A Checklist Of Practices to Retire From

By Jimmy / 17 April 2024

cleaning habits It’s time to rewrite cleaning habits to perfection. Photo Source:100comments 

  • A movement to channelling better cleaning habits to a well-rounded lifestyle and a home that exudes serenity 

Who is struggling with perfecting their cleaning habits? 

I mean, we all have our own manuals for these things, but sometimes they need a tweak or two!

Many of us approach cleaning, a necessary task that, when done well, turns our living spaces into comfortable havens, with mixed feelings. 

However, some poor cleaning practices can undermine our efforts and leave our houses looking less than ideal. And I’m pretty sure we all have a vision of how we would want our humble abodes to look like, right?

This article will cover five common cleaning errors and provide solutions to help you avoid them so your home is cleaner and more enjoyable.


1/ Surface Tidying-Up 

cleaning habits Pokok.AsiaSurface cleaning is just a fraction of maintaining a clean home. Photo Source: News

There is more to cleaning than meets the eye. 

Did you know that? Moms are never wrong! I recommend listening to them. Took me a second to understand that.

Many people make the mistake of only cleaning the surface, ignoring hidden spots where dirt and dust build-up. And I’m sure we have all neglected spring cleaning for a while, especially when times get busy! Move that furniture around, and dust piles up, ending up looking like hay stacks.

Make time for deep cleaning sessions on a regular basis to help break this habit. 

Pay attention to obscured spaces such as corners of the ceiling, behind furniture, and baseboards. A thorough cleaning schedule guarantees that each and every space gets the care it needs, leaving no room for hidden dirt to gather.

You have to get in there to say your space is spotless. Every crack and crevice!


2/ Rushing Through Cleaning Tasks 

cleaning habits Pokok.AsiaTo desire perfection is not about rushing the process. Photo Source:siscleaning

How many of us don’t see ourselves cleaning the house for more than 2 hours? I used to think that cleaning was boring, so rushing the process always felt right. 

But was it? 

Truly, that is not cleaning at all. It can be tempting to rush through cleaning chores in order to save time on a busy and hectic day, but this frequently results in mediocre work and neglecting certain parts of our houses.

Cleaning is a process that needs to be handled with care, it needs to be treated the way you would want to be treated. 

It can be a tedious job but a job where entertainment can be found. Something about just putting on loud music and allowing yourself to turn your space into a calming and peaceful arena puts ease to your mind and overall well-being. 

Multitasking does not help the situation either. Taking up too many jobs only leads to disaster. 

 Take your time, thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting every area, rather than rushing. Your living area will be healthier and cleaner as a result.


3/ Using Dirty Cleaning Tools 

cleaning habits Pokok.AsiaThe newer the cleaning tools, the better they perform. Photo Source: Zameen

Just like we need to replace our tools and products, the same goes for cleaning. It’s simple to overlook the fact that cleaning tools themselves require upkeep.

If not kept up with, vacuum filters, sponges, and mop heads can easily turn into bacterial havens. 

And I know none of us want that. 

To stop the spread of germs and make sure your cleaning tools are functioning properly, make it a habit to routinely wash and disinfect them.

The same goes for the amount of product used for cleaning. Sometimes our tolls become matted because of the chemicals from the last cleaning which will accumulate germs and become dirty. This only makes your place dirtier than actually cleaning it. 

The need to take care of your mops, rags and cloth is by soaking them in hot water, and disinfectant to keep them looking new and fresh for your space!


4/ Procrastination

cleaning habits Pokok.AsiaProcrastination: The enemy of progress. Photo Source:istockphoto

Starting a job around the house only to find yourself lounging or focusing on other tasks that don’t require much of your energy? 

Hit like home right? Trust me, I have been there too but I found that the more I procrastinate the lazier I get and I put off cleaning for other days which only piles up the work that already needs to be done. 

It’s no fun realising that you could have finished everything if only you set your mind to it at first. For instance, the dishes! Leaving them only creates a bigger job than there was before. 

A clean home’s worst enemy is procrastination. 

Chores are something we can easily put off, telling ourselves we’ll take care of them later. This behaviour only causes chaos to spiral out of control and become impossible to handle. Create a daily cleaning schedule that consists of small, doable tasks to help you escape this cycle. You can avoid clutter buildup and keep your home cleaner without going overboard by regularly setting aside brief periods of time to tidy up.


5/ Indoor Air Quality 

cleaning habits Pokok.Asia Nature but indoors always brought purity and cleanliness. Photo Source:egypttoday

Cleaning is not about simply taking your tools and products and taking on the surfaces in the house but it is much deeper.

  The air we breathe is just as important to cleanliness as the surfaces that are visible. It’s a bad habit that can harm one’s health and well-being to ignore indoor air quality.

Utilising high-quality air filters, adding plants that purify the air, and keeping adequate ventilation are all necessary for breaking free. 

A well-kept home fosters a healthy living atmosphere.

Who would have thought that to reach a healthier, clean living lifestyle, you would have to adapt to plants and air purifiers in your home? 

By following all the steps leading to this, you’ll have your home in standards you never thought were achievable or even possible. Do this!

We all want a clean space to be around, but sometimes we lack the consistency to actually have a clean space. I mean as we go we adopt certain habits which are never good in the long run.

Speaking for myself, with a very busy schedule during the week, I have found myself cleaning on the surface or saying, “I’ll deal with it later.” This approach has only led to procrastination, and my place ended up in a slump. However, because we are in a new year with different hopes, I’m leaning towards bidding farewell. 

Thought you were cleaning your home down spotless? Think again, unconsciously we are under-cleaning and servicing our homes. Try breaking these habits and working towards a better healthier, fresher lifestyle. 



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