Remove weed while making your yard look fabulous at the same time

By CS Ming / 13 June 2023

weed problem

Why kill the weed when we can have someone…something else do it for us? Source: treehugger


  • Creeping thyme is tough as nails
  • The sweet woodruff smells good too
  • Line your pots with the Lily of the Valley 


Weed. If there is anything that doesn’t die, it has to be the weed. They’re everywhere, anywhere, growing in your yard or garden without paying rent.

You can stomp on them, poison them, or mow them down with a lawn mower, but they keep coming back! 

Ignoring them isn’t the solution either, because they quickly grow into an unsightly jungle that inundates your home. So what do we do? We fight fire with fire, of course! No, that is inaccurate. We fight plants with plants. Bring out the ground cover plants! We suppose ground cover plants are related to the weed since they proliferate like the latter, although they are handsomer (is that even a word?). 

Unlike weeds which grow into long, unruly patches, ground cover plants usually maintain their neatness, sprouting elegant flowers or pretty fruits. But most importantly, ground cover plants snuff out the weed on your green space, saving you from all those unsightly visuals and backbreaking work.


1/ Creeping thyme

weed problem

The creeping thyme is certain to creep its way into your heart. Source: diygardening


There is nothing creepy about the creeping thyme. Given time, it will spread in all directions, turning your lawn into a luxuriantly violet carpet that is very much alive.

And what’s more, the creeping thyme is not a fussy plant, being easy to grow. It can thrive on a wide variety of soil and at different levels of light exposure.

Even better, the creeping thyme is resistant to physical trauma, being able to withstand frequent footfalls. Hence, you will have no trouble planting it around stepping stones or the pavement. As though these benefits aren’t enough, the creeping thyme is edible. You could crush the plant or have it steeped in tea or as a natural remedy.


2/ Sweet woodruff

weed problem

Pretty and sweet smelling, there is so much win in the sweet woodruff. Source: thespruce


If you are a fan of aromatherapy, then look no further than the sweet woodruff. As its name suggests, the sweet woodruff emits a sweet, fresh smell, making it the ideal candidate to freshen up the air in your yard. Not only that, it excels in the visual department, with its star-shaped leaves and dainty white flowers that are bound to liven up the garden.

Since its flowers are so beautiful, you can even harvest them for your wreath, potpourri or other creative endeavours. But be careful though. Sweet woodruff has a reputation as an invasive species. It has a predilection for moist soil and will spread uncontrollably if given this ideal environment. Not so sweet anymore eh?!

Want to keep them in check? Plant them in dry soil and only water them sparingly.

Just so you know, no sweet woodruff was harmed during the production of this article.


3/ Lily of the Valley

weed problem

Ironically, this lovely plant packs quite a lot of toxins. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Source: Laidback Gardener


Looking at this elegant plant with its white, bell-shaped flowers, we are moved to slap ourselves on the forehead for cultivating weed instead of this wonderful thing. Not unlike most ground cover plants, the Lily of the Valley is a tough species, although it prefers to grow in the softness of the shade. The plant can also grow in full shade, but note that it may not produce that many flowers.

Since weeds grow in all manner of terrain, it is hard for your lawn mower to reach them on steep banks and uneven terrain. But fear not. Lily of the Valley is here to save you. The plant grows well in such places, snuffing out all those unwelcome tenants in your garden. As a bonus, the flowers produced by this plant can also be harvested for your table vase. 


All in a day’s work

weed problem

Life is too short to do things the hard way. Source: rainbowlawncare


You are now a proud owner of a heavenly garden, a breathtaking vista composed of lush carpets of yellow, pink and violet. There is not a weed to be seen. Good riddance! You won’t be needing that noisy, inefficient lawnmower anymore, so you can turn it upside down and use the blade to shave your beard instead. It isn’t ideal, but it sends a huge message to the neighbours that you are awesome. 

As for your envious neighbours, they are still picking weeds with their hands or waking early in the morning to mow the lawn. So primitive. Why don’t you do them a favour by showing them this article? And we love to have you drop by our platform once in a while, so do follow us on our  IG @pokokdotasia.


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