House cooling tips to stave off the heatwave.

By Batrisyia / 10 June 2023

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  • Stay cool and comfy amidst the heatwave
  • Discover these five simple yet effective strategies to keep your cool and comfort intact.


With the arrival of this scorching heatwave, stepping out of bed can feel like stepping out of the oven, and the mere idea of the brutally hot weather outside can make you break into a sweat before the day even begins!

Despite its predictable visit each year, it never fails to catch us off guard. Proving that when dealing with this scorching villain, we’re often left scrambling for the AC and searching for icy beverages. 

During this time of the year, there are some things that I would typically do to at least lessen the effect of the heatwave on my personal comfort, especially in my own house. In this article, I’m excited to share with you these five essential tips I’ve gathered throughout the years to manage the heat inside my house.


1/ Total shutdown

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When the scorching sun reaches its peak during the hottest hours of the day, it’s crucial to block out its relentless rays from infiltrating our home. Just when the heat’s about to become overwhelming, take control and implement what I like to call the ‘Total Shutdown’ strategy.

By closing all windows, curtains, and blinds, we can create a powerful barrier that keeps the heatwave at bay. This simple yet effective step will help maintain a cooler atmosphere within our home. As we already know, direct sunlight allows a great amount of heat to seep indoors, so doing this will surely prevent that from happening.

Remember, the key is to keep our windows tightly shut during the peak heat hours, typically from mid-morning until late afternoon. So pull those curtains, lower those blinds, and let your home become a refuge from the blistering heat.


2/ Refreshing relief 

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Once the scorching heat of the day subsides, seize the opportunity to let refreshing air circulate through your home. By optimising airflow during the cooler hours (in the morning and evening), you can create a more comfortable environment without relying solely on air conditioning.

One ingenious way to harness the power of natural breeze is by creating a DIY swamp cooler. Simply hang a damp towel or sheet in front of an open window. As the gentle breeze flows through, it will interact with the moisture, creating a cooling effect that spreads throughout the room. This budget-friendly hack provides a refreshing break from the heat while allowing you to enjoy the wonders of nature.

So, when the temperature drops and the air feels kinder, embrace the cool breeze and let it work its magic. Optimise airflow and revel in the natural comfort it brings.


3/ Strategic fan placement

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Fans can be our best friends during a heatwave, but their placement makes all the difference. To make the most of their cooling capabilities, strategically position fans throughout your home.

First, you should place portable fans near windows during the cooler hours. This helps draw in fresh, cool air from outside and circulate it indoors. The incoming breeze brings much-needed relief, creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

To make it extra cool, you should position fans facing outwards from windows during the hotter part of the day. This creates a draft effect, expelling warm air and making way for cooler air to take its place. Even the biggest celebrities have fans turning their backs on them, but in this case, it’s surely for the best!

If you still feel unpleasant, let’s take fan cooling to the next level with a DIY air cooler hack. Enhance the cooling power by placing a bowl of ice or a frozen water bottle in front of the fan. Similar to the swamp cooler, as the fan blows air over the ice, it creates a refreshing, chilled breeze that can effectively combat the heat.

With strategic fan placement, you can harness the power of air circulation to keep your home cool and comfortable, ensuring a welcome reprieve from the scorching heatwave.


4/ Heatwave house makeover

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When it comes to battling the heatwave, a few simple adjustments to our home’s interior can make a world of difference, including our choice of curtains and bedding sheets. Opting for the right materials can help create a cooler and more breathable environment within your home.

Consider replacing heavy and dark-coloured curtains with light-coloured or reflective window coverings. These window treatments act as shields, deflecting the sun’s rays and reducing the amount of heat absorbed into your living space. Lighter curtains also allow for better air circulation, letting in a breeze that brings relief from the sweltering heat.

But why stop at windows? Even your choice of bedding sheets can contribute to a more comfortable sleep. Choose materials that are breathable and lightweight, such as cotton or linen, as these fabrics allow for better airflow and help wick away moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night. Lastly, swap out heavy blankets for lighter options that provide warmth without trapping excess heat.

By giving your windows and bedding a refreshing makeover, you can transform your home into a cool retreat amidst the heatwave. Embrace this powerful makeover to create a soothing retreat of a home.


5/ Breathable comfort

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Whether you’re lounging on the couch or going about your daily tasks, breathable and comfy loungewear will make a noticeable difference in combating the heatwave’s grip. I know this is such a no-brainer, but hey, every little trick counts.

​​Choose garments made from natural fabrics like cotton or linen. These materials allow air to circulate freely, which prevents heat and moisture build-ups against your skin. Loose-fitting clothing with a relaxed design also allows for better airflow and promotes ventilation, keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

And much like the curtains, consider opting for light colours as well, as they reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it.


Create Your Own Cool Haven!


In the battle against the scorching heatwave, finding ways to stay cool and comfortable in our homes is essential. By implementing these simple yet effective strategies, the dread of that sweltering heat would ease out.

Remember, beating the heatwave is not just about surviving; it’s about thriving. By incorporating these tips into your daily routine, you can take control of your comfort and enjoy a cooler, more enjoyable living space.

So, the next time the heatwave strikes, take charge and don’t let it bring you down. 


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