, you cannot touch them because they are very delicate and get injured easily. Although these house pets do have this amazing ability to regenerate their limbs over time. Your neotenic salamander friend isn’t low maintenance either, needing a quiet home that is not directly exposed to the sunlight. 

As for their habitat, you must use only big rocks or decorations to layer the bottom of their tank. Anything smaller than its head, and it will attempt to eat it. Yes, they are pretty stupid. And if possible, buy your Axolotl in pairs so that they can keep each other company.

Being carnivores, Axolotl loves earthworms and fishes, so putting them in an aquarium with all your valuable decorative fishes is definitely not a good idea. If you are looking to express your unique side with the Axolotl, then bear in mind that this animal is a long-term commitment, being able to survive for as long as 15 years.

All that wonderful weirdness

Wow! You are still here. I am surprised you actually managed to reach the end of this article without running away or running away and screaming at the same time. Perhaps the reason is that you already have a special house pet in your life. Do they by chance have fangs, claws, stingers and tentacles? Tell us about it!



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